Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last Week

Ok, not the best picture...and not the best paint job.
I had Brady take this of my nails (so nice of him to get my double chin in there too!) because it's been over 20 years since I last painted them.  Can you believe it?!
It's not that I have anything against painted nails.  I've just never wanted to draw any attention
to my hands!  I inherited these hands from my dad.  Nothing against his hands...they are fine for my dad...just not for me.  I also broke a few fingers playing basketball, and there you have it.  Add insult to injury, my best friend in college was a hand model. :) 
Anyway, nail polish seems to be the big thing right I thought I would give it another try.
A funny thing happened after I turned 40....I don't seem to care as much about what others think.  I would never have posted a picture of my hands five years ago! :)
I stopped at the consignment shop on the way home from work.
I got these three tops (one is from L.L. Bean & one is from LandsEnd) and a pair of
pants (from the Loft).  I wore the pink shirt under my jean jacket in the picture above.
I hate to spend money on new clothes for every once in awhile I will stop in a thrift store.
These four items came to $13.75!   I would much rather spend money on a new pair of jeans for the weekend rather than work clothes!

(Brady in Kindergarten)
Last Thursday was bring your son/daughter to work day.
I arranged for Brady to get out of class in the afternoon to observe me doing a reading lesson with my first graders.  I let him do the last part of the lesson along with a worksheet that he explained to the kids and helped them with.  I wish I had taken my camera.  Brady was so cute and the kids were so excited to have the "big" 4th grader in the room helping.  After school Brady said to me, "if this tennis thing doesn't work out mom, I want to be a teacher."
I organized some of my jewelry.  I have always used egg cartons for my's the way my Grandma Hester always organized her jewelry.  She had quite the collection and bought most of her things second hand.  She loved owls and had an owl necklace that reminds me of so much of the owl jewelry I have seen lately.  Like this one, that I might need to get!
Brady made it to the Hershey final on Saturday.
He has made it to that final the last 4 times but has yet to win it.
He was disappointed...but lucky for his dad and I, he gets over things quickly.
He also never gives up...


We spent a lot of time this weekend doing yardwork.  It's not our favorite thing to do...but it has to be done.  Brady was a huge help again this year, especially with the mulch.  He and I have a system down...and we do pretty good teamwork.
Can you believe it's May already?!
We are counting down the days until school is out for the summer!


Muffy's Marks said...

Love your polished finger nails. I'm glad you're finally getting over what other people think!! It doesn't matter!!! And be proud of those hands, look how much they have accomplished in 40 years!!!

Kris said...

I have my Dad's hands too! My fingers look like breakfast sausages. It used to really bother me, but not anymore.
I think it took me to about 45 to get to that place of total contentment. I am who I am. I like me. It is a liberating thing!!!!
You are there girl!
Love that Brady works so hard!!! Love the egg crate earring organizers! Love the thrifted shirts. I have lots of thrifted things!

yaya said...

Your hands will be lovingly remembered by Brady as hands that were always busy helping him and others...polished nails or not! Happy May Day to you!

Anonymous said...

That polish looks so fun! I wish I could paint my nails but I have a chronic polish picking problem lol One little flake and I start picking eventually leaving a trail/pile of polish everywhere I go!

Nicolle said...

I bet you are counting down to summer. I know you are ready! Love your nail polish. I rarely paint mine because it just comes off within hours, and then I'm too lazy to take the rest off. Brady is so determined. I don't see many kids his age working out so hard. I also love that he is a good sport! Love that kid!

Steelers6 said...

I want to know what consignment shop that was. Nice
things & good prices.

Good job on the yard work!

The owl necklace in the link is adorbs.


Cindy said...

I had a good chuckle when I saw you put your lovely hands on your blog today...the same day I chose to Instagram my big fat hand!!?? While your hands are quite lovely, mine are huge and it was a close up, too!? And yet, I'm not sure that I care!! I love that your college friend was a hand model -- talk about intimidating!! Regardless, I love the polish and color and you look great!!

Jen said...

Counting down over here too! I love keeping up on Instagram. Your new blog look is fabulous!
Isn't life after 40 just so freeing? I know!
Happy May!

Holly said...

love your nails... I don't ever paint mine because it chips so fast and I am impatient.

I Love Brady. I'd be lucky for my kids to be like him.

{cindy} said...

oh goodness I never paint my nails anything but clear. :) but good for you...and i'm so with you on the "who cares what anyone thinks!" which kind of horrifies the girls when I dance and sing in the car on the way to drop off!! :)
your thrifted finds were amazing! that part would terrify me about going back to work...what in the hecksies would I wear???:)
never saw jewelry in egg cartons but what a fantastic idea. and girl you have some accessories! i'm so boring!!:) haha
brady is just amazing. what a work ethic. dave would love a few like him on his soccer team!!:)
have a happy day kerri and a great weekend

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