Friday, June 25, 2010

July 4th Entertaining Ideas

4th of July FUN finds!

This is one I can definately do!  It's just white
chocolate and blue sugar.
I found these  here.

I love these little pom poms attached to a skewer
and put in a jar with sand.

I found these Apple Pie Pocket Molds
 over at Williams-Sonoma...aren't they cute?!

I love this tablecloth from Kohl's for the picnic table!

I found these red, white & blue cupcakes at Bake at 350.
I'd really like to try and make these!

Okay...this is so cute I almost can't take it!
I'd love to sit this out at our next cookout!
This can be found at Pier 1.

Another cute condiment set from Pier 1.
Too bad they're not in my budget!
Mabye they'll mark them
down after summer.

And these.....I think I will suprise
everyone at our cookout with these babies!
They'll go perfectly with my daisy dukes!
I know you're wondering where you can
get a pair too!  Right here!

(You all know I'm kidding, right?!)


Elle said...

I seriously walked around Pier 1 carrying that first condiment holder and had to force myself to put it down before I checked out. I don't even have a grill! but it is too cute.

LOVE those strawberries, and I like how simple they would be to make! Usually the cute things are too complicated for me. :)

gabe said...

Love those shoes. . .you could make quite a statement if you wore those and carried a couple of sparklers!

Have a great weekend!

sloan said...

Oh my goodness, Kerri - talk about great ideas!! I am ALL about those RW&B strawberries ... and the star tablecloth?! ...puh-leeze! Love the pom poms too - can you buy them or does Martha force you to make them?! Love these ideas, thanks!!

thx for the blog visit earlier ... hope to see more of you!!

Susan said...

Ha! I love your ideas too. I especially like the pom poms on the little sticks. Yea, I think you better hurry and go get those lovely stilettos 'cause ya know they might sell out of them.

Jen said...

Hi! Glad you are liking Scrapblog. I responded to you on my blog in case anyone else has that question. That was the part that frustrated me the most too. Let me know if you have other questions.
Such cute strawberries!

Cindy said...

Thanks for the great red white and blue inspiration!:)
Love those cupcakes...they are very "rainbow cupcakeish". I keep seeing those all over...guess it is a hint to give them a try.
Enjoy the day

Nicolle said...

I love those ideas. Another blog friend of mine made those strawberries for memorial day, I think, and I just loved the idea. are so sweet to say that about my photography. I guess we are our own worst critics...I love it so much but I don't think i'm that good. I would love to do a post with what tips I know. I will do that soon! :) Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Angie said...

SOO cute!! I think i'm going to have to give the strawberry one a try!!

Bridget said...

Yum, those strawberries look so good!!! Must make them!

Kim said...

Aaah! You just reminded me. I am almost positive I bought those little pie molds at Williams-Sonoma last year. I'll have to bust them out and give them a try.

Stef said...

Okay, so I love those ideas. And the strawberries are fun!! I could do those. Thanks for doing all the work. Great post! Thanks!!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kerri, Those shoes~! Yes! I will wear them with my daisy dukes too! I have been trying to decide what to take to a fourth of july party , and they have TONS of food. I am going to take the red white and blue strawberries!Those are great!

Jenny said...

cute, cute, cute, those shoes are fun. I love the strawberry idea. My kids would love those.

Sam said...

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