Friday, January 20, 2012


When I was checking my emails this morning I noticed I had over 3500 emails in my inbox.  I delete a few everyday...but I'm not good at keeping up with it.   I have folders that I put things in I want to save recipes, special emails from my husband, crafts, etc.  But again, my emails don't always make it into the folders.  I think I need a better system.  Do your emails pile up or do you delete them right away?

Anyway, I was deleting some emails this morning, and came across this exchange from Brady's teacher and I right before Christmas. Thought I would share!

  Mr. B,
Brady was a little teary eyed last night when he told us your last day of school will be this Friday and you won't be returning after the New Year.  I questioned this because we hadn't heard anything...but he had details (you are starting your own chocolate factory, you showed the class a picture of the new building with your name on the side of it)and I thought before I got too bummed, I would find out for myself! 



I am sorry.  I am not going anywhere.  I cleared this up with Brady after receiving your email.  We are starting multiplication in math.  To teach the kids the concept, we design "candy boxes" that I will be using in my "candy factory" that I just "bought" and will be starting to work at instead of being a teacher starting next week.   Thanks to the internet, I was able to get a picture of a building and doctor it up so that it had my name on the side.  Yesterday the kids had part of their "job interview" to determine if I will be hiring them as candy box designers for my company.  I guess I was a little more convincing than I thought!  Rest assured I will be returning to school on Jan. 2nd.


I am feeling the need to say right here that Brady gets excellent grades and school seems to come really easy for him (except for handwriting!)  So, I'm not sure where Brady's head was on this day!  He was obviously zoned out during this whole entire lesson!

The funny thing is, the same thing happened last year in 2nd grade.  One day he walked in the door after school and started crying and said that "tomorrow" was his teachers "last day."  I took him into school the next day, and it turns out he had heard another teacher ask his teacher if tomorrow was her last day of class.  She said yes. She was talking about a class she was taking at the college.  How embarrassing that my son was obviously listening in on his teacher's conversation.


Kris said...

That is precious.

Erin from Skoots and Cuddles said...

i love to hear these stories... makes me realize it's not just my kid! btw... i have easily 2000+ emails in my account. i keep putting off deleting/organizing them. ack!

Muffy's Marks said...

Oh how cute, you must be an awesome teacher to be so convincing, and very creative also.

Holly said...


THIS is what blogging is all about!!
Love it!

(and yes... I delete the junk every day. And occasionally I will go 'unsubscribe' to the ones who send me massive amounts of junk.)

Val said...

I adore your posts!!!

Nicolle said...

I think I would croak if I had that many emails. I am so obsessive, and if I have 10, I flip out. That is too funny that Brady misunderstood his teachers, poor guy. Have a good weekend!

Cindy said...

That is so funny... I have had to clear up so many elementary school "misunderstandings" it's embarassing. Sometimes my kids are so convincing that I fall for their stories!

jen said...

This made me laugh out loud. Brady must be missing the sarcastic/pretend gene like my mother. Everything is literal. You'll be glad you have this exchange saved!

Cherie said...

That is so cute!!

He obviously loves his teachers!!

yaya said...

No matter how intelligent our kiddos are, we forget they are still children and children take things very being able to reproduce something that looks so real would fool most adults! These are the moments that we wish we could freeze and keep our kids innocent a little longer!

Karina said...

What a cute story. I think sometimes we forget how neive our smart little kids are. I'm glad to see there are still some ways they are still kids (and need us to help them navigate life for a little while longer).

When you figure out that email thing - let me know. I'm afraid to see how many I have "holding" in my in box. I'm right up there with you.

Kerri @OhMann! said...


Steelers6 said...

Oh, that's cute, K. I'm guessing Mr. B will think twice & be more careful now that he got that feedback! Haha.

I recently switched email accounts and had to wade through sooo many emails. Iyyy. But I knew I had some special ones and some that had dear photos I wanted, etc. I spent HOURS on it in the days leading up to the switch. Stressful when there is a deadline. So now I have a rule about how many I may have in my inbox at a time. [not as strict as Nicolle, but strict for me.] I'm doing well with it.

Maybe you could make yourself work on a certain # of them per day, or so many minutes per day..

Enjoy the snow.

sloan said...

kerri, i feel so much better knowing that you have that many emails - i have "only" 210 in my inbox, but overall i have over 1700, divided into folders similar to yours, although i feel like those folders are a bit of death sentence! ... and that's just one of my THREE different email accounts ... i so get it on needing a new system, it's crazy but i just cannot seem to delete enough to keep up!! next stop for me is "hoarders", i swear!!

Donna said...

How neat that he obviously loves all his teachers so much!! He pays attention to every little detail too, and pours his heart into it all!! WHAT A KID, Kerri!!! They should make a thousand like him!!
PS. I'm an e-mail neatness freak. I hate having too many around..."get'em done and out" is my motto.

Kim said... sweet that Brady was sad he was leaving! Too funny he believed him. :)

As for emails. Would you feel better knowing that I have 2007 emails in my Inbox. And 281 of those are UNREAD!?!? Emails to me are getting to be like the phone. If I don't recognize your name, I won't pick up. Sadly, some important ones go unnoticed in this jumble. Also, I leave some that I want to read UNREAD so I know to go back and read them to answer them. But by the time I do, it's usually wayyyy past due.

So...I'm not one to be giving advice on this subject.

Heather said...

That is actually one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time. He must really love his teachers to worry that they're leaving. So cute!

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