Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Bedding- Finally!

Earlier this week, Eric and I headed out in search of a new comforter for our bed.  We bought our bed 5 years ago...and never bought bedding for it.  Instead, we used an old quilt, because we couldn't decide on anything.  Well, everytime I washed that quilt, it would get a new tear...and was pretty much just falling apart.  We went everywhere on Monday and finally found this comforter set at Home Goods.  It's not a color we would have normally chose, but, we're trying to lighten and brighten things around here so we went for it.  And, I love it!  It's so soft and luxurious...I feel like we're sleeping in a fancy hotel...compared to our old ratty quilt!   I wish I had a picture of how it looked before, but I was so anxious to see what the new bedding looked like I forgot to get a picture.  And now, there's no way I'm going back!  You'll just have to take my word for it! 

(Eric made our nightstands)

Our conversation two nights ago on the we sat watching  House we do every night at 10pm... for the last 15 years.  We're very exciting people!

Me:  I love our bedding!

Eric:  I love it too!  Good choice Babe!

Me:  I'm thinking I might need to paint our bed.

Eric: Why?

Me:  It doesn't really go with black.

Eric:  It looks fine with the black.

Me:  I think it would look better if the bed was white.

Me:  I can paint the nightstands too.

Me:  And we definitely need new lamps.  Silver w/ white shades.

Me:  Maybe I'll ask my blog friends what they think.

Eric:  Oh no!  They love a good before and after...of course they will tell you to paint it!

So, don't you think painting the bed and nightstand will brighten things up a bit and be a nice change?  I was also wondering what color I should paint the walls...they haven't been painted in 6 1/2 years!

Any thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated!
(at least by me, anyway!)


Chell said...

I love the bedding. If you are going to paint the bed and stuff white... I would totally paint the walls a dark tan color. I think that would be adorbs!

Susan said...

I really like the bedding! If I were going to make a change, I'd paint the walls that light, icy blue... lighter than in the bedding... and keep the furniture dark for a nice contrast. But, if you paint the furniture white, I'd paint the walls dark.... like tan or olive.

Casey said...

Love it, especially the shelf above the bed. I'm laughing at your husbands comment!!!!

Go for it!! I do love me some before and after pictures =)

Brad said...

i say yes to the white furniture. And I would do a light blue like Susan. It would be very Cape Cod. Love the bedding.

Cherie said...

I actually like the comments here and think either way would look good. I really do like the dark furniture - I think it looks rich and I would pick a color in your new bedding.
If you painted the furniture white I think that would end up looking really good too - and as someone said rather Cape Coddish.
I guess it is just what you are feeling - but I don't think you can go wrong.

Genn said...

Love the new bedding Kerri! Looks great.
I say paint it all white.
And the walls, maybe a taupe color, or a grey might be pretty...
endless possibilities when it comes to decorating!
Can't wait to see what you wind up doing. :)

Jen said...

I like them black. I agree to paint the walls a light icy blue or maybe green. I love the bedding and I love Home Goods!
Funny what Eric said about your blog friends!

Holly said...

I say, start with the walls-- it will make a HUGE difference! And then let us reassess from there! ;)

yaya said...

The new bedding is beautiful! I think you also have a very talented hubby who made the nightstands...I'm not sure about painting them but don't you love it when you make one simple change and everything around has to go!? That drives my hubby nuts!

Stacy Crawford said...

Nice updates!

Home depot has a spot where you can upload a picture of your bedroom and change paint colors.

I think paint the walls first, then decide to paint the furniture.

Have fun!

Kris said...

YES....paint the bed and nightstands white. The wall would look fabulous in that brown/taupe shade that is in the bedding. I adore greens, and greens are supposed be soothing and induce sleep! Good choice! Love your conversation with hubby!

sloan said...

omg, i love (as in L.O.V.E. ) the new bedding, kerri!! and yes yes yes to using larger lamps on those bedside tables, silver (or acrylic clear stacked balls?) with large white shades ... easily found at Home Goods!! I could go either way on the white vs. black - I kind of like the black ... especially if you change the walls to have color ... so exciting!! LOVE IT :)

Karina said...

In love with the new bedding. Is it a celery green? So light and refreshing. Too funny to hear your conversation with your hubby - he's right - we love a good beforeandafter but in this case I kind of like the black? Enjoy your time in your hotel bed tonight ;)

Kerri @OhMann! said...

LOL!!! Love the conversation!. I vote for the paint! (Sorry E!)

Donna said...

Actually I think the classiest color combo is black and tan!! Your hubby did an amazing job on the nightstands! It really all looks just beautiful Kerri!! Don't you just love that Home Goods??

Steelers6 said...

Beautiful bedding. I really like it.

I didn't think the furniture needed an update. Nice as is.

Would the blue in the bedding look nice on the walls? That was my first thought.

I wonder if it could be a big enough change for you do do the bedding, walls, maybe lamps..maybe paint trim? but not furniture..

So pretty!

Nicolle said...

I love the colors of your new bedding. As I was laying in bed last night and moving my legs around, a hole ripped in our sheets. I guess that's a good excuse for me to get new bedding as well. Your room is so pretty, and I love the furniture that Eric has made for you. He is very skilled!

Kim said...

The new bedding is so, so pretty! Love it! I don't mind the black with it at all. Either way...white or black will look good. I'm with Sloan, though, on the lamps. Bigger lamps will balance out the space better. Definitely check out TJMaxx/Homegoods. They've always got great choices.

Good luck! I started our bedroom almost 2 years ago, and it's still unfinished. I am waiting for BSD to put up some paneling that I know will never happen. *sigh*

Bridget said...

Love the new bedding!! It looks great! I would leave your furniture dark. I can say this, because all my furniture in my bedroom was white and now I'm slowly converting it back to dark. It makes the room look warmer. So glad you found the new bedding!!

Megan said...

So pretty! We are working on our bedroom right's always the last thing to get the treatment in our house. Why is that? Yours looks so neat and cozy...a retreat!

Susan R said...

Sorry Kerri...I'm going to have to side with Eric on this one...DON'T paint it. I think it looks lovely. That bedding is absolutely beautiful.
If you feel the urge to paint something, go with the walls for a contrast.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Whatever you decide it will look great. If it were me I would just go to Pinterest and type in grey bedrooms or tan and grey and you'll be amazed at the ideas you will get.

Barb said...

I'm kinda late leaving my comment, but I say white! I love the bedding and a white headboard and end tables would look great.

But maybe you should paint the walls first and see how that looks - then decide on painting the furniture. Painted walls make such a big difference. Can't wait to see what you do!

Jacob said...

Nice new bedding! I find this post because I was googling for pages about the pleasure of sleeping in new sheets--after I just bought some new bedding myself! :)

Honestly, though, I think your sheet colors coordinate very nicely with the dark wood of your bed and nightstand. (Maybe the lighting in the picture makes them look different from real life? But in the picture at least, it looks beautiful!) So I'm with your husband on this one--the dark wood looks good with the sheets.

White would probably look good also, but I don't think it would look better--and I wouldn't go to all that trouble if it won't be an actual improvement. Also, unless you have a lot of painting experience, the white paint job might not look as good as the professional paint job that the factory did.

Just my 2 cents!

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