Friday, May 31, 2013


Brady played in a tennis tournament on Memorial Day.
He won his first round 6-0, 6-0.
And, he won his second round 6-0, 6-0.
I thought this was funny....the boy Brady played in the second round told him before
they started, "good luck, you're gonna need it!"  That boy didn't win a single game!
He did look cute though in his white fancy duds.

The final was played at Franklin and Marshall University here in Lancaster.
Brady played the #1 ranked player in the central pennsylavania/middle states. 
(Brady is ranked #3)
Brady has met up with Dylan in two other tournaments- one last summer and once in the fall.
Brady lost both times.
I asked Brady if he was nervous to play Dylan and he said he was excited.
Brady said, "It is time.  It is time." be young and have that much belief in yourself.
Brady played the entire match like a champion.
He was so focused.
I'm most proud of the way he handles himself on the court.
For example- if you were to walk by and see him might not be able to
tell if he was winning or losing.  He has the same demeanor regardless.
People notice that.  I've always told Brady that people will forget that he's a good
tennis player...but never the kind of boy he was to play against.  At least I hope that's true!
He was was time.
Brady beat Dylan 6-1, 6-3.
I'm glad I had my sunglasses on because I was a little teary a couple of points
before it was over.  Brady works so unbelievably hard and I knew how badly he wanted
this win.  I wanted it for him.
The new rankings come out next Thursday and Brady has a feeling he will move
up to the #2 player in the central pennsylvania.  We will have to wait and see!
Brady took his trophy to school on Wednesday to show his teacher.
He has always been quiet about tennis at school...but I think his
teacher has taken an interest and encouraged him to share his passion with his class.
Brady is the only one in his entire school that plays tennis. :(
In other news....
Brady qualified to play in a regional tournament in we will be heading there
in July!  Win or lose....I'm sure it will be the highlight of his summer!



Kris said...

WOW!!! I did see your IG, and was so excited for Brady! And for you! You are so proud, and rightfully so! He is not only a terrific player, but such a gentleman ON and off the court. SO neat!!! SO, SO neat!!!

Stef said...

What a great young man you are raising. We need more boys and parents like you. Character is TOTALLY more important than the game.

Dan said...

Way to go Brady, grandpa is so proud of you.

Shari said...

Way to go!! Congrats! I absolutely love that first picture. It shows what a talented player he is just by his form. I played tennis from age 10 all through college. Now my 10 year old daughter plays too. Tennis is a wonderful life long sport. :) Now I'm off to hopefully find your Instagram.

Shari said...

I couldn't find your Instagram. Care to share your username?

{cindy} said...

did you say Illinois?????:)))
please give us the details later, that would be awesome to get together! dave could make you guys a congratulatory dinner!!:)
I can tell how proud you are of brady and you should be!! you are right, the wins are not what people will remember, it's the way he carries himself and treats others!!
way to go brady!!!!
have a happy day kerri

yaya said...

He's #2 in ranking, but #1 in your heart! Congrats Brady! You're a winner and also a good example to youth today. I hope he enjoys the tournament in home state...where will it be played?

Nicolle said...

I really wish he was playing a tournament in Texas. :) BUT, you must meet up with Cindy when you go to IL. That would be fun! Congratulations to Brady. This is such an accomplishment. I just loved reading this post, and it makes me feel proud for you and Eric and Brady! I love how Brady does not brag or rub in his winnings. He is going far mama. So sweet that he took his trophy to school too. He should be super proud of himself! xo

Susan R said...

Yeah! Now that's whatI'm talking about.
I love when kids are cheecky little buggers and then they get put in their place. Way to win Brady.
Can I just tell you about that stance in the first photo.......It's a winner. It looks perfect in every way.

Anonymous said...

So awesome! Man, I wish I could of had half his motivation when I was that age!

Val said...

How awesome!!! Congrats Brady!!!

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