Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holding Hands

Yesterday as I was walking into the grocery store, there was an older couple…probably in their 80’s walking in front of me. They were the cutest couple. I was thinking to myself that they have probably been married for 50 or 60 years and made many trips to the grocery store together. The man was carrying green recyclable bags and I noticed the lady had a really stylish purse on her shoulder. But what really made me smile, was that they were holding hands. How cute is that? It’s not like they were out on a date going to a fancy restaurant, no, they were simply going to get some groceries hand in hand. As we walked into the store, the man pulled out a cart by accident that happened to be one of those carts with the little car on the front that kids sit in. He looked at her and suggested he push her around…and the three of us shared a laugh.

I love to hold my husband’s hand, but I often feel silly when we are out in public holding hands. It’s not like we’re teenagers anymore! Anyway, I think the next time my husband grabs my hand in public, I will think of the cute old couple at the grocery. Although, I am POSITIVE that we will not look as cute as they did!

Photo credits: the photo in my post was found on photobucket.com

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