Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Broken Foot

See the bump on top of Brady's foot?  A trip to urgent care proved
that it was indeed broken.  It actually happened the day before
in gym class...but Brady neglected to tell his teacher and went about his day as usual.  After school,  he went straight to basketball practice for a couple of hours, and then came home.  Long story short....he said his foot was fine and begged me to give it another day to see if the swelling might go down.

Swelling obviously didn't go down...and so off we went.

Thankfully Brady only needed the crutches three days and 
then he was able to walk on his air cast.  One funny thing about
Brady is that he never wants to draw attention to himself...he will avoid it at all costs.  He begged and pleaded to stay home that Friday so he wouldn't have to go to school with crutches.  I assured him that he wasn't the first person to ever go to school with an injury :)  And, lo and behold....he survived!

One of Brady's first concerns when he found out his foot was
broken was how he would get his daily steps goal with his Fitbit!
Oh to have such big worries in life!  

Only a week and a half left before he goes back to the surgeon for another xray and then he should be good to go.  Basketball season ends next week.  He continues to go to all the practices and games even though he can't play.  
I remind him that he's LUCKY to be almost thirteen (and so active) and only had one broken bone!  

We're anxious for things to get back to normal because all that extra energy he has is starting to wear us all down...if you know
what I mean. ;)


Kris said...

I bet he is going nuts being laid up!!!!! Heal fast Brady!!!!
XO Kris

yaya said...

Ouch! Such a trooper! I hope he's all better soon because I'm sure tennis season is almost here. He probably plays all year, but if he's doing B-ball too he's a busy guy! (I wouldn't worry about that FitBit!) Take care Brady!

Stef said...

Why do boys have to try and be so tough? But the real question is did he get any sympathy points from the ladies???

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