Monday, June 10, 2013

Ten on Ten {June}


  Ten pictures on the tenth of the month trying to capture the beauty in the everyday moments.

Today was our first day of summer vacation.
It rained buckets all day...and our vehicle was in for repairs.
So, we stayed home and enjoyed a much needed day of hanging out.
{Finally woke up at 9am!}
{Our summer list}
{Asked if he could make brownies for our neighbor}
{Yep, still raining}
{electonics time...which is being timed}
{Still working on getting my shorts buttoned}
{Perfect day for reading}
{I always get the mail...except on rainy days!}
{A little ride to the strawberry stand}
{Before he deliveries brownies...I should inform him about his shoe situation}
Such a good relaxing ordinary day.
We are looking foward to more days just like this one!
You can go HERE to see this month's ten on tens.




booksandcandy said...

long time reader don't comment very often. This looks like a great day! I love the reading on the blanket! As for the shoes not matching eh the girl students in my class never match their socks so :)

yaya said...

Rained buckets here today too and I had a day off...spent most of it inside just chillin' when I should have cleaned out a few closets! Oh well, I enjoyed reading today too! Looks like a great start to Summer!

Nicolle said...

I love a good, rainy day. That picture of Steffi makes me smile! Happy summer!

Cinders said...

your framed summer list is SUCH a good idea!

Leanne Barnett said...

Lovely slow paced day, perfect weather for just hanging around. How lovely to have a 9am start!

Kris said...

Don't you love days like that? How did your first year of being back to work go for you?
Everything is so green!!! All that rain I guess!!
Have a great summer!!!
Oh, and I love seeing the pup all cozy next to Brady like that!!
xo Kris

Terra said...

Hi Kerri,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Pennsylvania looks absolutely beautiful. I've traveled the world, but never been to PA. It's on my bucket list:) Terra

Steelers6 said...

Cute photos. My faves had Steffi all curled up
with her boy. (But reality reminded me that it's
no fun sending a dog out on a rainy day.)
I also got a kick out of the "shoe situation".


{cuppakim} said...

fun set. the rain and mail pic is awesome.

and your pup is adorable. i love how she is around the whole time. what a cutie pie.

jen said...

Rain? Sigh. Maybe again in a month.

And you keep eating that for lunch and you'll win this challenge!

Shelley McGrew said...

Looks like a wonderful start for a terrific summer. (Love the pup pic.)

Stef said...

I love that "feed the ducks" is still on the list.
And that day sounds heavenly!

{cindy} said...

happy summer girl!:)
still waiting for the lazy days of summer to hit over here...too much running and not enough chillin for me lately:)

sleeping till 9 is awesome, love those mornings.

and I really need a lunch like that. I start the day thinking that, but by the evening I am planning my nightly mug of ice cream!!:)

have a happy day kerri

Bron said...

What a sweet boy making brownies for the neighbours.....I love the summer to do list as well.. Happy holidays. xx

Holly said...

I love that B&W pic!!

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