Sunday, May 1, 2011

Could It Be Us?

We're back from our super quick weekend in Ocean City.
I just downloaded my pictures...but I'm too tired to do a big post.

The pool picture behind Brady is hanging in the lobby at the resort where we stayed.
This was our 4th time staying there.
Anyway, right after we checked in, Brady was looking at the picture behind him
and he totally believes that the boy in the picture is him!
We were laughing so hard!  The boy really did look like Brady...but no, it wasn't him.
He also found a couple in the back of the picture that looked like Eric and I. 
We never did convince him otherwise.  And now that I look at the way Brady is sitting
in the chair getting his picture makes me laugh even more!  He really does think he's famous!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

(Oh, and Brady has the same swim trunks that the boy in the picture is wearing...weird!)


Kat said...

You're celebrities!!! Welcome home. Can't wait to see some fabulous fun pictures!

Cherie said...

That is so cute. From where I'm sitting I think it looks like him too - ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Kris said...

Fun!!! Love your new header!

Cindy said...

Great new header....rats is it May already?!?!:)

That is to funny, and yes Brady does look rather famous!!:) Glad you are back safe and sound. Can't wait to see more.
Have a happy day

Donna said...

Love your new header!

The pic of Brady is the pose! And his've raised a handsome, happy guy! What more can you ask for? It's so nice to get away...glad you had fun! Looking forward to hearing more, Kerri!

corners of my life said...

I just love little "get-aways". Always so refreshing.

Gabe said...

Thst boy is destined for stardom!

Love the header pics! Since i couldnt go with you. . . It was nice of you to send some sun our way!

sloan said...

ok, that story is seriously funny - i love his new swagger from all the new-found fame ;-) Can we talk about your new header?! Looks awesome!

Jill said...

Too cute!! :-) Love your new header! We go to O.C. MD. every year since the girls were little. We missed last year though due to his job hoping to make it back this year.
Can't wait to see pics! Have a great afternoon!

yaya said...

Love the new header...tell me, it that possibly what it looks like if the sun is shining? Sorry, I haven't seen it in a while! Hope you had fun and I'm looking forward to the pics!

Stacy Crawford said...

Let him be a celebrity! That is way fun.

Seizing My Day said...

Oh my goodness... LOVE your new header... I am dying to be on a beach again... for a LONG period of time!! **sigh** for now this chick will have to dream! I am back from my very very long blog break... that isn't completely over ... life is so darn busy!! =) anyway... I need to read a few posts to catch up!! LOVE your beach pics... can't wait to see more!

Kim said... little one always thinks all the old pix of her big sis are her. From your picture, that does look like Brady though. ;)

Lorri said...

This is my favorite header so far! Love it! Please tell Brady I want his autograph! :)

Nicolle said...

I love your new header. LOVE that ocean water! :) Brady is so funny. I love his pose too! Glad you had a fun trip. How close are you to that beach? We are about 7 hours to the closest one, and it's not near as pretty!

Stef said...

Haha! That is too funny. What's the point in ruining his moment in fame. That happened with me at Weight Watchers. I thought I had lost more than I actually had. The lady was so nice to not tell me that I had actually gained a pound. Sigh.
I love the header pictures, by the way. Someday, you will have to teach me how to do that. I am such a blogger dork.

Cheryl said...

That is hilarious!! (are you sure it wasn't him?!) ;)

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