Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Keeping Busy and Dealing With Disappointment

So, we're nine days into May and this is my first post of the month....geez!
I subbed at the elmentary school last Thursday and Friday and then again on Monday and Tuesday.
It was for the same it was nice to have the same schedule of classes and work with same groups of kids.  Today I am enjoying being at home in my sweat pants!  I have laundry to catch up on and we're in desperate need of some groceries.

It's been rainy the last two evenings and nothing on our schedule....can I tell you how much I love that?  The boys tennis season has ended...and I finally have my family back!  We have snuggled on the couch, enjoyed dinner together, and not rushed through homework.  After dinner last night Brady and I read together for an hour and fifteen minutes.  Then, the three of us played a couple games of Yahtzee.  I'm not a fan of being super busy and on the go all the time...but that seems to be where this stage of life has us.  It makes me appreciate the simple quiet times all the more....even if they are few and far between.

Last Sunday when we finally got home after a long weekend on the go...I was in the back room checking my emails when I heard Brady yelling for me to hurry up and come....I needed to see something quick!  So, I hurried into the kitchen to find him pointing to this.....

Can you believe it mom?!  Why are all of these dishes on the counter and in the sink?  Where did they come from?  Did you know about this?

I was cracking up!  He was so serious.  I guess we don't usually have dishes piled up like this...but we weren't around all weekend and we were out of dishwasher soap for a couple of days!  So you see, I'm not only slacking on the blog end...I'm also slacking on the homefront!

I wasn't planning to blog about Brady's tournament this past weekend.  I think it's something he definitely would like to forget about.  But, some of you have asked...and I would like Brady to remember that life doesn't always go perfectly...and there are disappointments along the way.

Brady had such high hopes going into this exciting tournament.  The Little Mo is a tournament that brings the best players in your state and in your age group together.  Brady was able to play against other boys who are also 9 years old.  The finalist move on to Illonois....and then the national tournament ends in Texas.   Brady really wanted to compete in Illonois this summer...his bags were all but packed.

But, that's not how it went down.  Brady lost in the semi-final.  3-6, 4-6.  The other boy played really well...and Brady did not play his best.  I think that's where the real disappointment comes in.  Knowing you could have won the tournament...but didn't.  We watched the other boys play....I'm almost positive Brady would have won the final.  Brady was devastated.  He held it together long enough to get from the tennis court to the van.  Eric was there to console him....I went to the bathroom and cried for my boy.  Seeing your child work so hard for something and then to be so disappointed is really heartbreaking.  It was a long ride home from Philadelphia...Brady turned mad, decided he was quitting tennis, then blamed Eric for the way he played.  It wasn't pretty.  However, by that evening, Brady came to the conclusion that he's not a quitter. 

The size of your succes is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dreams; and how you handle disappointment along the way.  ~Robert Kiyosaki


Gabe said...

love that quote... its hard when they get disappointed isn't it? I remember saying to David last football season, when is he going to get tough about losing? Probably never, but to him so down was hard, really hard. But I don't want my kids to be the kids who get things easy. I don't think that teaches them anything!

And, tonight we only have one, yes only one scheduled activity. Can you hear me cheering all the way in PA?

Cindy said...

That's a tough one...probably a bit harder with tennis being more of an individual sport. Glad he didn't "quit" for long. We have been through lots of disappointments...including referees making bad or not making calls, etc... It all teaches something, but still hard to have the right words.

I am cracking up that Brady was mortified by your sink with dishes! He would be calling me every week around here!!

Holly said...

I am glad my little boy is still just 3... I need to grow a bit more wise before these days come.
Obviously, since I am crying reading through your post.

LOL to the dishes... I think my husband would say the same thing!

Kim said...

Oh man! I know these disappointments. We feel them on an on-going basis with ballet. Not making it to the next level when your friends do. Or not getting the part you had your heart set on. We've been through the uglies. Almost losing friends because of it. But learning along the way how to talk through the hurt w/each other.

I am not a competitive person so it's very hard for me to watch my girls go through this. Going into dance I never thought we were entering a competitive sport!

So proud of Brady for not quitting. With his spirit and determination I'm picturing him being that rental car company motto embodied. "We're second. We try harder!"

Hugs to both you and Brady!

PS...Do you watch Glee? If not, you need to watch last week's episode, "Choke."

Jen said...

Poor guy. And so hard for mom and dad too. Everybody cant be on their best game every is true. We have reminded our children more than once that michael jordon did not make his high school team the first time. Good thing he didnt quit, right?
Glad you are enjoying some family time.
Games...reading...snuggling. yes!

Megan said...

Sounds nice that you guys have some open time to spend at home together. I'm sure that was hard for Brady to go through, but he will be even better for it. Sweet kid.

Kris said...

Fabulous and oh so true quote! I am so sorry that Brady had to have such a disappointing experience. But, one day, he will see that those are the experiences in life that make us stronger, and better. He will do fine. I know how hard it is as a parent to see our kids hurting. Hope the next one goes better for him!!!
I cracked up about the dishes in the sink. My dishwasher has been leaking, and instead of fixing it or buying a new one, I have been doing dishes by hand and don't mind a bit.
: ) But if we have company, and lots of dishes to do, then I run it anyway, and put a towel on the floor!!!

Cherie said...

Kerri I think this is just a super busy time of year all around. I know i have been gone and feel like I have to catch up with so much.

I think our sink has looked like that almost everyday the last 2 months - Ha ha.

So sorry about Brady. It is hard to watch your child have to face disappointment. It is a great learning experience though, as life does not always go your way.
I'm glad that with the end of Tennis season you get some serious snuggle time!

Erin D said...

Poor kid! I know how hard it is when you'r child is disappointed! We had that happen last night at Reilly's softball game. Thanks God I was working the concession stand and didn't have to watch the slaughter!

Anyway... I noticed your son plays Wilson. My husband works at the headquarters here in Chicago. We get some amazing deals. If you're ever in need of any equipment, please let me know. I'd be happy to pass along our discount. I know how pricey a good racket costs! Here's my email address...

Have a great day! -Erin

sloan said...

whoa, kerri - i'm really sorry - but unfortunately it is a part of life, isn't it? ugh. truly, disappointment like you describe here is probably the hardest thing of all for me to watch my girls go through (next to physical pain) - it breaks my heart beyond description. but it sounds like he came around nicely and will be all the hungrier for it next time - a good lesson, but oooooh so tough - on everyone :( hang in there, momma!!

yaya said...

You need to know the bitter before we can appreciate the sweet..but it hurts and when you have to watch it in your kids, it's worse than if it happened to you because it's happening to your "heart"..I'm glad he's not giving up. He's young and this will be just a blip in the screen. It's hard to grow up. Enjoy this down time before summer hits!

Nicolle said...

That makes me want to cry for you, that you went into the bathroom and cried. I know Boyd is only 4, but I've cried for him over being sad or disappointed with something too. I did perk up seeing that the tournament would end in Texas, b/c I would have met up with you wherever it was! :(

I laughed about the dishes. That is a funny story and I'm glad you shared it. You will love looking back on that one day.

Hugs to Brady over the tournament, and to you too. I love that last photo.

Heather said...

Ahh, poor guy. :(
I must say that I love that mug on your counter in the dirty dish picture. Love it!
I'm happy for you that you're getting some down time. I am not a fan of being on the go either, so I totally get it.

Stacy Crawford said...

Disappointment is never fun to manage.

I'm glad he decided to keep playing.

I feel your pain on the busy. My dishes get like that...and my laundry...and...and...

I'm glad you got to have a sweat pant hiatus.

Dan said...

Tell Brady his grandpa is very proud of him and at his age he will have many accomplishments ahead of him. Also disappointments which come with playing a competitive sport.

Genn said...

Oh Kerri, I'm so sorry that Brady was so dissapointed in not moving forward in the tournament. I am glad he decided he is not a quitter. He is such a neat kid. I'm sorry it was so hard for you too.

And the comment about the dishes was too funny!!

Jill said...

Sorry to hear Brady didn't win, but in turn is learning some life lessons and next time he'll turn it around and win :-) He gave it his best and that's what is important! :-) LOL about the dishes... I think sometimes our families think they are done by magic.
I am right there with you about slowing down! We have so much crammed into the next several weeks I feel like I never get down time anymore.
Hope you have a great week!


Karina said...

Oh my goodness. What a heartbreaking situation - for all of you. But look at your little man - how he dealt with it all. You must be very proud. We all need a time to be angry and disappointed at the situation, but to be so mature and come around so quickly...and realize to enjoy the game he loves so much, he may also have to deal with some failures. You did good mama. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend with your boys.

Stef said...

Great quote. And how sad and yet what a great life lesson!
(also, the whole blaming game...I think it is a tween/teen thing.)

Susan R said...

Oh man! This is a tough lesson for a young guy to learn. If there's one thing I've learned in tennis, it's that the game is not always won by the person has practiced the longest or by the person who played their best. Sometimes it is just dumb luck on the part of the other player.
I'm glad he's going to shake it off and not quit. That would be a disappointment indeed. He has plenty of time to perfect his game.
Not sure which is harder, having your children learn a valuable lesson or having to go through it yourself. You did good.

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Aww! I was thinking after the last post that things might have gone well, but what an awesome learning experience for him - easy for me to say, right?
I am a little stressed myself as Brodie wants to take up golf this summer and I am afraid he will be devastated if he doesn't win a trophy. At age 6 he doesn't realize he has to learn how to play first!
Brady has many trophies, wins, etc. ahead of him!!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Some of the best lessons in life are learned through disappointment. So many years left to play with many wins to come!

Cindy said...

how did i miss this post kerri??? so sorry about the tournament! (i was really hoping to see you guys!!) i can only imagine how brady felt. we are not quite at that level of sports around here to have to deal with that major of a dissapoiintment. my heart breaks for him:( and you and eric:( i think you handled it beautifully and he can only learn from it at this point.

love the dishes story!! and i sooo get the having everyone home part. i feel the very same way:)

have a happy day kerri

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