Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Around The House

I was dusting Brady's room this morning and noticed gum wrappers on his corkboard.

Really?  Is this a new collection or is he just too lazy to find a garbage can somewhere?  You don't have to tell me...I already know the answer.  Does he think pinning them on this board is quicker than throwing them away?  Interesting.  When we re-did his bedroom, we got rid of his little waste I guess I should put another one in there.


Speaking of Brady's you remember the desk Eric built a couple of years ago?

Well, it's not working out.  It doesn't fit in Brady's room with the double bed and dresser.  We have it in the spare room for the time being....but we're turning that room into a t.v./hangout/game room for Brady.  (When I say "we're turning it into," I mean we haven't done a thing yet.)  Brady has only sat at the desk a handful of times.  He prefers to do his homework at the kitchen table.   I feel bad that Eric made it...but I'm putting it in our garage sale next month!  I hope I can at least get half of what it cost to make it.  Probably not.


I took my ugly lacy curtain thingys off the side windows near the front door this afternoon to wash them. 

 I love the extra light that comes in through these windows with just the silky curtain...but I hate the look of the silky curtain.  I would love to replace them with something else.  Do these two little windows by the door have a name?  I looked on Pinterest to see if I could get some ideas...but couldn't find anything.  I would really like to redo our foyer...area rug, bench, table, etc.  My husband has asked that we wait on these things until we get our kitchen done.  Oh, didn't you know we're updating our kitchen?  Yep, as soon as we get the truck repaired, the van windshield replaced, tennis camps, dentist appointments, a trip to the beach and who knows what else!  Maybe someday I'll have that kitchen reveal on my blog...until then, I've got nothing!

Happy Wednesday!



Bridget said...

Heehee, you made me giggle :)
The gum wrappers are just a boy thing I guess. I find weird collections in Kyle's room, too. :-0

Karen said...

The wrappers are pretty funny. Can't wait to hear what Brady's explanation is. My boys prefer to do their homework at the kitchen table too. I put a desk up in their room thinking they'd like that, but it pretty much just sits there taking up space.

As far as the windows go, unless you're concerned about privacy I think those side windows don't need any window treatments at all. Just let that natural light flow in. One other thought is those decals (that makes it sound cheapy, but there are some really nice ones) that you can fit into your windows to make them look like stained glass.

Gabe said...

I'm kinda an anti curtain person. I love all the light I can get!!

We have a list like that. . .it changes periodically, but yes, big ticket items often get pushed to the bottom when say, your hot water heater springs a great bib leak!

And, trash cans??? I don't think my children even know thirst exsist!

Kerri said...

My friend Angie just emailed me and said the side windows are called "side lights." She has always been such a smarty pants! :)

Casey said...

They have these "blury" sticker panels that you can buy and cut to fit the window...they let all the light in like the silky curtains, but blur the window a bit if someone was to stand there and look in. Kind of like the foggy glass that goes in bathrooms....

yaya said...

Well, Brady got his point across...he's a very subtle kind of guy, huh? The desk is really nice and I will laugh if one of the blogs I follow features a really nice desk that they found at a yard sale! My "honey do" list is so long I quit writing it since I'll be dead before they all get done!

Jill said...

Cute gum wrappers, lol. Mine tend to want to save everything! How do you keep his room so clutter free? :-)
Have a great night!


Steelers6 said... least he didn't put his trash on the floor. I got a chuckle out of a young man's 'pinboard'. Not quite pinterest, but gum is what he is interested in/what he 'pins'. Ha.

Oh my the desk. I just really think you should repurpose it elsewhere in the house...can't handle you getting rid of it. Hmmmm.. This is painful too, but what about taking it apart and using the pieces another time or elsewhere? The board on top alone probably cost $$$. Yaya's comment made me chuckle-about seeing a lovely handmade desk on someone else's blog soon. ps-I've seen a lot of bloggers using something like this for their craft table.

We have sidelights too and I just leave them "bare". I like the light. Yes, there is an occasional child's face peering in, but it is usually when we are expecting someone. I was going to say the same about using decals (is that the word?) to create the look of privacy glass if you really must have them covered. I hear bloggers say they are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. Maybe could even get at Lowe's?

Kris said...

I love that he pinned his wrappers on his board!! Yep, me thinks he needs a waste paper basket! Do NOT get rid of that desk! You will be so sorry. Brady may want that someday for his son or daughter. Keep it. Store it in the garage if you must. But keep it!!!
That's my two cents worth.
: ) Kris

Kerri @OhMann! said...

I bet they were "lucky wrappers" from gum he was chewing while beating the highschool boys at tennis??

I have the yucko things on my sidelights, too. I don't like them either but I MUST have privacy due to the location of our house.

I have kinda been on a blog break, too. I have noticed several of my regular reads are, too! #interesting
But, like you I read on my blackberry or in googlereader, but you cannot comment from there, so I don't always come back to comment on the computer, but I do read...

Jenny said...

Those windows are called "side lights" I wish we had those. We just have a plain old door. Boring. No peep hole either, I might add! Super fun for those late night door bell ringers. Maybe i should post about that someday. I would buy that desk from your garage sale in a heartbeat. I have a 3 year old who would dig it. I think it is so cute. Your list of repairs sounds like us. We have been kind of in limbo since we are trying to sell and now we are finding our house needs lots of stuff, paint, replacing bushes, new concrete, blah blah blah. It stinks. Anyway. I would keep the side lights uncovered, it's not like you guys are nudists or anything. At least I don't think so. Sunlight wins over a bit of privacy for me. ;)

sloan said...

omg, kerri, my oldest does the same exact thing with the gum wrappers, how weird is that?! I don't get it either ... and she DOES have a trash can right there, what the heck?!!

Re: side windows, I like them with no treatment at all ... do you need the curtains for privacy? what about a white sheer but no lace??

and btw, i see that you and i riding in the same slow lane with the kitchen remodel ... literally the first thing I would do if I ever won the lottery :)

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

This is so funny. To take the time to pin them on the board. As for the windows how about just a film for privacy. I tend to like to keep things clean.

Jen said...

I like the film for privacy idea too. I love the light coming in. Seems kids always find another place for trash, usually behind something. This is classic!

Cindy said...

janey saves all her warppers too!!! at least you know now that brady isn't the only one:)
so sorry to see that desk go:( wish you could use it somewhere else in the house.
i think the windows would be fine without curtains. light is a good thing right?
you had me laughing with your long list of to-do's...i hear ya sister!:)
have a happy day kerri

Genn said...

funny about the gum wrappers.

And I hear you on the waiting on things like the husband asks... we are waiting on fixing my car, paying this, finishing that, and then hopefully this summer we will start a mini kitchen makeover too. Fingers crossed it happens!

yaya said...

Kerri, please check your email for Donna's address..if you don't get it just blog me or email me and I'll try to send it again or post it here for you! Thanks!

Nicolle said...

The gum wrappers make me laugh. And like someone else said, I LOVE that Brady's room is so clutter free. :)) Oh dang girlfriend, I would snatch that desk up from you in a second. Don't get rid of it! Use it as a kitchen island or something? I just love it! Have a great week.

Kim said...

I have side lights by my door that run the whole length of the door and they are bare. I hung a string of good luck hens in mine. hehe...

I'd actually love to replace my door with one that has the upper third nothing but a sheet of clear glass to let even more light in.

I will have to do an entry post b/c we just redid ours doing most of the things you mentioned. I LOVE it!

As for the desk...I was going to get desks for the ballerinas' bedrooms too, but they don't do their homework in there either. I just redid an open bookcase for the little's room b/c she still plays w/toys that have a gazillion pieces. I'm still stumped on the best thing to put in BB's room since ruling out a desk too. We are on the same page, Kerri!

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