Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Suprise In The Closet

Yesterday, I was looking in the front entryway closet for
 shoes that no longer fit Brady (for my friend's garage
 sale this weekend)...and what did I see?  Behind my
stash of wrapping paper and gift bags was Brady's backpack
from last year.  I had a funny feeling when  I saw it. 
And, when I lifted it up...I could tell something was in there. 

 Here's what I found:

Brady's lunch from the last day of school...back in June!  Yikes! How did I miss this?  (And I only have one child's stuff to keep track of!)  Thankfully there wasn't anything growing in
there....just a few goldfish and a half empty water bottle.

So, to my friends and family who think I'm always on top
of you know- I'm not!



Karen said...

Oh my gosh Kerri! That is hilarious! And, it totally sounds like something that would happend to me. But, to you? I'm shocked and yet pleasantly surprised. :)

Bridget said...

Heehee!! That would so totally happen here, too :p

Steelers6 said...

Haha, well thanks for "fessing up". Good chuckle. (and yes, I too am surprised!)

Stacy Crawford said...

Funny! I think we've all done something like that before. I'm glad it wasn't growing!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha All I could do was laugh because I have totally done things like this.

Cindy said...

Ok...I'm with everyone else....totally shocked!:) haha But isn't that a bit let the "real" you out?!:) just kidding.
At least it was only goldfish. I guess if it had been a banana you would have found it much sooner! snif snif
have a happy day kerri

Barb said...

HA! That made me laugh this morning. And you are right...could have been waaay worse. Have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Oh so funny! I was thinking you might have found some cool stuff to show Brady (mold or something) I'm sure you're glad you didn't!

Kris said...

Love it. WE find sippie cups in strange places here too! Thanks to my darling youngest granddaughter, Claire!!!

Karina said...

Oh I've totally found little surprises like that. Could have been kind of fun to see what would have grown after 4months...I have to a say I am a little sad to not see something green and hairy :)

sloan said...

this totally cracks me up, kerri ... i've down exactly this before!! so glad i'm in good company ;-)

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