Monday, April 30, 2012

He Made It To The Finals!

I never want to sound like I'm bragging over here on my blog...but I also use this space to record things I always want to remember.  And I definitely want to remember this weekend.  So, if you'll excuse me....

Brady's weekend was filled with tennis highs.

He was in a tournament in Hershey on Friday night.  He plays in the 12 & under category.  He could play in the 10 & under group that plays on a smaller court and uses special tennis balls (that make it easier for younger kids to keep the ball in play)...but he has never played in this group and doesn't want to.  Instead he plays kids that are usually 11 & 12. 

Brady won his first match on Friday 6-1, 6-0.  This was a first!  He has never won a first round before!  He was advancing on to the next round!

Later that night he played again.   He lost the first set 3-6 and then won the second set 6-0.  The match would be determined by a tie break.  Eric and I were so nervous for him!  Brady knew if he won this match, he would advance to the finals.  This is something he has dreamed about for the last few years.  The first player to 10 wins.  Brady won 10-3.  

 The final was played on Saturday morning.  He wasn't nervous at all on the drive back up to Hershey.  I think he felt like he had already won.   It was a great match.  The boy Brady played was a left hander and in the 6th grade...and he said some very kind words to Brady after the match.  Brady lost 3-6, 3-6.

But most importantly, Brady won his 1st trophy!!

He was so excited about it!  If he never does another thing in his tennis least he got a trophy!  I think he feels like he has made it!

On Sunday, Brady had his first team tennis match of the season.
The league is for 6th, 7th & 8th graders....and maybe one 3rd grader! :)  There's 3 boys and 3 girls on each team. 

It's fun a league.  Everyone gets a chance to play singles and mixed doubles.  I love the "team" part of it since tennis is such an individual sport.  The match rules are easy.  The first player/ doubles to win 6 games is the winner. 

Brady's first match was mixed doubles.  He and his partner won 6-0.
His 2nd match was also mixed doubles and they won 6-0.

Brady's last match was singles.  I was a little nervous for him...I had watched all the other players on the other team and I saw Brady was going to be playing their best player.  It's funny though, Brady never seems nervous...he goes out and plays the same regardless of who he's up against.  I don't think this is something you're taught.  This confidence definitely doesn't hurt him though!  He went out and beat the other boy 6-0.  The boy didn't win one game. 

As you know, we have never put our emphasis on winning and neither has Brady.  I knew someday Brady would start to have some success...I just didn't expect it to happen this soon. 

We're so proud of him.  He has always had to play 'up' in the competition and lost more matches than he has ever won.  It's fun to see him turn the corner.  He didn't give up.  He puts the time in.  He works really really hard....harder than anyone would ever believe.   We tried to tell him last night how proud we are of him...but he doesn't really want to hear it.  He's thinking about his next tournament next weekend...the one he has looked forward to for almost a year now! 

Have a great week my friends!


Cindy said...

this is so awesome kerri!!!! i know you guys are so proud of him.
and he looks pretty proud of himself too i might add;)
that trophy will be treausred for a long time!!:)
have a happy day kerri

jen said...

And you should be so proud! Wow. Shoulda named him Andre Agassi!

Kissing the trophy was my favorite!

Kim said...

Oh man! I'm beaming with pride FOR you over here!!!! I cannot believe after all the time he's spent playing he never got a trophy before. They obviously don't give them out like candy the way soccer does. ;)

Go get 'em, Brady! When you play Forest Hills let me know. I'll be there with bells on!!!

sloan said...

that's really amazing, kerri - all this time and never a trophy?! seems impossible, so i guess that makes it the most well-earned well-deserved trophy of all :) congratulations ... to brady and to his proud momma, too!!

Gabe said...

Awesome-sauce!! Isn't it amazing to see them succeed at something that they have worked hard for!!

I think that boy will end up doing amazing things one day!

Susan said...

You should never apologize for writing about your wonderful son and his successes! We love hearing about him and you should be proud!! Reading about his awesome weekend made me so proud for him and you. Congrats!!

Kris said...

How exciting! Way to go Brady!!!!!
: ) Kris

Stacy Crawford said...

Nice work Brady. Practice is paying off!

Barb said...

Kerri - it's your blog and you can brag if you wanna! You are a proud mama, and you should be! He looks so small compared to the bigger kids, which just shows how hard he must be working to be playing with them. I can just imagine how nervous you were sitting in the stands watching him!

And I Love the picture of him kissing his trophy. :)

Have a great Monday.

p.s. i'm making that spaghetti squash, it sounds delish!

Holly said...

Why am I crying?????

WAY TO GO!!!!!

I am so proud of him and I have never met the kid!!

Megan said...

You had better brag on that boy - he is awesome! I just sat with my daughter during her tennis lesson and there is a boy in her class that reminds me of Brady. He is super sweet, well mannered and is really good! I always think of you guys when I am sitting at tennis practice! Way to go Brady! Your trophy is going to look so great in your room!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Brady!!!

Jenny said...

I couldn't be prouder if he was my own! Way to go Brady. I love the kissing the trophy picture. I'm sure I'll be seeing him doing that to the Wimbeldon bowl (is that what they call it?) someday! And brag all you want Kerri. We all share in your joy!

Nicolle said...

I bet Brady will cherish that trophy forever! That is so awesome. I love the picture of him kissing it. You can and should brag often on him, he is such a great kid. I just love him to pieces, and always enjoy hearing about him. Congrats Brady!

Val said...

What an incredible post!!! Pure awesome.

Jill said...

Congratulations Brady!! That is so awesome!! :-)


yaya said...

Congrats Brady! Wow, he played an older, much bigger kid too..that's amazing. He's a winner for his wonderful spirit and love of the game but it's always nice to have that trophy! Let's face it, it's a game and everyone wants to win so now it's his turn. I wish him all the luck in the world this weekend! I'm also glad you got my email with the address!

Steelers6 said...

Oh this is great! I'll bet he is excited about this coming weekend tourney too. We love reading about Brady. :)


Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Look at how much taller the other boy was. And how much younger Brady is. He is going to go places isn't he? What a great post. I love celebrating with other moms. Watching your children play sports and do their best no matter what the outcome is what is so fun.
Congrats to Brady.

Genn said...

Congrats Brady!!! That is so cool! You should be so proud. :)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I love it when Mom's "brag" about thier kids accomplishments. It shows how proud they are, how much they are involved in their kids lives, and most importantly how we are walking around with our hearts on our sleeves.

Good Job Brady!!!
Winning a trophy is a big deal.

Stef said...

Yay! I love the kissing the trophy picture. That boy of yours really is inspirational. I love it!!!

Bring Pretty Back said...

BRag Brag Brag! Oh yeah! There is nothiing like that Momma Pride!!! That is amazing Kerri!!
p.s. there is nothing wrong with a small flock!! Hope you have a very pretty weekend my friend!

Cindy said...

Catching up on my blogs. So happy to hear this great success he is havingf and anyone who looks at it as bragging probably isn't a proud mom! I love how you support him and it's great that he is so confident, too!!

Donna said...

Congrats to Brady....he is one remarkable kid!!!! A true "star"...even kissing one on his!! Love Hershey so it must have been a fun place for a tourney.
Thank you for thinking of me and sending a card! It was a wonderful surprise that I so appreciated, Kerri. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!!!

Jen said...

Just catching up! Love this post! Awesome trophy and good luck on the big tourney coming up!

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