Thursday, May 2, 2013

Smoothie Fun

I'm addicted to the plastic summer isle at Walmart. 
Every year I find myself wanting every piece of that colorful fun stuff.
Please tell me you know which isle I'm talking about?
Everthing is super cheap, so I fill my cart and then realize at the checkout..oops, cheap things add up!

Yesterday I was walking around Walmart and that plastic isle started calling my name.
So, of course, I headed over for a quick look.

I've been wanting to get a co-worker of mine a little thank you gift...
and her twin daughters love making I thought this would be fun.

Colorful tumblers, napkins, and straws.
I added the little notebook and made a smoothie label to put on it.
I thought they could use it for recipes.

Easy, cheap and FUN.

Wouldn't this make a great end of the year teacher gift?!


Cindy said...

I have seen those exact cups and loved them! Next trip maybe I will buy them. I've been loving making smoothies and think of you when I add your secret smoothie ingredient!!! Cute gift!

Muffy's Marks said...

Great gift. That isle calls my name too!!! I have the plates in many colors. I store them in a basket, when the whole family is here, we eat many meals outside on the deck. We always use the 'summer china'!!!

Holly said...

You always have the best ideas!! I love those straws... and will be copying!!

{cindy} said...

great pictures kerri!!!:) makes me want to run to the plastic isle at walmart!!:) we are still rockin the smoothies here. need a few new recipes though...and a cute book to put them iin would be great too:)
great teacher gift idea!
have a happy day kerri

Megan said...

Cute stuff...and a great idea for teachers!
Love the new blog look - so fun!

yaya said...

I love that isle too! Sure perks up a deck or patio! That is a fun gift and I bet they love it. You're not only thoughtful..but very creative!

Val said...

I know I've told you this before but I must tell you again. I'm loving your new blog design. So bright and vibrant like this cute post!

Susan R said...

There's nothing that says summer time better than some brightly colored straws, cups and smoothies. Heck! If I thought that buying brightly colored stuff would bring on the sun and warmth, I'd hop over to WalMart and blow some coin. Can you believe we got 6 inches of snow last week?

Nicolle said...

I know that aisle too well. I always find myself looking, picking things up, but trying to make myself put them back. I love this gift idea. I am going to look there for end of year teacher's gifts. You come up with the cutest gifts!

Kerri @OhMann! said...


**Catching up...
-love the new blog header!
-agree that 40 changes your perspective, I could care less about what others think anymore!
-canNOT wait until summer!! Hurry up!!!
-LOVE the story of Brady and your neighbor. LOVE.
-he is such a strong competitor! I know these early year disappointments will help them later in life, but it I do notice it is wayyyy harder for me to see Brod lose than it is for him to take it. I should be thankful for that!

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