Monday, June 3, 2013

13 Years With My Love

Eric and I celebrated our 13th anniversary last Friday at this
adorable cottage about 20 minutes away from our house.
All of the pictures are from my cell phone.  I took my camera but forgot the camera card.
Eric said that might not have been such a bad thing. :)
I had seen pictures of the cottage on the website...but when we pulled down the lane
and saw the cottage nestled in this beautiful wooded setting, we were speechless.
( I may have even started clapping!)
The cottage is a recently restored stone house that was built in the 1700's.
It sits in a secluded spot beside a beautiful creek.
The rear shaded stone patio overlooks the creek.
We could have sat in those comfy chairs forever.  Really.

When we walked into the cottage, there was a boquet of lilacs on the kitchen table.
Lilacs are my favorite...and you can imagine how the sweet smell filled the entire place.
Everywhere we looked, the cottage was filled with little touches of love.
Eric and I enjoyed looking through journals of all
the different couples who have stayed at the cottage.
Couples from California, Texas, Florida, Canada, Australia to name a few have enjoyed
this little romantic spot.  Many of the couples wrote such heartfelt words.   What a gift
this place has been to so many people.
Eric and I made dinner in the little kitchen.  We both agreed it was one of our favorite meals.
I had everything put together, we just needed to bake it and cook the asparagus.
We had cheesecake for dessert and our favorite champagne.
Everything here is so quiet and peaceful.
We opened the windows so we could hear the creek. 
No t.v. or computers...just talking and relaxing.
I really hope we get to go back again someday.
To see pictures and a video of the cottage you can go HERE.
If you live in the area or are passing by...I highly recommend staying here...
especially if you are celebrating an anniversary. ;)


Steelers6 said...

Oh my goodness, how adorable! It's right out
of a book or painting!!
I'll have to check out the link.
Glad you could get away; Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for sharing about this charming spot.

Gabe said...

It looks just out of a magazine! Glad you had a wonderful time!

Nicolle said...

I laughed, because I probably would have started clapping too. :) That cottage is beautiful, and your description of it and the entire weekend sound so perfect. I'm glad you guys loved it. Happy Anniversary. xo

Kris said...

Oh Kerri, that cottage is so adorable. I want to go too!!!! What a perfect place to celebrate your anniversary! So cozy!
I am very interested in seeing what you and Brady planted in your garden!!! Come on it!!
xo Kris

Becky said...

Kerri I am new to your blog but want to thank you so much for posting a bout your getaway. Hubby and I are going to call and try to get reservations for Oct. for our anniversary. See the fall foliage. I cannot wait.
I'm off to call now. Thank you so much. Blessings, Becky

Cindy said...

Sounds and looks heavenly!! I remember "awwwwing" out loud when I saw your Instagram pics. Glad you revealed the location...we still need to getaway for our 20th last month. Though I doubt we'll make it there, ya never know!!??

Holly said...

I thought I was going to cry just reading that... what a beautiful and romantic place... it just seems so dreamy!

Happy anniversary to you two!

jen said...

It sounds absolutely perfect. I'm so jealous! Lilacs are my favorite as well, and they can't grow here in AZ, so I never get to smell them.

yaya said...

Happy Anniversary! What a sweet place to celebrate! It looks like it was right out of a fairy tale! I just love it and I'm glad you had such a nice time.

Stef said...

That place looks amazing. I don't think I would ever want to leave.

Val said...

How charming in every way!!

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