Thursday, October 6, 2011

His Signature Look

Brady has worn his share of sweater vests over the years!
Friends and family often tease us about this....but we don't care.
Here are a handful that I found on the computer.

Yesterday was picture day at school.
Eric picked out this shirt and vest at the store the other day.
See, it's not just me that likes the sweater vest!

I took this picture right before the bus came.
After I posted it on facebook...I got to wondering why I
always feel that I have to purchse school pictures.  I have
always bought them, even though they don't
usually turn out all that great.  We pay for the pictures before
we even get to see how they turn out.
Why couldn't I just put this one in a frame
 and call it his 3rd grade picture?

(It's a much better picture than I'll ever get from the school!)

Well, it's too late now, I already paid.
Mabye next year. 
 What about you?   Do you purchase school pictures? 



Nicolle said...

I love his sweaters. Boyd does not like the feel of a sweater for some reason, and will not wear them. Maybe we will try again this winter. These pictures are so cute. Well, I will probably never purchase a school picture. I don't know, I'm just weird. I love the photo you took. I will probably always take all of Boyd's photos myself. Something more natural about them.


Megan said...

He is adorable! My son has had two of those same sweaters! I only order an 8x10 of the kid's school pictures for their scrapbook. They are always terrible and I agree, I can take much better pictures with my own camera! I say, frame that one!

Susan R said...

A couple of comments.
As a connoisseur of all things preppy, I highly approve of Brady and Eric's choice with the sweater vest. You can just tell Brady is going to be a gentleman.
As for school photos...Lord have mercy! Don't get me started. I'm sure my name has been passed around every corner of the world with the "Lifetouch" school photos and baby photos. They don't have a clue what they are doing and IF something does happen to turn out looking decent (that's a big IF), it is by no means any credit to them. However, having ranted about that, I always buy the pathetic, poorly taken excuse for school photos. I think your photo is wonderful.
Hey! I was just do you feel about arranged marriages? I have a daughter that is Brady's age and I've been very impressed by your young man....just sayin'.

Holly said...

I love his sweater vest... but I did giggle at how many you were able to find on your computer!!!

^^but not as hard as I did at Susan's arranged marriage comment!! LOL!!

As for the pictures... who knows what I will do? I have only taken Maddox to a 'studio' one time-- on a gift card-- and none of the pictures are hanging in my house. (they were hideous) I just like natural pictures best.
With that said-- sometimes I have trouble deleting even awful pictures off my camera, because awful or not- it is still an expression/memory/etc that my baby made... and I don't want to forget it.
So I'll probably fork up the cash... and stuff next to the JCPenney ones I hated. :)

Stacy Crawford said...

Nope, I gave up school pics a long time ago, I just take my own. MUCH cheaper.

Next year senior pics though, I'm going to have to think about that one.

Gabe said...

I actually had the same thought this year. . .its not like I don't take tons of photos of my kids and yes the school ones are horrible, usually!

My boys had the same red sweater vest. . .I love me a sharp dressed man/boy!

Anonymous said...

He is so darn handsome!

I hate school pics...I buy the minimum to get them a class picture.

Kris said...

Oh my gosh, he was a tennis player in the making, even way back then! I love it! And between you and me, and whomever else is reading this....I do NOT like to see little boys, and little girls dressed in clothing that are miniature things that teenagers wear. I just don't. Let them be kids!! I love this! He is one handsome boy!!! You will be having to watch out for those girls in no time! Good job hubby, on picking out a great school picture outfit. I too, bought those darn school pictures every single time, and they were NEVER good!!!

Genn said...

I love his sweaters!
He looks so dapper and studious.

I have paid for school pics the last two years and they were not good.
I won't buy them anymore.
I can take way better pics of them at home myself.
I love the one for this year that you took. You should frame it!

Susan said...

Oh, I love sweater vests! And I always have bought the school picture. Sure, it's not always the best, but it's a classic!

Jess said...

oh i love his sweaters too!!! Cooper is always so HOT..i'm lucky to just get a tshirt on him. Ugh school pictures...i was tormented as a little kid because my parents NEVER bought of kids will have them!!Cooper's came out great but Caroline's hair is in her face and she is wiggling her tooth with her i chance a retake?? or love the quirkyness of a school photo!

Stef said...

I never buy the school pictures. The poses and smiles are unnatural and not so great. I do what you suggested.
And he looks great in a sweater vest.

Kristen said...

AHH! I love the sweater vests!!!! It's too funny you were able to find so many on your computer :)

As for school pictures- NO! I probably won't be buying any of Kensley's. I just kept her little one from preschool last year- we got to see them before we purchased. I'm actually getting to take pictures at a MDO program at a church this year- SO EXCITED! I hope I can make a good impression on the mommies there :) I know how bad of a rep picture companies get!

Cindy said...

Oh, could he be any cuter!!:)
Lovin those sweater vests, and how many you could find while looking through old pictures. I guess i never realized that was "his look" until I see them all together!:) But it's a mighty fine look I must say!
Love that lastest photo, we buy the school pics, but just the minimum to get the class shot. You should frame that one for sure.
have a happy day kerri

Kim {Yep, they are all mine} said...

I buy the class picture and that's it!

sloan said...

first of all, i love love love his little vests over the years - those were so fun!! but, more important, OMG that photo you took before the bus came is INCREDIBLE ... and yes I have no doubt it'll be better than the one you ordered!!

I do exactly the same as you - I purchase the school photo (and yes we also have professional skate photos at recital time - sheesh!) no matter what - so ridiculous!! I can't even imagine the grand $ total over the years, yikes!! it's funny you should bring this subject up b/c over the summer i came across ALL their years of school photos (just sitting in their envelopes in a file cabinet instead of being USED) and finally did something useful with all of them ... maybe that's a fun blog post idea?! hmmm...

Kim said...

Brady rocks the sweater vest! Love this!

And..nope. I NEVER buy the school photos. I did buy a few when they were itty bitty and I saw them first and they turned out decent. But now...I only make sure they look decent on picture day b/c I know they are going to use the picture in the yearbook.

I actually wrote a whole essay on this very topic for a writing class. Entered it into a humor writing contest. Didn't win. Blech! I bet if I had bought the pathetic picture that prompted the essay it would have been a different outcome.

Jenny said...

I think if an outfit works, you should stick with it, kind of like Katherine Hepburn and her trousers. So Brady, rock the vest buddy! He is such a handsome boy Kerri, look out in a few years, the girls will be chasing him down for sure. As for school pictures, I agree with you 100%, I buy them every time and I usually think they are pretty crummy. Oh well, they'll be good someday when the kids are all grown up and they want to have some good laughs.

Kimberly said...

He is a handsome boy! I buy the cheapest package when it comes to school pictures and then scan them at home and make more.

Kerri @OhMann! said...

So cute, well handsome! I am thinking no on the school picture purchase, but then again, maybe...SIGH

Jen said...

So very handsome. We had picture day this week...and Zac was not wearing the collared long sleeve polo I put out. So i said ...just wear whatever. He ended up wearing an Under Armour shirt. The school pics are never good anyway...and he really needed a haircut too. And soon we will take some photos outdoors...and Ill bribe with something to get him to wear just what I want him to.

Karina said...

OMG who would dare say anything about that handsome boy rocking the vest look. He'll tell you if/when he's ready to change. I LOVE it....

I'm so with you on the school pics. I guess I want that strange memory of the bad/awkward picture to be able to taunt Little K with, because you are right - they are never very flattering.

My MIL doesn't get the "natural" look photos I take of Little maybe I get them so I have one to send to her.

Not only should you put that one you took in a frame - you should blow it up gigantic - cause it's amazing!

corners of my life said...

Great photo - frame it for sure.

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