Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life Is Good

I'm sitting her enjoying a glass of champagne and reading blogs!  
Eric got me the champagne for our campfire last doesn't get any more redneck than that, does it?!  Eric is watching football and Brady is playing a game on the computer.
Brady was hitting tennis balls against the garage...but it started raining out and that's why he's inside!

On Friday, I went shopping and out to lunch with a friend. 
We actually only went to two stores...and then ran out of time!
We spent more time talking in the stores than shopping! 
We had lunch at Chili's.
I don't get to spend much time with this friend ,but when I do get to see her,
 it always leaves me feeling more refreshed and energized to be a better mom and wife. 
I think good friends just do that to us!

On Friday evening we dropped Brady off at our rec center for Parents Night Out.
 He got to play with friends, have pizza and go swimming.
 Eric and I went to dinner and walked around Target.
 I'm so lucky that my husband likes to shop.  If we only had the funds...we would be really good shoppers! 
 I was excited to get these paper napkins and plates:

Eric woke up Saturday morning and insisted I NOT come into the kitchen.
He tried to make made me a "McGriddle" breakfast.
I often joke that if I had to pick my last would be a McDonald's McGriddle sandwich.
And a big bowl of gummy bears.
Breakfast was good...he put enough on my plate to feed at least four people!
He kept apologizing about the "presentation"...and said next time he has plan to make it look better.
I love him tons.

My mixer broke a couple of months ago.
It wasn't a fancy kitchen aid or anything.
I bought one this morning at Walmart for $6.98!
If I would have known I could get one for that price...I wouldn't have waited so long!
I'm sure the expensive ones are nice...but my little hand held serves me just fine.

Fall is my favorite time to cook.
I love everything pumpkin....and I have tons of fall recipes.
So, I decided to put them all together in one place.
I bought this photo book for $1.50 and made a little cover for it.
Now, I just have to fill it with all my pumpkin recipes!

A couple laughs from this weekend:

Brady turned the tv on last night and saw that the Phillies were playing.
He told Eric the Phillies were winning 2-Love.
Too funny!
I guess it's obvious Brady doesn't watch much baseball!

Brady said this afternoon after he got his haircut.........
"They should call it Good Clips (instead of Great Clips) because....
the lady that cut my hair wasn't so GREAT!

Look what I got in the mail!
I bet you can guess what I've been making!
I'll show you my finished projects soon!

So, it's been a great weekend.
Time with a friend.
A date with my husband.
Conversations w/ family by the campfire.
Lots of laughs.
And, a little crafting!

Life is Good.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend too!



gabe said...

Thanks for the instructions. . .been watching football, will look through them soon, because I am sure I will have questions!

I am so glad you had a great weekend!! It is nice to find the wonderful among the everyday!

Nicolle said...


Today I was stressing about little things and I still thought about how good life is! :))

Love your pictures. LOVE the breakfast your sweet husband made for you. LOVE the fact that you are having champagne! I'm glad you had fun with your friend and it left you feeling happy and refreshed. Those are the best of friends!

I like the idea of putting all of your fall recipes in one place too. I might copy you.

have a good rest of the weekend! :)

Susan said...

2-LOVE????? Right on Brady! Tennis on the brain, can't beat that. Unless it's college football.
Okay...can I tell you that big hot mess on a plate looks delicious. I'm impressed that your fella is buying you champangne and cooking breakfast for you.....whatts guy, sounds like a keep to me.
I bet I can guess what your making. Looks familiar.

Cindy said...

Ok..I think your happiness is a bit contagious...I can feel it over here!!:)

Days with friends are the best! I have some great friends I don't see all that much either, but when we get together it's still like we saw each other yesterday! Love that!

Dave's a shopper too. Although shopping with 3 kids in tow is really not much fun for anyone...I'm a little more used to it though!:) If it was just him and I we could wander the shops for hours and never even buy a thing.

Never had a McGriddle I missing something?!?!?:)

Dave has a big kitchen aid but I HATE lugging that thing out. Give me my little $10 hand mixer any day!

So glad you had such a wonderful weekend.
Nice chatting with you!!
Enjoy the rest of your night!

Cherie said...

Sounds like a very happy and relaxing weekend!
I think your idea of putting all your fall recipes in a little book is such a great one! I have been pulling out recipes from every nook and cranny preparing to start cooking for fall - I really should do that. You have inspired me!
Brady's "funnies" had me giggling - Good cuts - ha ha that was a good one! And 2-Love for baseball - that is just precious!
Alot in this post but I think it is super sweet that your husband made your favorite breakfast - it's the little things that really let you know how much someone loves you!

Jen said...

My husband shops more than me!
Sweet breakfast!
Can't wait to see what you've been crafting!
Your weekends sounds great!!!

Pam said...

love that you're drinking champagne! sounds like a great weekend

Steph S. said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! I love how you appreciate dates out to eat and a simple stroll around Target - I'm the same way! My husband and I are so looking forward to dinner at Applebees and walking around the local seasonal "Halloween City" costume store later this week! Good times!

Bridget said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!!

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