Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Friday!

Since most of the pictures I take lately are with my cell phone, I thought
I would post some of my instagram pictures from the week on Friday like Cindy does!
If you have already seen these pictures on instagram- feel free to skip this post!
Almost everytime we eat at McDonalds, I take a picture.  It has become a joke.
I think people think we eat here a LOT...and I guess we do.
(Good thing I don't take a picture everytime!)
Brady and I made hamburger cookies.  It's one of those things I just know he will
do with his kids someday.  We make them at least once every summer.
Had to go shoe shopping.
His favorite tennis shoes got a hole...right through to his sock!  I think they are
everyones favorite right now.  I tried to order them online at three different tennis stroes
and they were all sold out.
It's hard to get out the door without Steffi trying to sneak her way into the van for a ride!
Writing to Grandma.
I've been enjoying this all week.  Have you tried lemon and basil in your water?
Brady bought a snow cone machine...not this one's even better.
It's the mother of all snow cone machines...or at least the ones we've seen.
He researched them and read reviews before
deciding on one.
I've lost count of how many snow cones Brady has made me in the last few days!
Good thing we bought some sugar free syrup!
Have you tried these?  I found them at Walmart.  The caramel coffee ones are good too!
Turkey burgers with THESE onions were unbelievable!
And, THIS sweet potato and asparagus side was a keeper also.
Trying to pay off that snow cone machine!
I'm addicted to this slushy!  Strawberries, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 cup diet 7 up and lots of ice.
He thinks he's so cool because he gets it right on the dollar amount everytime!
Waiting for Brady to get home.
I think Brady needs a bigger bike!
Happy Friday!
Enjoy your weekend!


Kris said...

Even though I enjoyed these pics on IG too, my old eyes likes to see them bigger on your blog!!! That slushy sounds SO good!!! Love the pics!!
Happy Weekend!
xo Kris

Nicolle said...

I have had the blueberry, raspberry and mocha coffee almonds. LOVE them. That snowcone looks good, I imagine Brady did get a really nice machine. That will be so great to have! I've had basil in lemonade before, but never just water. I will have to try it. Have a great weekend! xo

CB said...

Love all the pictures! Brady is growing up! And HEY I think having a snow cone machine would be the best!!
Your dog looks alot like mine - cute!

Jill said...

I enjoyed these pictures on instagram as well! But love seeing them again. :-) Looks like summer is in full swing at your house, and I may have to buy a snow cone maker. We miss snowballs so much living here! No one makes them!! I joke with Jerry every year we need to start our own seasonal business making them here. The girls are all on board! LOL. Have a wonderful week!!


yaya said...

What fun pics! I laughed at the snow cone machine because I bought one at Williams-Sonoma this spring and I tried it out for the first time today! I think the Grandkiddos will love it! I need to find the sugar free syrup!

{cindy} said...

yeah for insta Friday posts!!!!!:))
I see those pics made it to your biggie right!?:)

awesome post and so much to comment on:

~prettiest mcd patio I have ever seen!
~Steffi in the car cracks me up!
~brady will make those with his kids I am sure of it!!
your food pics all look amazing and I would love both of those drinks!:)
~that is one heavy duty sno cone machine!! we just have the plastic little plug in kind.
~pumping your gas AND washing the car!! awesome!!

love this post Kerri and I do expect to see one every Friday from now on!:)

have a happy day

{cindy} said...

it's really bugging me that I left out one of those little ~ things before the word "your"!:)

Val said...

Summer fun pics are the best!! I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Catching up...
1 - LOVE the sunshine box idea. Consider it stolen. Prayers for Aunt Bonnie.
2 - YAY Brady!! Brod has a fellow competitor like that and it was THRILLING to beat him - FINALLY.
3 - Happy Anniversary! I loved seeing the pics on IG. :)
4 - I am so glad you enjoyed working. I know Mr. B will miss Brady, too!
5 - our summer list is sad this year. I need to get busy!
6 - I love the garden. I want to plant every year, but something always goes wrong.
7 - love our snowcone maker!!

Jess said...

Hi Kerri! Long time! It was great to catch up with your blog! Love the pics and the garden you and Brady did!!!

(Formerly J)

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