Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zoo Shenanigans

Last week I helped chaperone Brady's class fieldtrip.  We went to Zoo America in Hershey which is about an hour away from us.

I was in charge of seven 3rd graders....and this was the first sight my group saw/heard upon arriving at the zoo....

I'm not sure if they were panthers or leopards or whatever because we didn't stop long enough to read the little information sign.   The kids were like, "why is he on top of him?"  "Why are they fighting?  "Is he going to kill  him?"

It was one of the worst sounds I've ever heard!  The leopard (on the bottom of course) was screaming and was awful.   I think I am scarred for life! 

I told the kids the leopards must be brothers and were in a big fight!  I assured them they were just playing around.  I was so so thankful not one of them actually knew what was going on.  I quickly distracted the kids with something else around the corner...and we moved on.

It poured down rain the entire time we were there.
I was kicking myself for not specifying when I signed up for this gig that I would help long as it was a sunny day!

The kids were all great though....they didn't care one bit about the rain or being sopping wet.  I don't think I heard one complaint the entire time we were there.   

The day after the field trip, Brady brought home the sweetest thank you cards that each student in our group made for me.  The boys all drew snakes on their cards...they knew that would get me!  And one of the girls drew me this picture that had me rolling on the floor....

I love it!  A keeper for sure!


Megan said...

Ah yes, I too have been on the dreaded zoo field trip. It must be a mothering rite of passage. Your experience there takes the cake. I always avoid the monkeys, as they are usually up to no good themselves. I once had a chimp come up to the glass where I was standing, poop in his hand, smear it on the glass and proceed to eat it off. It ruined me for the zoo for a long, long time.

Casey said...

I'm cracking up at the 1st picture, and the card!! What's funny is when they do realize later in life what was going on, they are going to look back and remember this zoo trip and laugh!! I've had a very gross encounter with a MALE monkey at the zoo - what he was doing to himself was shocking and he didn't care one bit. I think he liked all of our screaming reactions!! I almost fainted when my 2 year old daughter said "Ut oh, the monkey has to go peepee!!" On another note, I'm glad the kids had fun!!

Jenny said...

Ah that note is cracking me up!!!! Oh my gosh, my nightmare. I swear everytime we go to the zoo I worry about this exact thing, the animals, not the rain. I think you handled it very well. Looks like a fun trip, despite the rain and the boys fighting. ;) Hee hee, I am still laughing.

Kris said...

Oh my gosh, best post I have read in ages on anyone's blog!!! That is SO funny!!!!! I think you handled it perfectly. Loved the little girls drawing!!!
Thank you for your kind comment. I would so love to have you come for a visit!!!!
XO Kris

Jen said...

Hilarious! The drawing is so funny!
Glad the rain didn't stop the fun!

Cindy said...

That is hilarious Kerri...never a dull moment being field trip mom!! Someday you'll be able to share that with Brady and he will understand even more all you did for him!

Gabe said...

Ohhhh myyyyy....
Words fail, I can understand how you might be scarred for life!:)

Rainy field trips are the worst, but we've had snow before...that's the pits!

Nicolle said...

OH my goodness, you are going to remember that zoo trip, forever! :)

Love that it rained and the kids were good sports about it. The last time we went to the zoo we were sizzling, and would have loved that rain.

That note at the end is awesome! So funny.

What a memorable day!

yaya said...

This is one dang funny post Kerri! I laughed from the first pic to the last thank you note! It must be the season because one of my co-workers had the same experience with her kiddos last week! Remind me to never go to the zoo in the Spring.

Stacy Crawford said...

This is why my 6th graders will NEVER do a zoo field trip! :)

Glad you were thinkin' How funny!

Barb said...

Oh My! I'm sorry, but i had to laugh at your zoo experience, esp. the first sight you saw - thankfully those kids didn't have some questions for you! HA! I chaperoned a trip to an apple orchard when Nick was in kindergarten, and it was the worst snowy weather ever. And it was OCTOBER!! It was miserable for me, but like you said - the kids didn't even seem to notice.

And I Love the mini cheesecake idea.

Have a great rest of the week!

Steelers6 said...

Oh that is funny!! And then the thank you card to top off the whole experience.
I can't quite imagine how awful the noise she was making must have been. Ew! A nerve jangler for sure! Yikes.

Field trips are in full swing- that usually means summer is coming!! Yay!

Cindy said...

{between you and nicolle's last post i am having a pretty hysterical morning!!!:)} that is just too much kerri!!!!! you handled it like a pro, scarring and all. and the rain, goodness the zoo in the rain could it be much worse? i guess if you throw in screaming cats it can!:)
that note is just too funny!
have a happy day and thanks for the laugh!!

megan's comment had me cracking up too

Jill said...

Nothing like the zoo in the rain! LOL Jerry and I have worked it out that the one thing he will do at the girl's school is field trips since he can't volunteer on a regular basis. He enjoys them and takes pictures for me :-)
Love the note! LOL
Have a great day!


sloan said...

omg, the story was already hilarious, but that final note/drawing from brady's classmate has me laughing out loud - like really loud - like tears in my eyes laughing ... so so funny :) it reminds me of this FW that was going around a couple of years ago - remember this one:

thank you for this super funny start to the day, kerri :)

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

No zoos near me. And now I'm thinking that's a good thing. The picture cracked me up. Now you have a nice momento of the "great" memory : )
Too funny.

Stef said...

Oh my gosh, that is so hilarioius...I am so not kidding. It was funny....then the drawing...totally put it in a whole other level or funnyness. I bet the parents got an earful that night. Too funny!

Kerri @OhMann! said...

OMG! I am scarred for life just reading this!!!

Lawdy! Nature is sooooo "raw". I had a similar experience at the lake with some rather "aggressive" ducks. I felt like I needed to go home and shower! Gross~! So much for an innocent walk in the park with the boys!

Kim said...

OH DEAR LAWD!!! That is too funny! Having just had a VERY detailed 2 hour birds and the bees discussion with the BB this would have put me over the edge! And that note?!?! Her drawing looks just like your photo. I think that girl is scarred for life too!

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