Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Idea

Okay, this hands down may be the easiest craft  I've ever done!  This would make a great last minute Mother's Day gift!  I got the idea over at Lulu's Tiles and decided to give it a try!  It's a CD case that houses a CD for pictures or videos.  I had everything I needed already at home...so this was a free gift for me to put together!    Here's how you do it: ( no need to write it down....trust me!)

Find an old DVD case and remove the cover that's inside.  Trace the cover over scrapbook paper and cut it out. 

Add something to the front of the case to dress it up a bit...maybe a picture, note, ribbon, etc.  I could have spent TONS of time decorating the case...but because I didn't have much time and needed to get this in the mail to my mom, I had to leave it at this!  After you finish decorating, slide the cover back into the case.  (My bow is actually on the inside of the case...it's kind of hard to tell from the picture!)

I put pictures of our family over this past year on the cd and also a little video.  What Grandma or Mom wouldn't love to get a personalized gift like this?!


Jen said...

This is so cute. Too bad my mom doesn't know how to use her computer to look at the pictures.
I'll save this idea for my father-in-law. He'll know what to do.

Nicolle said...

Oh wow. I LOVE that idea. Thanks for sharing. I might try it.

Jenny said...

Love it! My mom would love this. You are so organized to get this done.

Jen said...

Tell your son I love the name Barbara for a cat! Love it!
:) Jen

paige said...

Good idea!

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