Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pantry Sign and Garage Sale Makeover

I've been finding other things to do...like making a sign for my pantry instead of actually organizing my pantry like I should be doing!

We had extra wood in the garage that my husband had cut into panels so I grabbed
one of those and all the other supplies I had left over from another project from
way back when.  It feels so good to collect things you already have around 
the house and make use of them.

After I stenciled the sign, my husband sanded and waxed it for me so that
it looks a little worn.  And here's the finished sign....

I finally finished one of my garage sale items from a couple
weeks ago.

Here's the BEFORE:

And here's the AFTER:

I hung this shelf in the pantry...still can't believe I only paid $1.00 for it!


Karen said...

Ok Kerri. I'm just a wee bit jealous that you can see something, imagine what it can be, and then make it happen. These look great!

Bridget said...

They look great! I don't have one craftsy bone in my body, so I'm jealous...

Kerri said...

Right back at you ladies! I'm not a "writer"...so I am a tad jealous when I read your wonderfully written blogs!

paige said...

WOW. I'm really, really, really impressed! With both. They both look so good! Well done, you.

Mandy said...

thanks for linking on Take-A-Look Tuesday! Mandy, www.craftedition.blogspot.com

Donna said...

I love your shelf! It is adorable! And your sign is, too! We always have a bunch of wood laying around, so this project would be perfect. Thanks for the inspirations!

Bonnie said...

Saw your post at Reinvented and wanted to stop by and tell you I like it!! Great job on the sign and shelf!

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