Monday, September 13, 2010

I Was Wrong On This One

Brady had been asking for months (thanks to the
 commercial on t.v.) if we could buy
 the Live Butterfly Garden and I kept putting it
 off hoping he would forget about it.  I admit, I thought
 it was a waste of money.  Twenty-five dollars?! 
 Who buys these things?  Anyway, in August we went to
 Hershey Gardens and Brady spotted the butterfly
kit immediately high up on a shelf in the gift shop.
 He wanted it so badly...and said he would use his
 money if he could just please buy it.  I still continued
 to try and talk him into a less expensive souvenier
 but I wasn't getting anywhere.  So, he made his
purchase and was happy as pie all the way home! 

We sent away for the caterpillars,
 followed the directions, watched as the larvae formed into chrysalids and then waited again for the butterflies to emerge in
their new habitat.  The entire process took about three
weeks.  And I have to say, Brady thoroughly enjoyed
observing them everyday and watching the entire
 process unfold before him.  He fed the butterflies
for a few days, and then released them in our backyard. 
 He did a great job taking care of them each step of the

At first, I felt bad that Brady used his own money
(which took all but $2 of his savings)....but he didn't
 hesistate and hasn't once regretted his decision.  I may
have been wrong in thinking the butterfly kit was a waste
of money...but I think I was definately right in letting
Brady use his own money to buy it.  

We plan to buy more caterpillars next summer!


Jill said...

What a great thing to do! It is really need watching the butterflies develop and a great learning experience all around. :-) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

That is such a great thing that he did use his own money. It probably made the purchase that much more meaningful to him. My mom made me use my own money plenty of times for things she thought I didn't need. ;)

sloan said...

we've done this kit, too, kerri ... it was GREAT!! We've also grown ladybugs in a similar kit and had a cool ant farm once, too - all of them were TONS of fun for the girls - no regrets ... I'm so glad yours was successful, too!!

Jen said...

We have the same kit and the kids still use the habitat to house lizards temporarily in the summer...and every now and then a frog or two!
I love that he spent his money on something so worthwhile and educational.

Nicolle said...

Awww! I'm so glad he likes it so much. I remember you blogging about it when he first got it and you were skeptical. I have been that way on stuff for Boyd....thinking it was not a good purchase, then he winds up loving it. Isn't it funny how that happens sometimes?! Cute pictures! I love the layout of that collage too....

Janet Ellis said...

What a great project for the little guy. It is awesome that he is looking forward to doing it again next year. Funny how we sometimes get it wrong, but heck, great job going with your gut!

Susan said...

This is so cute. I love this thing. I want one!

Cherie said...

They do this with the 3rd graders every year at our elementary school. I think it is highly educational and the kids all seem to love watching the process.
If I would have known there was an at home "kit" I definately would have bought it. Very cool!
Your son is one smart cookie :-D

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, so glad you both loved it!!
I knew you would!!:)
I did one of those every year in my classroom and the children always looked forward to it.
Our girls loved it too.
Was he sad to let them go???
Enjoy the night

Bringing Pretty Back said...

How cool was this! VERY! I think it was a GREAT decision to have him spend his own money! I have never heard of this , but I need to get a kit for my nephers next summer! And maybe one for myself!!
I am taking good care of V. haha! What a nightmare that whole incident was! And considering he broke his back 2 years ago... oh my.
Have a pretty day!

jen said...

Thanks for the shout-out on Friday. I haven't done any computer stuff for a few days, so I missed it. But thanks. 9/10 is definitely becoming easier as the years pass.
As for the butterflies, I would have been with you--what a waste of money. But when they use their own money and it turns into something so wonderful, you can pat yourself on the back and know you hit a mommy home run! Good job!

Laura said...

How cool is that!? He looks so excited!
I need to find something like this next Summer, what a fun learning thing for kids. What a sweet little guy for using his own money! :)

Stef said...

I have often wondered about those things. GOod to know!

I Said So... said...

I definitely believe in letting kids pay for things themselves. Mine do...all the time. It teachese them life's lessons, don't you think? They have to think about, is this worth $3, 10, 20 dollars? Not just Mom and Dad's money.

I LOVE the Butterfly Kits. We use them in kindergarten and the kids adore the process! Wonderful experience...I'm glad you let him buy it. :)

Jenny said...

Kids are so surprising sometimes like that. I am going to get some next year too, my kids would love it.

Love the 10 on 10 pictures. So cute. I think you should hang on to the pic, it might grow on Brady, it is so cute. I wish I could have stopped at that cute store too, my kind of place!

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