Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Day Of Fourth Grade

{First day of 4th grade}

It rained all day so we were not able to get an outside picture.
I think it's the first time since Brady started school that it rained on the last day of school.

Brady's teacher was asked to move up from 3rd grade to 4th grade this year....
so Brady was fortunate to have him for two years.

I was fretting about what to give him.
And then, I remembered THIS post that I wrote a few years ago.

Brady and I made him hamburger cookies and got him a gift card.
A few of you asked about those cookies.  I posted about them HERE.

But more importantly, Eric and I wrote Mr. B. a thank you letter.
And in true Mr. B. fashion, he gave Brady a thank you card for his gift...
and he sent an email to us about Brady that made me cry.

I was emotional all day.  I know...suprise, suprise.
I do much better with beginnings than endings.

I was able to attend the 5th grade graduation in the morning.
The 4th graders have the privelage of attending the graduation ceremonies too.
I couldn't believe how teary I kept getting during the program....because that will be my
child graduating from elementary school next year.  Moving on....

I wanted to briefly mention that my first year back to work exceeded my expectations.
It was a wonderful year.  I loved working with the kindergarteners and first graders.  I loved
my co-workers.  I think for the most part the transition went pretty smoothly. 
I sometimes felt overwhelmed at home trying to do it all...but I had help from
my husband...and I had weekends to catch up.
Even though I didn't see Brady often, I loved knowing he was in the same building.
I also loved that he chose to ride with me to and from school.
Brady enjoyed it too...he told me often he was proud of me.
(I jokingly told him I had to work to help pay for all his tennis shoes!)

We listened to this song and this song everyday on our way to school.

I often worried about not doing enough.
For example, I did not have the time to pull off this like last year.
Instead, I gave Brady a bag of swedish fish when we got into the van after
school and he was thrilled.
It was definitely harder to do the little extra things that make me feel like a good mom.
But in the end, I was the only one who noticed.
Brady is just a happy easy going boy who doesn't need all the extras
all the time.  He knows he is loved. 

When Brady walked into my room after school yesterday I knew
immediately that he had good news. 
He was so proud to show me this-

I am excited for him.  He has worked hard and made good choices since
kindergarten in hopes of getting to be on the safety committee.  I think he will be
a good one.

I often tell Brady to stop getting taller, or to not grow up so fast.  I give him way
more hugs and kisses a day than is probably normal for a kid his age.  I remind him
periodically that he will always be my little boy.  But, lately I have had a shift in
thinking.  And yesterday,  I asked him if he knew what age I liked best.  He
probably thought I would say when he was 3!  I told him right now is my
favorite age.  I love that we can have good conversations, he can express
his feelings, he can enjoy a little freedom once in awhile, we do fun things together,
and that I really like the boy he is becoming.  You should have seen his smile!
He said, "I just love you Mom."
He is growing up....
and I am going to enjoy every bit of this journey that I am so lucky to be on.
Happy summer everyone!


yaya said...

Congrats to Brady for making the safety committee..I know he'll be great! You'll have many moments of "tears" and smiles with that boy..enjoy them, they go so fast as you are finding out! My Mom worked full-time my whole childhood and my Dad was always saying how much he appreciated her working so we could do the extras that a family with 6 kids could do..and we never felt she neglected us in any way. But having the support of my Dad made all the difference. I have worked most of my life....part-time and full-time when my kids were little and it's hard but they learned to also pitch in and help. So don't worry, you can be a good Mom even working! Enjoy this summer!

Nicolle said...

Aw, Kerri, reading this makes me proud of Brady too! I just love him. This is a precious post, and something for him to look back on when he's older, and smile. I'm also glad that your first year back to work was such a good one. That makes it all worth while, and even though you felt like you didn't/couldn't do it all, you really did!

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