Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

 We're having a laid back New Year's Day today.  I'm making ham, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole for dinner....and not the traditional pork and saurkraut.  I'm the only one that likes it, so it doesn't make sense to have that. 

We stayed in last night and had our own little party.

{Brady is having ice-tea}

Brady loves mozerrella sticks so I got a box of frozen ones for him.

Eric and I enjoyed this...

We barely made it to midnight to ring in the New Year.  As soon as the ball fell...we gave each other kisses and were in bed by 12:05!

I've been getting a TON of annonymous spam comments on my around 20 a day.  I guess I need to change my comment settings...but I've never done that before.  Any suggestions?

Does my header look familiar?!  It's the one I used last January.  I wasn't feeling very creative this week...and had minimal time for the computer with my two favorite guys home.

We drove up to Cabela's one day this week.  We had lunch there and walked around.  It was so busy we could hardly move in that place.  Must have been lots of  men people out spending their Christmas money.  We had a good laugh husband noticed he looked a bit out of place with his argyle sweater on!  Next time he will know better to wear a flannel shirt, a bright orange hunting jacket (which he does not own!) or a fishing vest! 

We also went roller skating and to an arcade.

We took Brady to the tennis store to spend some of his Christmas money.

And, we have played this game a LOT!

We've also been laying around a lot, watching t.v. and reading our Christmas books.  I have enjoyed this nice break...but I am ready to get back into a routine.  I am feeling a bit lazy!

Last night I was sitting on the couch messing with my camera, trying to figure out why my pictures are looking so crappy lately oh how badly I want beautiful pictures like all my blog friends!...and I happened to get this shot of Brady....

Yep, he's rolling his eyes.  Eric had just asked him to go brush his teeth.  Just keeping it real over here!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!
Happy New Year!


Susan said...

Ah, yes, the eye roll....... it will only get worse! Happy New Year!

Cindy said...

I think quiet New Year's Eves are nice...and the eye roll is very popular here! Happy New Year Kerri!!!!

Susan R said...

Love that eye roll, I think it's a requirement for entering the teen years, so he's just getting a little practice in.
I actually love your header photos, I was just noticing how vibrant the color is.
Oooooo, spam comments. I had a lot of issues with that, one of the reasons I shut down my blog awhile back, not sure what I changed. I think I checked the box that only blog owners could leave comments. It remedied the issua greatly.
We were incredibly B-O-R-I-N-G this year for New Years. I went to bed early.
I've said it several times, but I'll say it again, you are a super cool mother. You do so much to make everything special and fun.
Hope this is a great year for you and your family.

sloan said...

happy new year, kerri! we've had a very similar, very lazy, week around here as well - including the 12:05 bedtime last night! ... i've loved every minute, but holy cow do i ever need to reclaim a sense of routine again - i can't even remember the last time i went to the grocery store, so tomorrow's gonna be big! ps, i love that shot with brady and roger ;-)

Cherie said...

I am with you. I am feeling lazy and have been laying around a little too much. Looking forward to getting back in the routine and organized.

You went Roller Skating! Yayyyy I have not been rollerskating in years but always loved it. I don't even think we have anywhere to rollerskate in town. Fun fun

Love Brady's eye roll.

Happy New year!

Holly said...

EEEKK!!! We are that cammo wearing-- pistol packing-- Cabela's gift card spending-- [not so much flannel sporting] family... it is kind of embarrassing! ;)

Happy new year!!!

Kris said...

Looks like great times! Love the eye rolling pic! Boy have I seen that a time or two around here in my day!!
Happy New Year!!!!

Genn said...

Hi Kerri and Happy New Year!!!
Sounds like my kind of way to ring in the new year!
I've had a cold so we didn't even attempt to stay up until midnight.
I like your header! I also like the idea of using an old one for January. My Christmas header is bugging me too but I dont have new pictures of the energy to make a new one right now.

Happy New Year! Hope twenty twelve is good to you!

Stacy Crawford said...

And the eye rolling begins...wait until the attitude comes right after...just preparing you for 15. :)

Happy New Year

Nicolle said...

Oh yum. Chili's chips and salsa is just about my favorite thing ever. I always ask for 2 containers of salsa.

I laughed at Holly. Kevin would be one of those camo wearing Cabela's shoppers too. :)

Happy New Year!

Kim said...

I like your style. New Year's Eve at home is the way to go.

I get anonymous spam comments too. I've tried turning off the button that allows anon comments, but I have a few friends who don't have blogs who come up as anon. The spam comments never seem to show up on my blog, but they do show up in my email inbox. It's weird. Since they're not showing up on the blog, I just delete them from my inbox. Not sure if that helps.

Happy New Year!

Cindy said...

We had a quiet New Years too...but we were in bed by 10 and the kids at their normal time...we are such boring parents!!:)
Totally feel you on the lazy part...I need my routines to keep me motivated. i don't do lazy well for long.
have a happy day kerri!

corners of my life said...

I was just thinking that Brady looks so happy in every photo and then . . .
the rolliing of the eyes. Good catch.

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