Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goodbye Barn Bed

Last weekend Eric disassembled Brady's barn bed and packed it away for keeps.  Eric put so much time into designing and building this bed for Brady....lots of love went into it for sure.  And, although Brady hasn't slept in this bed for months....I was sad to see it go.  It was to me, one of the last "little boy" pieces of evidence left in our home. 

But, we're moving on...and Brady's really excited to change his bedroom.  He's been sleeping in the spare bedroom because he likes the bigger bed.

I'd like to put this bed in his room...although I need to see it with
boy bedding on it so I can determine if it still looks girlie.  I might need to paint it and roughen it up a bit!

Eric and I have been looking at (affordable) comforters...but as with everything else, I think the boy selections are limited.  Right now, this one is topping our list.

Bed Bath and Beyond

We have everything off the walls in his room...Eric just needs to spackle a bit and then I can paint.  Brady gave me the okay to paint  his room tan.  I'd like to add a few tennis accent pieces without the room looking too theme-y.  I have been
collecting wooden tennis raquets...I might try and do something behind the bed.  I saw this on Pinterest....

...although it might not look right on the long wall that
Brady's bed will be on.  I'll figure something out.

Before I paint, we have to figure out what to do about this...

Eric said that he would copy down the exact measurements so
we could redo it on his painted wall.  We can't think of any other way to do it. 

It's been over a week since the bed was taken down and I am
trying to get excited about decorating a new room.  As for the spare room, we are going to look for a couch and turn that room into a Wii and hangout room for Brady.  Our spare room has only been used twice in the last three years...so it will be nice to see this room hopefully get more use.

(This was the first time Brady slept in his bed...before we bought a real mattress!)

And who knows...maybe Brady will use the barn bed one day for his children...or Grandma and Grandpa will have a cool bedroom for when our grandchildren spend the night! even if they are just living next door.



Gabe said...

its hard to decorate a room for a bigger boy. . .I like the picture you got from pinterest, tennis-y but not to tennis-y!

Milestones, are hard on our mama hearts aren't they??

Nicolle said...

You should take a picture of his old measurements, frame that picture, hang it on his new wall....then start his new measurements on the new wall next to the framed ones. Does that make sense?! :)

Sorry the barn bed is going away. I know that is hard on a mama's heart.

I love the new bedding you showed from Bed Bath and Beyond. Very cool for a boy's room!

Jill said...

Awww this one tugged my heartstrings...but it sounds like he is going to have an awesome room! like the picture from Pinterest! Can't wait to see the finished results.


yaya said...

Awww..so cute but they grow up too fast and those beds just have to change...still it's sad when the little boy turns into little man...I've done it 4 times with my boys and it never got easier. The only thing that makes it better is seeing how happy they are to be older. And that's the best part of parenting..seeing changes that bring happiness. Have a great week!

Bridget said...

Awww, so exciting to be decorating a new room, yet so sad to be putting his older stuff away. Just know that it won't be forever, his kiddos will one day love sleeping in the bed their grandpa made :)

Kris said...

Oh Kerri that bed is so cute! I would save it for sure, and his kids will one day love to have it for their bed. What a labor of love! I know that sort of sad feeling. When my son Drew grew out of his little boy bedroom, we decorated it in a rustic and antique red, white and blue theme. I made his quilt for his bed, and then we decorated around that. When he got to be about 16 or so, I made him some new pillow slips with pin up girls on them. Not nude, just old fashioned pin up girls. Then the posters were all over the place. Ugh!! I love your ideas for his new bedroom. That will be right up his ally!! Have fun!!!! And bye bye bard bed!

jen said...

I don't think I could paint over those measurements, no matter what color I was painting that room. What if you tape them off, with room to spare for him to grow, then paint around them with the new color and trim them out with molding? Then it's art, right?

Susan R said...

Bless your heart. I love this post. I remember when you put that bed up.
Maybe Eric can design a tennis court bed now. I love the old wood raquets hanging from the wall, very classic and cool.
My kids love to sleep in the guest room. Know why? It's clean and they can actually walk around in there without stepping on empty bags of chips, dirty clothes, legos, etc...

Cherie said...

That is the cutest bed - I bet it was hard to take down! Why do they grow so fast??

As far as the measurements we had to redo ours. We have been measuring our kids on the wall behind our door for 20 years. When I repainted our room some years ago what I did was paint right around the markings and after the paint was dry I used a yard stick to copy and move them over. It was easy. Definately do not lose those!!!

Cherie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Holly said...

I love your "pinned" room. You are so creative, I know whatever you do will be perfect!!

Can't wait to see your finished product!!

However, that barn bed is going to be tough to beat... especially the sentimental value in it!

Jenny said...

i told you before how sad I was to see his barn bed go, still feel the same. I am so glad you are keeping it. Brady will be so glad to share it with his own children someday. I am thinking of painting the little boys' room tan also, I think with two of them sharing it will not look so busy (two beds, dressers, etc.). I'd love to know what color you choose, we got Tanner a madras comforter from Pottery Barn (sale!) that is similar to the one you picked out. I love the wooden tennis racket idea, you can probably find them super cheap at Goodwill. Nicolle has a great idea about the measurements... I would have to cut out the dry wall or something drastic, I am such a sap!

sloan said...

this post about putting away that special bed really tugs at my heart, kerri ... i totally know how you feel!! on the other hand, i really love the bedding and wooden racquet ideas that you're thinking about for the new room ... hang in there, momma ;-)

Genn said...

I am sentimental about it now too!
Such sweet pictures of little Brady and his Dad putting the bed together!
And his first night in the bed!
So cute.

I like the new bedding you are liking at BB&B. That is very boyish.
I think that might look good on the white frame too.
Love the old rackets hung on pinterest too.

Genn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Megan said...

Oh mama, why do they have to grow so fast? I love his barn bed and that you are keeping it. And i think it's great that you guys are tweaking his room to grow with him. I think the new guest room sounds great and I love the inspiration for his new room. Let us see when you're finished!

Stef said...

I hate when our kids get older. Sniffles. But I like your ideas. I have to say I LOVE the light fixture in your picture. That is so fun!! GOod luck.

Anonymous said...

I love that bedding you have picked out, and l love the tennis picture on pinterest. It's gonna look great.

Stacy Crawford said...

I remember when we went from Winnie the Pooh, yellow and lavendar in my daughters room to electric blue and Justin Bieber.... they grow too fast.

Barb said...

It's sad to go from little boy room to big boy room - I remember doing that for our boys not to long ago. I think the bedding looks great and will even be great for teenage years...which is FAR FAR away! And the picture of the tennis rackets from pinterest is so cute. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Also, the red bard bed is about the cutest thing ever. What a labor of love, for sure. And the picture of Brady sleeping on it with the too small matress is priceless. Happy Wednesday to you, Kerri!

Casey said...

This may be a lot of trouble, but when I was a kid my brother and I had our measurements on the wall too....when we moved, my dad cut the sheet rock out to save the original measurements......I'm not a handy man but patching the sheet rock didn't seem to hard...but then again I was 10. He had it framed and hung at our new house. I saw someone else had a good idea of just painting around it, and then moving the lines over with a yard stick....definitely don't paint over it for good! That is priceless. My daughter will be 3 tomorrow...I can't believe I haven't thought to do this yet.....I will start tomorrow =)

Jen said...

Oh yes...that bed will be used again for sure.
And you should check out JCP.com if you haven't already. I love what you found at Bed Bath and Beyond...but JCP has a great kids and teens collection and it is very inexpensive. I love the tennis rackets behind the bed. Very cool!

karen★ said...

that was such an adorable bed, i'm sorry to see it go! however, that new bed looks great & i can't wait to see what you do!!!

i love the idea of just copying down the measurements from the wall & re-doing it. at least you'll still have it!

*love the pinterest picture....that would be so adorable.

thanks so much for the comment! i really appreciated it!

p.s. your little man is so so cute!

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Awww!!! I do like the tennis pic :) I hope my boys move in right next to me too (but I know better) haha.

Val said...

Be still my heart!! I totally feel your pain. My boys are getting older and going from little boy room to big boy room is a huge step.

Kim said...

Nooooo....not the barn bed! That bed is too stinkin' cute. Can't he sleep in it til he moves next door? I loved that part. We always tell BB that when she gets married they're going to live in a tent in our back yard. :)

LOVE the pinterest room. Love the wooden wall and the racquets. Even love that striped comforter! And I love someone else's idea about framing out the measurements as art instead of painting over it.

Can't wait to see what you do with the room. :)

Cindy said...

Oh that bed!!! Loved it then, love it now and will love it when i see pictures of your grandson sleeping in it. (will they still have blogs then?)
I like Nicolle's idea. Or goodness, just have Eric remove that piece of dry wall and then replace it...just kidding!:)
your inspiration room is awesome!
i love that light fixture too.
We promised Riley a room re-do when she turns 10. I need to start getting ideas!
have a happy day kerri

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