Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Guys Weekend

A camping weekend with girls allowed!

Brady and his cousin

Brady and Grandpa

Fishing at Poe Vally
As the guys were getting into the truck to leave for their fishing weekend, Brady started to tear up and wanted to know if he could take a picture of me along with him. So cute!  When the guys returned home on Sunday, the first thing Brady wanted to tell me about was the bruise he got on his toe and the several scratches he got on his leg.  Daddy said he never mentioned it to him all weekend.  I guess he just needed some MOM attention!  He's definately a momma's boy...and I wouldn't want it any other way!


Nicolle said...

Very sweet. I think boys always have a special place in their momma's hearts! You have a precious little guy. :)

Jen said...

Little boys love their momas! Yeah! Super sweet. How did they like the cookies...and the surprise froggie?

I have been doing a little redocorating on my sidebar. Yes! The photo is new! Thanks for noticing!

How did you get that little jumping fish on your post? I love it!

Happy Day!
:) Jen

paige said...

That is so sweet! Lucky you!

Susan said...

There is no other love like a mothers. I bet he had a wonderful time, but missed you the entire time too.

Jenny said...

My kids do the same thing. I always think, does it really hurt/bother them only when I am here!? The picture of the guys by the fire is cool, the fire looks great.

Dan said...

I remember when Kerri used to go fishing with me and loved to help with putting the boat in the water and never complained if the fish were not biting. Seeing Brady in the pictures bring back memories. I can see he is just like his mother.

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