Friday, September 10, 2010

Ten on Ten: September 2010

The object is to take a picture every hour for 10 consecutive hours on the 10th of the month.

My day was definately ordinary....I even thought about being sneaky and taking pictures yesterday on the 9th instead ...because today I really didn't have much going on!  But just like I learned last month from doing this challenge...I was reminded to find the beauty in the ordinary moments.  And that I did.

Brady's breakfast!

Getting Brady's lunch packed.

I was touched by Jen's blog this morning.  You can read it here if you want. 

I stopped in here this morning. 

And found this for $3.95.
 I was thinking of painting the frame and adding a different matte....and
 maybe paring it with an old wooden tennis raquet for the hallway.   When
I showed it to Brady after school, he smiled and said, "that's nice".  I could
tell he didn't like it...but that's my boy...he never wants to hurt my feelings!
Maybe I will fix it up and sell it on eBay!
(The more I look at it...the guy is a little creepy looking!)

I stopped into the Bead Outlet.  I've been wanting to stop
in there for about 4 years now!  I found out they have classes....I wonder
if I can talk some friends into taking one with me?!

I got out a few Fall decorations.

My husband called this afternoon and needed me to come
pick him up...his truck died.   At least he was at a gas station near our house.  
 I think me taking a picture definately helped to lighten the mood! 
It ended up just needing a new battery.  Thank goodness!

Brady's getting his raquet and he's off to play tennis for a couple or so hours!

I made pretzel hugs for a campout in the livingroom tonight!
The easiest little treat you'll ever make!

If you haven't tried ten on ten should give it a try!
You can find the link party here.


Bringing Pretty Back said...

This was so much fun to read! What a good sport your hubby was to have his pic taken! ha!
Those pretzel hugs look delish!!!
Brady is cute as ever!
OH! I got both of those 2 little table for one dollar each!
And that dresser is so dang cute! And the drawers do not stick at all. I love it!
Have a pretty day!

Amanda said...

I got your comment on my blog just as I was opening your blog to take a peak :) Looks like a productive and eventful day! Brady's breakfast made me crave Fruit Loops... Thanks for sharing!

Alita said...

A camp out in the living room sounds delish! I Really REALLY think we need to do this.

What a great series. Brady's lunch looks like something my Domo would eat.

Susan said...

Oh my gosh Kerri, if you don't want that print I'll buy it from you. Do you knnow what it is? It's a Vanity Fair "SPY" print. If you really don't like it I'll buy it, but think twice about it before you sell it. I'm not saying it's worth a lot of money, but it is not just some cheap print of a freaky tennis guy either.
I know this because I collect "SPY" prints and have some pretty nifty ones. I may just have to
do a post on "SPY" prints.
Great find, Good on ya.

Kim said...

Great job, Kerri! I really get a peek into your day. :) My ballerinas' lunches look very similar. And I make those treats except we stick an M&M in the center of the kiss instead of a second pretzel on top. We usually give them out for teacher gifts at Christmas.

Janet Ellis said...

It's funny when what we think are ordinary days turn out to be facinating for someone else. I so enjoyed a peek into your day. Seems like it was a really good one. Enjoy your weekend.

Janet Ellis said...

oops our ordinary days not are ordinary days. I really need to proof read before hitting the submit button :-/

Dani said...

What great colors you captured!

Pretzel hugs. I'll take one, please.

Happy 10!

Rebekah said...

beads, thrifting AND chocolate, I heart your day in a big way :). lovely set!!

Stef said...

That is a pretty busy day! I love those pretzel treats. Always forget about them until I see them on someone's blog. I gotta remember this on next month.

Stacey said...

Ahh man! I forgot about this again! Can I do 11 0n 11?

Cindy said...

Looks like a great "ordinary" day to me!

I would have loved to pop into that little shop, I kind of agree about the creepy tennis guy...who knew it was "famous!":)

I am so anxious to get a few fally things out to.

Those pretzel hugs look so yummy! I love pretzels and chocolate.

Thanks for sharing
Enjoy the day

sloan said...

I missed it this time :-( ... definitely marking my calendar for next time though! BTW, those pretzel hugs are looking like just our kind of treat - love sweet and salty ... and easy = perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Kerri, thanks for commenting on my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours this morning. Next month I'm definitely going to participate in the 10 on 10 project. So so glad you let me know about it!

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

Brady's lunch box reminds me of these cool bento lunch boxes Click on photo gallery and check it out. And that tennis picture? The man looks like a creepy ice cream man to me.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

those pretzels hugs look great! yum!

Nicolle said...

Oh! I love your pictures! You cracked me up about the tennis guy picture you bought for Brady! :))

Sorry about your husband's truck. Great picture of him though! The pretzel hugs look great. I've made them before with different colored chocolate melts, but didn't add the 2nd pretzel. I will have to try them again.

Love your wreath and your large windows!! So pretty!

I will take the bead class with you. :))

Steph S. said...

COol idea! I would love to do the ten photos - I'm going to try and remember that next month!
Brady's Lunch - Cosmic Brownie - I used to LIVE on those, seriously - I LOVED them during high school! And I still do! The pretzel hugs are super pretty - i'm going to have to give that a try!

Nicolle said...

Hi Kerri...thank you for the offer of the toy. I would totally take it, but Boyd does have that one at my mom's. He loves it. She bought it a few months ago at toys r us. You are SO SWEET to offer though! :))

Mexican chocolate coffee is so good. It's not spicy. It's just chocolatey and has a hint of cinnamon in it. It's my FAV! I bet you would like it. I swear it's more like drinking hot chocolate.

I Said So... said...

Thanks for introducing me to Jen's blog. Love the pictures. Your family looks so warm and loving.

Jen said...

Awesome lunch...and I knew tennis would be in there! Your day was so much more interesting than mine!

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