Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

We spent Mother's Day weekend at the beach.
It was a suprise.
When Brady and I walked out of school last Friday,
Eric was waiting for us in the parking lot, all packed and ready to go.


 Even though it was a little chilly, Brady and I had fun collecting shells.
  Steffi liked playing in the sand and we all enjoyed sitting out on our balcony at the hotel.
We had a great lunch at the Tap House overlooking the bay.
The drinks were pretty good too. ;)
 We will definitely go there again.
 We also had seafood at the Bonfire and Brady tried fried clams for the first time.
We walked to get ice cream and did a little outlet shopping.  

 When Eric told me we were heading to the beach, I cried. 
And, if I'm keeping it real over here, they weren't happy tears.
The only thing I wanted for Mother's Day was my bike tired fixed.
I was looking forward to the simple weekend we already had planned.
I feel terrible about not being excited about Eric's suprise...
and, I'm pretty sure I ruined the whole weekend.
If I had it to do over again, I would have let my feelings go...
and thought more about my husband's.
  My husband has already given me the greatest gift in the world.  I am so blessed everyday to be Brady's mom.
And just so my husband knows.....



Cindy said...

I'm so glad you posted about your Mother's Day getaway! The pictures alone seem worth the trip!! I want to know what happens on "Assawoman Drive"!!!??

Kris said...

Oh Kerri, I had to smile when I read this. What a nice thing for Eric to do. It looked like a great little getaway. I know what you mean though, as I am usually the one who wants to just stay home, and keep it simple. I love home! Unless of course, we are talking about Big Bear. That is our second home.
Fun pics!!
xo KRis

yaya said...

It looks like it was a wonderful weekend and I think your hubby is also wonderful to surprise you. You can still do a weekend at this holiday weekend coming up..with bikes and fun. You then have the best of both worlds! The pics are really nice and the first one of you and Brady is great!

Holly said...

absolutely we are insane... and to prove it, I got weepy when I read that your husband had packed for you!! Lance is so indecisive, and needs approval for everything, that he would never plan something like this!!

And your pictures are phenomenal!! Especially that top one of you and Brady. I hope that is already printed and hanging!

Gabe said...

I hope you frame that first picture!

And I totally have done that to David, more than once. Considering how much you travel for tennis, I'm sure staying home was exactly what you were hoping for. Glad you were able to make some memories anyway!

Susan R said...

ASSAWOMAN DR???????? Who the heck named that street?
My baby came home from college for Mother's Day to surprise me and I was thrilled, but it was one dang busy weekend. Doing all the stuff she can't do where she is at college. I wouldn't have changed a thing though. It was awesome.

Megan said...

I probably would have reacted the exact same way. Shame that I get in such a box when it comes to sticking to my plan. Or I would have been worried about not having the clothes that I wanted...blah. But I am happy you went and had that time with your guys. You do so much for Brady on the weekends, I love that they wanted to do something just for you. And I hope you have that amazing photo of you and Brady already in a frame.

Anonymous said...

Aww I know exactly how you feel! The only thing I wanted for Valentines was some shelving hung in the garage. Instead he planned a sweet surprise date for us. I was so mad but of course couldnt show it LOL

OhMann said...

I was sitting here thinking, wait , did Eric pack and everything and she didn't know or did just Brady not know? Wow! I would have acted ungrateful too, I know I would have. It is a shame that we do such things and then regret, but when you are busy working and hauling kids, sometimes, just just need to be mentally prepared.

{cindy} said...

what a fun surprise but I soooo hear ya on the stickin to the plan thing!!:) i'm not the best with impromptu plans!:)
and i'm so the same way...regretting my reaction like crazy when it's all said and done! why do we do that to ourselves!!:)haha
love the pic of you and brady!
happy belated mommy's day!!

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