Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Chores

My son has been asking me to get a chore chart ready for him for summer.  I'm not kidding.  He had one last summer, and since he's a boy of habit, he must do it again this summer.  During the school year, we don't really have anything in place as far as specific chores go.  We've always called ourselves a "helping family" ever since Brady was wee little.  A helping family works together to be helpful to one another to make a happy home (we have brainwashed him!).   Brady has always taken pride in being a good helper and he enjoys doing little projects.  Lately however, he is slipping!  I don't know if it's because schools almost out and he's tired or what....but it's driving me crazy. I feel like I am constantly reminding him of what he's suppossed to be doing.   He did a better job when he was two with turning off the tv and lights, closing doors and picking up after himself!  So, a chore chart is just what we need to get back on track this summer.  I bought this one at Target.  It was less than $10.00 and came with a huge set of star magnets.

We decided to give Brady $1.00 a day if he gets a star in all areas.  This will give him some extra money to take to the pool and buy treats that he thinks he has to have.   (When I was growing up, I went to the pool to swim...but he definately goes for the treats.)  I've been thinking of some other rewards as far as the week and month go: staying up an extra 30 minutes, some extra video game time (which by the way we are putting away for the summer...yay!  DS will only be allowed in the van and Wii will only be played on a rainy day!), maybe a favorite meal, etc.   I'm not a big fan of allowance at this age...especially for things you should be doing anyway.  But then, a little money can teach him to save and budget for things he wants.  I'm a little up in the air on this. 

Brady is really excited that he is reading "chapter books" and has been asking to read on his own.  I can't believe it...just makes us so proud!   I definately want to keep him reading over the summer.  I was never a huge reader, and I want him to love reading.    Maybe I should get a book this summer and we can read together outside under the tree!  That sounds nice.  A much better way to spend time than playing video games!

4 more days until schools out!  Woohoo!


Jen said...

We don't do a set allowance at all, but we do pay them for certain, specific jobs that are over and above the usual clean room, pick up toys, take dishes to sink, keep clothes off floor, etc...
Sometimes they'll need money for something and they'll say, "What extra chores can we do?" Ha! Then I can get put them to work for sure!

Love that Brady is reading Charlotte's Web.
We started reading Treasure Island ( thought that would be our first summer read), but tonight (5 chapters into it)they told me it was too scary...and asked if we could choose something else. I think I'll ask all my bloggy friends for their suggestions!
Have a great night!

Cindy said...

What a great chore chart ...gotta love Target!!!
I love how you call it a "Helping Home" I may need to steal that phrase. That is how we have always tried to be too. We give them an allowance ($3/week) just for "being"!:) helps with budgeting/money skills and gets us off the hook when they ask for silly things like gum balls and $1 section trinkets..."I won't buy it, but you can use your own money"! Funny how that doesn't seem as much fun to them! I guess they are learning a shopping lesson there!

Great job Brady with the reading! Keep it up!
Enjoy the day!

luvtodecorate said...

Hey Kerri! I got my flower basket at lowes hardware store. I am also soo happy school is out. This morning I actually slept til 9:30! Felt sooo good not to have to get up early.

Barb Scott said...

Thanks for the 'chore inspiration' I've got to get a chart. I'm not super structured, but I'm going to try a lot harder this summer. I love to see kids reading also, go Brady.

Jen said...

Hi! Yes, today was their last day! The last day is always hard for me....like I'm going into shackles the next day or something. I am more excited this summer though because the kids are older and will have a little more freedom!
Although, 10 min after they got home they were already fighting over a spot on the sofa! What?
We cannot have this!
Have a great last day and a great weekend!

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