Thursday, March 28, 2013

What 10 Looks Like...

I asked Brady last week on his birthday if I could take a few pictures of him in the backyard.
Of course, he said,"sure."  He's nice like that.
Oh, how I love being Brady's mom.
These past 10 yrs. have truly been the best years of my life.
I have learned so much from him as I continue to work at being the best mom he needs
and could ever hope for.
Things are not always perfect around here...but we sure do love each other.
My hope for the next 10 years is that they will not go by as quickly as the first 10 years have gone!


Cindy said...

Great set of pictures-- all of them!! You can tell he loves his Mom!!!

Nicolle said...

Kerri, those are gorgeous pictures. You did a really good job on them. I hate to say, I only snapped pictures of Boyd with my phone yesterday, on his 5th birthday, and now I could cry thinking that I didn't get my real camera out. The day was so busy I forgot. Dang it. Anyway, you are a super sweet mama, and Brady is an amazing kid. Wishing him a wonderful 10th year!

Val said...

Happy Birthday Brady! You are such a good momma. You can truly feel the love reading your posts. I love that. These pictures are beautiful. Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

The arm behind the head picture made me laugh! That's a keeper to show his future girlfriend. Sorry, dont mean to age him another 6 years or so on you! lol

Jill said...

These are wonderful pictures!! Hope you had a lovely Easter!


{cindy} said...

what a cutie for sure!
i love how much you love hime!!!:)
and i am praying for a slower moving next 10+ years too!!:)
have a happy night kerri

Kerri @OhMann! said...

10!!!! Wow, Mama, it does go fast!

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