Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Suprise Tennis Party!

Brady turned 10 on Tuesday....I still can't believe it!
(Thankfully it's been a crazy busy week...and so I haven't had time to be depressed about this little fact.)
We gave Brady a few suggestions for his birthday this year since it's a big one.
A friend party?  Laser tag?  Overnight at the indoor water park?  Pizza and a movie with a couple of friends? 
Brady wasn't really interested.  He said he didn't want a party.  He said he would really like to play tennis on his birthday.  (You know, since he never gets to!)  Eric's team had a match after school on we knew Brady wasn't going to get to play on his birthday.  He was okay with that...he was excited to watch the team's first match of the season.  Plus, he has his manager duties and all. ;)
 So.... Eric and I decided we would suprise  Brady with a tennis party.
Brady has a weekly tennis lesson on Sunday and so we set the party up for after his lesson.
We rented a couple of courts at the tennis club for Brady and five of his tennis friends for a couple of hours. 
Brady's friend J.T. arrived first just as Brady was finishing up his lesson.
J.T. lives and trains in Hershey.  Brady was suprised to see him and said, "Hey J.T!  Are you taking lessons here now?"   J.T. said, "no, I came to play tennis with a friend."  So cute.
Once all the boys arrived and Brady realized what was going on...he immediately came over and gave Eric and I a hug and thanked us.  It was so genuine and just melted my heart.  Just as we had hoped...he couldn't have been any happier.

Excuse the bad pictures...I'm not sure I'll ever get the tennis lighting figured out.


The boys only stopped playing for a bit to get some pizza.
Who do you think was the first one back out on the court?!

We kept it simple.  Although my husband would probably say otherwise. :)
We had pizza, chips, cupcakes, gatorade and water.
The yellow tubs are from the Dollar Tree.
I ordered the grass tablecloth from Women's Tennis World.
A lady I work with made Brady the napkin holder.

Each boy took home a can of tennis balls and a bag of tennis ball gum.
I ordered the gum from Maria Sharapova's new candy line.

The cupcakes were simple.  I used a chocolate mold for the tennis racquets and added a gumball.

The boys had a blast.

There was lots of laughing, competition and FUN.

Brady said on the way home from his party that he is the luckiest boy ever.

Mission accomplished. :)




Holly said...

I have waited for this post!! If you ever get tired of teaching... Party planning is calling your name!! The party looks perfect!! You nailed it!!

Gabe said...

I love that you surprised him! Ten is a big deal, and the older boys get the less fuss they want you to make!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods...been praying for your neighbor!

Nicolle said...

Kerri, what a great party, just perfect for Brady's 10th birthday. I swear, I got choked up reading this though. I know how fast they grow up! :) I love all the details, and how happy Brady was when he realized it was a party, and your cupcakes are just adorable and so unique!

Happy Birthday Brady.


Casey said...

I love this! How fun!!! You did great!!!!!!!!! You are so lucky to have such a sweet boy that appreciates his family and the things they do for him!!!!

yaya said...

Happy Birthday Brady! Double digits! He looks so happy and your party sure looks like a success. You are so clever! I love the cupcakes but the candy is really cool!

Cindy said...

What a great party you put together!! In my next life, I want to be a better mom and wife (like you!). I have two 13th birthdays and a 16th party to put together this year!! (Let me know if you have any free time in June and September!!?? ;)

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Yay! I have been waiting to see these pictures. You did a great job!
I hope things have settled down in your neighborhood. I have thought about your neighbor often this past week. :(

{cindy} said...

this was amazing kerri!
what a great idea and the fact that you fulfilled his wishes and still pulled off the surprise element of cool!!:)
this is a party he will remember forever.
mission accomplished for sure.
have a happy night

LOVE the candy and cupcakes

Coach Kim said...

Where did you find that size tennis racket chocolate/candy mold? Currently looking for one myself and they all appear to be too large for a cupcake topper.

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