Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten On Ten:: 10.10.10

The object is to take a picture for ten consecutive
hours on the tenth of the month. 
 The purpose is to find the beauty
 in the ordinary moments in our life.

Well, after reading Gabe's and Jess' 10 on 10 post I seriously debated on posting my 10 on 10!  I mean there's are both awesome!  Their days were beautiful...and so are their pictures!  But, not posting mine would be like saying my day was not special and that I couldn't find any beauty in our ordinary day.  Tennis pretty much consumed our entire day...I know you're suprised aren't you?!  Anyway here's my ten on ten:

I woke up at 7:30am and found Brady in the livingroom watching the Japan Open Final.
By 8am he was dressed and hitting tennis balls against the garage.

My peanut butter banana smoothie.
I really need to broaden my breakfast choices!

I love this little sign I bought years ago at a craft show.

Brady talked Daddy into a lesson before his first match today.
He was on FIRE!!

Brady played a match against Brooke (his coach's daughter/ she's in 6th grade).
  She called and asked him to play this afternoon.  Brady won 6-2,  6-4.

Saw this beautful balloon on our way to the tennis club this evening.

  Brady played this girl 4 weeks ago and lost 6,1, 6-2.  Tonight he played her again and they tied 6-6.

We stopped for ice cream on our way home tonight.
Believe it or not...this is a "small" dish of ice cream!
I'm not kidding!

One quick game of YAHTZEE before bed!

So, as you can don't have to have a super
exciting day to participate in ten on ten!  Just as I did last
month, I look back over my pictures are realize we spent
our entire day together...and it was a good day!


Cherie said...

What a great day! I am in awe that Brady gets up at 7:30 and watches Tennis and not cartoons - I am seriously thinking this boy will go pro someday. Kids don't usually do that.
Love that he is improving and playing great!
The picture of you and Brady with the ice cream is sooo good - A keeper!
I'm going to do this challenge next time.

Stacey said...

I was totally going to do this, but it would of been several shots of my computer screen, me cleaning, and nothing because I took a nap! lol Oh well, maybe next month.

Kim said...

That looks like the perfect family day. He looks SO intense in that first picture. Where did he get his passion for tennis? The pic of you and Brady is adorable!

Kimberly {Yep, they are all mine} said...

Wonderful shots, Kerri! It's the little details that make our days interesting, in my opinion ;)

Anonymous said...

Great day! It sounds like Brady LOVES tennis, and I think that's great. My 12 year old really likes it too, but he's just beginning. It's amazing how good some kids are. Such a fun sport. Go Brady!!

Cindy said...

Looks like a perfect day Kerri! So glad you decided to post it! I got your reminder, but I am fighting with my camera lately and it's winning!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!
Love the picture of you and Brady and let me just say, that is my kind of "small" dish of ice cream!!!:)
Enjoy the day

Jess said...

love your day!!! i love that Brady wakes up in the morning and watches tennis and not have a serious pro on your hands!!! and i am totally a Yahtzee fan!!! thanks for mentioning me...i am so honored!!!

gabe said...

I think your day was great and your pictures are so fun! The one of the two of you is great!

What does Brady do during the Winter? Play tennis indoors?

By the way, you can create cool effects with picasa or picnic. Probaby photoshop as well. let me know if you want step by step instructions.

Alita said...

What a fun set! I love LOVE yahtezze and I haven't played in forever.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Any time spent together is a good time.

sloan said...

well YOU might not find them interesting but I sure do!! I love them! I love that Brady's improving so quickly at his tennis game, those were fun shots - and that yummy ice cream at the end has made me hungry ;-)

gabe said...

Hello again. . .just thought I would let you know that I use Drew's camera. . .we got it for him for his 13th birthday at Walmart. It was on clearance and came with a memory card too. It's just a Samsung point and click. . .but it takes way better pictures than our other point and click that is a Canon. Maybe for Christmas? I don't have great luck with close-ups with it though, so I would love a nicer camera too, but I looked at the prices. . .yikes!

Nicolle said...

LOVE all of your pictures. I think you have a tennis star on your hands. I don't know if I have ever seen that much enthusiasm in a little one. I love that Brady loves tennis so very much! The picture of you and Brady is so cute. My mouth is watering at your smoothie. I can almost taste it.

ps. Thanks for your comment yesterday. Dang, I REALLY miss Boyd. I thought about going to get him tonight, but I'm not! :)

Bridget said...

Sounds like a fun day!! The smoothie and the icecream look delicious (and I'm not even hungry...)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Every month I say I'm going to participate in 10 on 10 and every month I forget.

Looks like you guys had a good day. Especially to end it with icecream and Yahtzee. Fun stuff.

Susan said...

I have no intention of participating in the 10 on 10 thing, but here's the thing....1. At least I'm honest about it and 2. I'm glad you do because those are some great shots. I love the one of the balloon, great color. Way to go Brady! Beatin' the big girls now.......see I knew this was coming soon.

Jill said...

looks like a great time! Wonderful pictures and lots of great memories!
Have a great evening!

Seizing My Day said...

Together is Wonderful!! ;) I have been doing the Letter photo challenge... kinda fun... one letter a week! the link is on my blog today ...the Barb Phillips link... I need to check out the 10 on 10 it!

Jenny said...

A perfect day! Love the picture of you and Brady. So sweet.

Jen said...

Great day! I love that pic of you two also!
I worked the night I slept almost all of 10-10-10.
Have a great week!

erin said...

Together as a family is a good day! Top that with ice cream and you have it made. :-)

ANDREA said...

Great pictures. I love the one where it looks like he's serving?? I think...I'm no tennis expert. But its a good pic.

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