Friday, October 8, 2010


I've had a super busy week.   I don't operate too well when my schedule is packed thing right after another.   But, that's the way it is sometimes.     I try and take it one day at a time and check things off as I go.   

My siser-in-law had open heart surgery on Tuesday.  It's been a stressful few days.   She's coming around a little slower than the doctors had expected.  She's 39 years old.   I really wish we could have been there for her and my brother-in-law and the cousins.   They live about twelve hours from us.   It really stinks to live far from family...especially during times like this.   I have prayed for her all week...but I know I could have been a big help to them  if I were there.    Her mom and sister are there and my in-laws are there too. 

Brady asked if he could make Aunt Donna a card.  He insisted on putting a dollar in the card too.  We tried to tell him that  it wasn't really necessary...but he said Aunt Donna might need help paying for the hospital.   I wish I could see Donna's face when she opens her card and the dollar falls out!  She will laugh I'm sure!

( he's not an artist!)

We had Brady's conference at school today.  We got an awesome report.   I love going to conferences!  I'll spare you the details and save that for my mom...since she's the only one that wants to hear all that bragging anyway!   Whenever we have teacher conferences, we (the PTO) have a meal for the teachers.  Another mom and myself worked 11 1/2 hours yesterday preparing the meal, getting it to the school, setting up, decorating, serving, and cleaning up.  We both stopped only long enough to get the kids off the bus and for our 15 minute conference.  There were lots of donations made for the food by other parents...but I think we could use a little help preparing the food next time.  I had a few requests for pumpkin parfaits that I made last year.  It was a little warm in the teacher's lounge and the carmel and whip cream kind of went flat...they were good, but not pretty!   We served ham balls, potato casserole, toss salad, rolls, fruit cocktail and several people brought in desserts.  The teachers stop in during their conferences to have dinner.  They are always so appreciative and go on and on about how wonderful everything is.  It totally makes it worth it to do this for them.

pumpkin parfaits
(pumpkin bread, pumpkin pudding, whip cream and caramel)

Brady has today off from school.    Once he is up, we are going to hang out with beach other!  We're both looking forward to it!   Laundry can wait until this weekend...and no computer for me today!  I'll catch up with everyone later!

Have a great weekend!


Nicolle said...

I am praying for Donna too! That is so young to have that surgery. I hope her recovery is fast and she is feeling much better. Brady's card is so sweet and the dollar made me laugh. I'm sure she will laugh as well.

I'm glad the conference went well for you guys. All of the food looks so yummy. Love your collage! Have a GREAT weekend!

Jen said...

Best wishes for Aunt Donna's speedy recovery!
Please let us know what she thinks about the dollar! I love that!
Having that wonderful meal must help the teachers get through the day of conferences.
Glad Brady's went so well!
Enjoy your day!

gabe said...

you guys rocked that food! Our school(s) have had parents bring different things like a potluck style. But nothing looked as good as that! I am sure the teachers enjoyed it.

Praying for Aunt Donna!

Bridget said...

Praying for your sister's quick recovery. Love Brady's card to her, that ought to put a huge smile on her face!

Anonymous said...

I still look in my cards with the hope of money:)His Aunt Donna will love it! Have a great weekend.

Jenny said...

So sweet about the card. I hope Aunt Donna gets well soon. She is so young! Let me just say, your teachers are so spoiled! When I was a teacher, our carry-ins never looked like that! You are so sweet to do all that. Those parfaits look scrumptious! Glad Brady got a good report, that means you do too Mom! Have a great weekend.

sloan said...

geez, you really do deserve a nice LONG weekend after all that food prep, phew! I sure hope that Aunt Donna turns the corner soon, I love Brady's card - and the $1!! BTW, you're a rock star to have done all that prep for the teacher's dinners - trust me, it is people like who who make ALL the difference for teachers - well done!!

Pam said...

Brady is too sweet..hope his Auntie is better soon. Paraits look yummy!

Barb Scott said...

Lucky teachers, that is quite a spread. Love the parfaits. Hope Aunt Donna recovers well, the card will help I'm sure:) Get some rest.

Jill said...

I'll be praying for your sister in law. She's so young! My Mom went through a triple bypass and it was a long recovery.
Love how everything turned out for the conferences! Sounds yummy. Plus I love anything with pumpkin!
Have a great weekend!

Cherie said...

I hope your Sister In Law is doing well since her surgery. She seems way to young to have something so serious done. I hope that helps her to bounce back faster. The card and the dollar (so cute!) was precious. Brady is a sweetheart!

The meal for the teachers is a great idea - those pumpkin parfaits --YUM!!

P.S. I still need your address for our swap - send it if you remember :-D

Kim said...

That looks like an awesome luncheon. What a fabulous spread you put together.

Brady sounds like the sweetest heart ever!

Hope Auntie Donna is doing better.

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