Thursday, March 7, 2013

Our Snow Day

We were excited to have a SNOW DAY yesterday!
It was kind of strange that school was being cancelled yesterday morning because we didn't have any snow on the ground.  But, the weatherman was sure we were going to get a large amount of snow all day long and so the schools all across the county made the decision to close for the day.
Do you Facebook?  I usually don't post anything on there except an occasional picture.  I'm not really a fan...although I do try and check it at least once a I don't miss anything! ;) Anyway, I read a lot of negative things on there about school being cancelled.  And so, I felt the need to say something.  I told Brady there would probably be some people not very happy with me!  This was my post:
I cannot believe how many facebook friends are complaining about the snow day today. I always think it's better to be safe than sorry. If the kids went to school and we ended up having an early dismissal and had to get the kids home safely...there would also be complaining. I guess you can't please everybody. Anyway, I'm enjoying the snow day in my pajamas hanging out with my son...if we end up getting some snow...that will be an added bonus. :)
We never did get any snow. :)
Brady and I played Monopoly Deal.  It's much quicker than real Monopoly.  Games take  about 15 or 20 minutes.  We played a few games while having lunch...I love playing games with him...we laugh a lot.
Brady did a fair share of lounging on the couch and he may have played a few too many games on his ipod...but I was getting too much done around the I let it go.

I taught Brady how to make of his favorites.
He did all of the work.  I think if we made it together one more time he would be able to do it all on his own the next time.  I would love if he spent more time with me in the kitchen and learned to enjoy cooking.  It's not something he asks to do very I will have to be the one to keep bugging him! 
Eric has slept on the couch the last two nights because of his annoying cough.  I sure hope he starts to feel better....Brady and I are excited to celebrate his birthday on Saturday!
Have a great weekend friends!


Val said...

I miss having snow days with my kids. I use to love those days. I hope you are staying warm.

Val said...
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yaya said...

Your old stomping grounds had no school but Ashland had a 2hr. delay. The few inches we did get was melted by the afternoon. Hey, it's always better to safe than sorry. I loved snow days when my kids were little. Now, even if it's a blizzard, the hospital stays open! No snow days anymore!

Cindy said...

Never heard of Monopoly Deal -- sounds like a real time saver!! Glad you all had a nice day!!

Holly said...

What kind of response did you get?
People drive me crazy-- you can never please them all!
So does this mean an extended Spring break for you, or is school back in session tomorrow?

Kris said...

How fun to have a snow day! Even with no snow!!! I don't see why anyone would object to what you said.
I will have to look for that game. I used to love Monopoly! But the game goes on and on! Tell Brady that some of the best chefs of the world are men! But I know tennis is his first love!
Love the pupper on the sofa too. My husband was on the couch for weeks due to MY annoying cough!!!
Hope your husband feels better for his birthday!!!
xo Kris
PS Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog Kerri!

Steelers6 said...

I felt exactly the same about all the FB comments
I saw yesterday. And I actually said the same
about how they would complain either way.
There was also a lot of negativity toward the
weather people. Sheesh. Just enjoy your day.
(I do understand that child care might be a
problem for some, but I didn't see any of those
Good for you for your comment.
Enjoy the birthday celebration!

Nicolle said...

Exactly why I'm not on FB. I guess I can't handle it. I probably would have written a comment just like you did. I love that you taught Brady how to make lasagna. Happy birthday Eric!

the girl said...

I love Monopoly Deal. My family is really picky about playing with dirty fingers - I'm glad when my husband and I play, we don't care about things like that.

LOL- I get alot of complainers on my FB as well... There's always someone who will find something to complain about.

I enjoy your 10 on 10 posts. :)

(I found you on the 10 on 10 linky!)


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