Friday, May 14, 2010

Big Time Blog Envy

I might need to get this!

I'm not really computer savvy.  Sure, I can send emails, check Facebook, and upload photos...but that's usually about as far as I venture.  It's actually crazy that I started this blog and was able to figure it own on my own!  Well, I haven't totally figured it out...I'm just kind of "winging" it!  I haven't even been blogging two full months yet...but I can't help but be a little envious of so many bloggers out there that seem to know exactly what they are doing and have awesome looking blogs!

For instance, I'd love for my blog to have a fun backgroundMy friend Karen has a cute green background with polka dots! I love that she chose something girly for her she is mom to four little boys!  Karen has been blogging just a little longer than me...but she obviously was able to figure out how to do it!  I only tried once to add a background to my page and it took away my header that I had worked so hard to figure out!  I'm not sure how long it will be before I get up enough nerve to try that again! 

And speaking of a header...this has probably been one of the biggest frustrations for me!  It took me so long to put something together and it's not actually what I want at all.  Black and white pictures?  How boring is that?!  I was having trouble getting the color photos to match up and look nice so I just decided to forget it!   Once again, I'm afraid to change it because it was so hard the first time!  One header I really really like is Pam's.  Wow!  Her pictures are just amazing and she lives by the beach!  I'm not positive on this...but I think she changes her header every month or so.  When I first clicked on her site, I kept scrolling back up the page just to take another peek at it!  

And then there's Jen's blog.  It's so darn cheery and bright!  I especially like the cute things on the side of her page.  These things might be called widgets...or they might not!  I'm not even sure!  She has a yummy cupcake on the side of her blog that I look at everytime I visit her.  I tried to get something similiar...but no such luck!  Didn't work.  Something crazy came up (under my header and it wasn't a picture!) and then it took me awhile to try and get it off!  She also has these little signs that say "about" "follow" and "archives".  I want them too!

I've kind of been stalking this little "hello hey hi" guy over at Suzanne's blog.  I want that guy really bad! I actually clicked on him to see where she got him from....but again...actually getting him to come to my blog is probably another difficult task.  Plus, I don't want to be a copycat....I just want some personal touches on my blog too!  Oh and one other thing...I want my profile picture to look just like Suzanne's!  Do you think she would mind?!

Do I really need fancy FONTS?  I should probably have my blog at least a year before I consider this, right?  Well, I found a site where I could learn how to do this.  The directions for changing your font was about four pages long!   Really?  Does it need to be that hard?  Forget it....I think I'll just drool over Natalie's fun fonts!  She has "labels" for her previous posts and each one is in a different crazy cute fun font!  To say I am a smidge jealous would be a big fat lie.  The colors in her blog are awesome.  It looks so professional....I want mine to look professional too!  Maybe I could see if she would want to switch with me?

And one final thing.  I'm a bit confused about the kind of column I want.  I really like the look of Missy's just makes me smile.  Sometimes I think my two column blog gives me too much space to work in and the words can get lost.  I think the 3 column keeps your post right down the middle and easy to read.  Although,  Sarah has a 2 column and her blog is very neat and tidy.  So, I guess you could say I'm a little indecisive at this point!

When I first started my blog, my husband said I should "not worry about the details."  He thought I should just get started on my blog and go back later and fix what I didn't like.  First of all, my husband knows I'm all about the details!  But he also probably figured I would still be sitting here trying to come up with a cute header two months later without any sign of a blog actually being lauched.  He's probably right.  So, maybe I will tackle one thing at a time...or maybe I will try and find someone else to do it for me!  I know the saying...something like... blah, blah, blah if you do it yourself you will feel a greater sense of  accomplishment or whatever. 

Anyway, even though I am envious of other's...I am thoroughly enjoying my new blog and reading everyone elses!  I have met some really cool women out there in blog land and have been inspired in so many ways. 


Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments on my stairs. I just checked out your PANTRY and I am totally impressed...and jealous! I am the poster child for disorganization.

And as for blog envy. I've got it too. I think I tried that 4 page tutorial for cute fonts and after spending a whole day on it, I got nothing! My header won't stretch. And I'm not happy with my big, wide column either.

If you wind up getting that book let me know how it is. But, have a fancy signature so you're way ahead of me!

Looking forward to following along on your journey.

Karen said...

Gee Kerri, thanks for mentioning me. I still feel brand new to figuring out this whole blogging thing as well. I visited the other sites you mentioned & I'm envious of their blogs too! There sure are some beautiful blogs out there.

And, don't forget. You've got an awesome blog! You've been at this 2 months? And, look how many followers you have!!! People are hungry for your crafty geniusness (I don't know that that's a word).

If you figure out how to do all the other cool stuff you mentioned in this post, please fill me in.

Bridget said...

I totally feel the same way! I wanted a 3-column and when I tried to change it, all typed of havoc happened to my blog. For now, it just stays like it is, even though I have many changes I would like to see on it...

Jen said...

Hey! Cute post! Thanks for the compliments. Just hop on over to Shabby Blogs...their button is on my sidebar and you can have the cupcake and lots of other cute things too.
I still beleive the content is what keeps people coming back...and you've got it. Great job! Happy weekend!
:) Jen

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Kerri, what a great post! blog envy!Heck yes I have it!!! look at my blog! I haven't even added pictures yet! I have so much to learn. YES I am going to go get this book! Thanks for the list of blogs. I am going to go make a pot of tea and check them all out!

Barb Scott said...

I hear ya, I didn't even know how to download pictures three months ago, talk about being behind the curve. I think all of us newbies are doing pretty good. I can't figure out why my pictures sort of discolor when I post them... anybody?

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Stef said...

You've seen my blog, right. Oh so plain. I am afraid to do something...anything. Though, I know that there are some people that you can pay to fix up your blog for pretty cheap. I am not there yet. IF you find out anything, let me know.
And how cool is it to find another interpreter. How did you get started?
I love blogging too. I will be following you along! Thanks for stopping by my place. Come back!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I agree with Jen! Content! Very fun post & I think you are doing a fab job~look at that header & font! You keep us coming back, Kerri!

Debbie said...

Kerri, I have been blogging for four months, and it has taken me about that long to figure it out....and I still have so much to learn. The header was my biggest thing, I wanted it to be catchy and ME....I downloaded my pics in picasa, then collaged them and then added the text it was really simple. It really is about what you have on your blog, posts, stories, pictures. I do see people prefer big pictures, I know I do, I get a feel for the post and the item they are showing whether it is family pics, food, decor, you know what I mean. Just have fun and the rest will follow, trial and error, I have done plenty of that!

Sarah said...

Thanks Kerri, and you will figure it out really! When I started I knew NOTHING about anything when it comes to computers. I slowly learned little by little.

Nicolle said...

You have a great blog! I have changed mine up soooo many times. I think they just keep evolving. I get ideas from others and change things up here and there. I'm so glad you have a blog and that we met on here. :)

Marcie said...

I am right there with ya on "winging it." I have slowly started venturing out on a few things, but there is so much to learn!

So far yours looks great!

:) Marcie

Pam said...

Kerri thank you for the sweet comments! I am very new to this blogging thing as well...have fun with it!

beachhouse etc. said...

you are way too funny...
i'm not sure i desrve all that praise but' I'll take it...any how about that little guy there are some other hello widgets that would be great on your blog also u did the right thing by clicking on him he should take you to the widget land you were looking for.. i will try to forward to you if i can but in the meantime call me if email me if you need help ...i'm not that technical ...believe me this has been a labor of love...but it's the only way to learn can always change if you don't like just have to experiment..but in the meantime have a sun filled day..suzanne

Cindy said...

I can soooo relate to this post!
I think I have changed the "look" of my blog at least 50 times!!! It can be quite overwhelming!:)
I think you have a wonderful blog...just the way it is!!
Enjoy the day and thanks for following!!

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