Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ten On Ten: March 2013


Ten pictures on the tenth of the month trying to capture the beauty in our everyday moments.
Here's a little peek into our day....



To see more ten on tens you can visit A Bit Of Sunshine!
Happy tenth everyone!
9 more days until my baby turns double digits!


Gabe said...

March is a big month for us too...I'll only have one left that isn't double digits:) We can have a pity party together!

Love the one of your lunch on the composition!

Stacy Crawford said...

Oh how life goes so fast! Looks like a nice day.

Kris said...

Happy Birthday Eric!! Great shots Kerri!
XO Kris

yaya said...

Happy Birthday to Eric and it's amazing how much we really do in a simple day. Time flies, enjoy the ride!

Megan said...

I forgot about 10 on 10 this month...your set looks great especially that brownie cake! Oh my that looks good!

Glad you got a moment to sit and relax. My boy turns double digits this summer and I can't believe it! How does that happen??!! Happy Birthday Brady!

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