Thursday, February 4, 2016

Super Bowl Snack

I made these buffalo wing pretzels for a football themed teacher
luncheon right Christmas and they were a big hit.  I got to thinking they would make a great Super Bowl party snack too!

You can find the recipe HERE.


Jill said...

Awesome, they look good :-) Have a great day!


yaya said...

Yummy! Everyone at work's been talking about their party plans for Sunday. I'm not a football fan or follower but I do like to snack so maybe I'll just have to make something! Enjoy and I hope your fav team wins...(I don't even know who's playing..pretty lame huh?)

Kris said...

Well, those sure od look good! I bet you are having a good day today with all the yummy foods!
xo Kris

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