Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Things I Would Like To Try, But Probably Won't

Warning: if you are hungry and watching
your someone else's blog today!

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cheesecake Middles

Those little elves are at it again!  Do these look amazing or what?!

3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp

This one is calling my name....Kerri! Kerri!
Truffle just sounds good!

Whiplash Whopper

This actually is a little a heart attack just waiting to happen!  But, I heard it is really spicy...and that's right up my alley!  My husband would think he hit the lottery if I told him we were going to get one of these!

Also at Burger King......
Funnel Cake Strips

So, you can get a Whopper and follow it up with this yummy treat!  This has to be good...anything fried that also comes with a sugary dipping sauce...oh my!  I can already taste it!

Wendy's Strawberry Frosty

I almost always go for chocolate...but this just looks like summer!

So, these are just a few things I have seen in the last week or so that have caught my eye!  I'm going to try really hard to avoid this stuff since I won't be going to the gym as often this summer.  Have any of you tried any of these new finds?


Cindy said...

Goodness...what are you trying to do to me!?!?:)
Haven't tried any of those... but now you've got me thinking!:)
Enjoy the day

Too funny about your hubby thinking he hit the lottery!!:)

Karen said...

Let's see. Let's see. Which of those delicacies is most tempting to me? I think it's a toss up between the burger and the funnel cake strips. But, I wouldn't say no to any of those.

paige said...

I know you warned me but I'm still blaming you for the 10 pounds and 2 cavities I just gained by reading your blog. I think the warning needs to be stronger. Like, maybe: "PAIGE. DO NOT READ THIS BECAUSE IT BRINGS EVIL THINGS AND WILL MAKE YOU FAT WITH NO TEETH." Yeah. Something like that.


Bridget said...

I stare at those Funnel Cake sticks every time we go to Burger King...haven't tried them yet, though.

Gracefully Vintage said...

Love your blog, I would give up for dinner or a real meal anyday for any of those goodies- love all cookies-dipped, iced,plain or icecream or cake or cupcakes, however i can get them.. Love the Yummy inspiration-
Just became a new follower of your adorable blog-
Cutie little guy too-

gabe said...

The funnel cake things look like summer and a trip to the fair. . .every summer I get sucked into buying one. . .they are so good!

Angie said...

I haven't but I can tell you I want some chocolate right now badly!! ;)

Jenny said...

I'll take one of each please. Wow, those all look yummy. I love funnel cake and only get one a year at the fair. Yummo.

Anonymous said...

Kerri, you are killing me! The only one I would give a try is the Frosty. I'm trying to be good here! Haha!

Nicolle said...

I haven't tried any of those, but I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I would love that strawberry frosty!

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