Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Counting Down

It was 87 degrees after school today!

Brady got out the sprinkler.
We had dinner on the patio.
We went on a long walk and then took the dog for a car ride to cool off.
This evening feels like a glimpse of what is waiting for us right around the corner.
The simple days of summer.
We have 11 days left until school is out!
We can't wait!


Gabe said...

I love seeing Brady have so much fun in the sprinkler!

It has felt much like summer here too! I love it...

jen said...

Tomorrow is our last day.

Can't wait.

But I must admit that I'm longing for the beauty of last summer in PA . . .

Kris said...

What great pictures of Brady!!! He is usually so serious and focused on his tennis. I loved seeing him play like kid! Sheer joyful, play!!!
Yea for summer coming, and year for warmer days, and bbq's and windows rolled down and sprinklers!!!
xo Kris

Sarah said...

Looking forward to scenes like this around our place soon too! He's having so much fun!

Nicolle said...

Simple describes it perfectly. That is what I wish for our summer too. GREAT photos Kerri!

Jill said...

Great pictures, love the rainbow and all the pure joy!!

Have a great week!


yaya said...

Pictures of the High School graduates graced the town paper today...another reminder that school for this year will be over and also that my Granddaughter will graduate from HS..I can't believe that. Enjoy the nice weather and you will really appreciate your summer this year with some time off spent with family.

Susan R said...

You have a mega beautiful lawn. Does Eric have one of those ride on mowers? I can't imagine mowing that lawn with a push model.
Can't wait for summer either. It just seems like the last two weeks of school are so jammed up with parties, field trips, field days and all the stuff that they forgot to slip into the school year. I say just let it go.

OhMann said...

Bring it on!!!!!! :-)

{cindy} said...

oh you've gotta be close by now!!:)
once we get through our dance recital this weekend we are on easy street for awhile and I can't wait!
here's to a simple summer!
(i'd drink to
have a happy day kerri

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