Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Monday!

Hello blog friends!  Hope you're having a good Monday.  
We had a busy non-stop weekend.  I spent all morning trying to catch up on cleaning and laundry...something I didn't do much of last week.   I feel so much better when the house is put back's a big sigh of relief for me.

Brady told me this morning that his class was going into the city to a symphony.  He seemed less than thrilled about it.  I asked him if he wanted to stay home and take it easy today....and he said NO right away.  He wants to get perfect attendance for this last grading period.  He has only missed 3 days of school all year which is record for him.  Usually he catches every flu bug that goes around and misses 3 or 4 days at a time...sometimes a week.  It was a goal of his this year to miss less days...and he did.  He's really proud of that.  By the way, he still has not had a drop of soda (pop) since December 15th.  Once he makes up his mind about doing something...he sure is determined to follow through with it.  I wish I could be more like that!

I made these cookies for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day.  They were really good.  The basket I gave her with these in it was only half full....because I ate the other half!  The recipe made a lot.  I found these on Pinterest (of course).  You can find the recipe HERE.

I made these cupcakes on Saturday for Eric's tennis banquet.

I forgot to take a picture of them at I quick took one at the picnic, hoping no one would see me getting a picture of my own cupcakes.  They didn't turn out like I wanted them to or how I pictured them in my mind.  I thought if I colored the coconut yellow, they would look like fuzzy tennis balls.  Some of the coconut turned orange from the yellow food coloring...not sure why that happened.  If you look, you can see little orange specks.  Then, when I put the white trim on them, it didn't show up that well.  Oh well....that's the way it goes sometimes!

We had perfect weather for the picnic.  The parents of one of the boys on the tennis team offered to have to banquet in their backyard.  It was a beautiful evening...and so was their backyard!!
Everyone brought a covered dish...and everything was so good.  It made me anxious for summer and cookouts and eating outside!  The kids swam and played tennis.  They also had a basketball court in their they played a little of that too.  There was also a campfire and smores.  What more could a kid ask for?!

Of course, Brady wants to know why we can't have a tennis court in our backyard?!

I was so proud of my husband.  As he handed out the awards, he said such nice things about each player.  Not just about their tennis records and their wins, but about the character of each boy. I think the parents really appreciated those words.   

He talked about the team and how they represented the school and their sportsmanship.  I was teary throughout his entire talk.  (I would die if I had to get up and talk in front of a group of people!)  Eric thanked the guys for the way they have treated Brady and made him feel like part of the team.  He thanked Brady for being the best manager and for not missing one single practice all season.  He also thanked Brady for supporting his decision to be the high school coach...even though it meant less court time for Brady and putting his tournaments on hold for a couple of months.  Eric and his assistant coach then handed out "gag" gifts that Eric made for each of the guys on the team. They were so fun...I wish I would have taken pictures!  Lots of good laughs...a good way to finish up.

Afterwards, one of the seniors got up and said some really nice things about Eric and the assistant coach.  He said he was really worried going into his last year of tennis not knowing who the new coach would be.  And, that after meeting with Eric the first time, he knew he would be in good hands.  The parents were all so kind and said such nice things too.  So, congratulations hon on a successful first season coaching!  I'm so proud of the way you handle yourself, the way you know just the right thing to say to lift someone up, and the way you care about each guy on the team.  Brady's not the only one who thinks you're an awesome coach!


Cindy said...

Awww...that looks like so much fun, Kerri! Makes me want to get my kids on that tennis team with all the nice people! (A cheesecake cookie sounds great about now!)

Jenny said...

Yummers, cheesecake cookies, is there anything better? I have yet to get on Pinterest, I am just looking at what everyone else puts on their blogs, that's enough for me! The tennis ball cupcakes are so cute, I loved them. I think it is so nice that your hubby said sweet things about each player, that is the stuff that matters. And why can't you have a court in your back yard. Agassi's dad made one, in fact they only bought their house b/c a court would fit! (I read the book ;) ) Kidding, I'd love a court too. We use our driveway, not the same.

Kris said...

So much to say...where to start? The cookies looked yummy, and so did the cupcakes. They did look like tennis balls, and they were darling! Coconut is very hard to get an even color on because it has a lot of fat in it, and it will become denser, or darker where there is a higher concentration of fat. But they didn't look orange to me at all.
You husband sounds so much like my husband! I am sure that he was a wonderful coach, and mentor to those boys. And as far as Brady goes, he obviously has all of his Dad's finest qualities too. He is surely the best of both of you!!!! He has your sensitivity too, in my opinion.
And thank you for the nice comment about my Gennifer. Yes, she has always had it all together!!!!! Very responsible and poised from an early age!

yaya said...

Fun banquet! What a, all I have is the creepy woods. I think it's great your hubby is a coach and it looks like everyone else is glad he is too! Congrats to all his team and to Brady for sticking to his goals. You have a super family! Love the cookies and the cupcakes, they look really good and I could tell they were tennis balls right away!

sloan said...

hi kerri - i just got all caught up - what a fun mother's day you had :) and that amish scooter had me giggling, but man oh man I loved this post so much! first, your tennis ball cupcakes are amazing, I love them!! and second, what a fantastic place for a party - wowza! and lastly, i love that your hubby was such an amazing coach to have done the gag gifts and the special words about each player ... no surprise since I know he's a really stand-up guy, but still ... congrats on a great season :)

Val said...

Cheesecake Cookies......BE STILL MY HEART!

Jill said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Mmmmm some yummy treats there...they look great!


Jen said...

What a great coach. That is awesome that he took time to talk about each player. If I remember your back seems big enough for a tennis court, right?
Happy week!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Wow, what a neat ending to what sounds like a great season.
I love the tennis court in the backyard and I love how your husband said kind words about each boys character. Those things mean a lot to parents and kids.

Your cupcakes look fine. I'm sure they tasted great.

Nicolle said...

I think your tennis ball cupcakes look great. I knew what they were right away, before reading your words. I love them!

I would have been teary eyed too, during that ceremony. It all sounds so great and so special. What a wonderful end to the season. And, that backyard is amazing.

ps. I'm just like you, my house has to be clean and in order, or I just don't feel right. :)

Holly said...

You are crazy-creative. I always wish that we were neighbors so you could show me all of your jazzy tricks!! The cookies look amazing... But your tennis balls were ridiculously cute! (and not orange at all)
I am in awe of the backyard that you held your banquet... Very cool---
And was a little sappy reading about your sweet husband and his passion for the boys-- tennis-- and Brady.
I always love your blogs, but I REALLY enjoyed this one.

Casey said...

Loved your tennis ball cup cakes! very creative! Okay, that backyard is way more impressive than the community pool in my neighborhood. How cool! Eric seems like a great guy!! Those boys are lucky to have him!!

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

What a wonderful tribute. I will always remember the coaches that were there for me over the years. You never forget them. Umm... Brady, I want a yard like that too.

Kim said...

awww....this is such a sweet, sweet post! Eric sounds like an awesome guy. I would be so proud too. Sounds like he really cares about each kid, not just winning. That is such a breath of fresh air in this ultra competitive environment these days. is someone's BACKYARD!?!? It looks like a town rec center!!! B/t this house and the other one you showed a while back I'm wondering where the heck you live. There is some serious real estate in your neck of the woods!

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