Friday, February 12, 2016


If I had to sum up January in two words I would say SLOW and EXPENSIVE.  We had to get a new hot water heater and a new vehicle...among a few other things that I won't mention.  We were also stuck inside for periods of time due to the freezing temps and a snow storm...which made for long days.  But, there were good days too and things I want to remember.  So, here goes...

We went to many basketball games.  Most nights...I watched
four games- junior high, ninth grade, junior varsity and varsity.
That's a lot of bleacher sitting!  It's a good thing I love basketball!

Eric coaches the junior varsity team.  Man, that guy was meant
to be a coach.  He has such a great connection with the kids ...and parents seem to really appreciate how much he cares.  I could do an entire post on Eric as a coach. Two years ago Eric was named COACH OF THE YEAR in our school district.  Brady and I were so proud of him.

Brady had a sleepover with two friends he has had since
preschool.  They both go to school in the next time over.

 My dad came to visit for a week.  We played lots of Scrabble, did lots of visiting and it was fun to go to a couple of
diners in our area. (My dad really likes diners!) Eric and Brady also
took my dad to see the movie Daddy's Home.

Brady broke his foot the day after my dad came into town.

We got over 27" of snow in a three day stretch. School was
cancelled a couple of days and we had a couple of delays.

We did a lot of laying around on the couch....and watched the
entire series of Breaking Bad.  Boy was it a great show!

I did some crafting.  I made close to 100 necklaces.  They were so
fun to make...I just couldn't stop!  But now I need to figure out how to get rid of them!  Craft show?

Eric and I had a date night.  It was a good one!
(Hon, I think we need another one soon!)

Hope everyone is having a great February!


yaya said...

You filled up a cold and long month with good things along with those expensive things! You sure got tons more snow that we did. Our January was really mild compared to last year's and we usually follow your weather pattern. I have to say that I don't miss that much snow! We've got the cold today and a few inches of the white stuff. February is a short month that's long on bad weather! I hope Brady's foot has healed and congrats to your hubby the coach! Kids need men like him to be such good examples. Happy Valentine's Day! Maybe you'll get that date night!

Kris said...

Some months are just like that! We have sure had a few!
Love the photos in this post. My husband wanted to be a teacher and coach in the worst way. Even thought of changing careers a few years ago. He also would have been a terrific coach!
Looks like you had a nice visit with your Dad too. I love Scrabble, and any word game!
Love the necklaces! Open an Etsy shop!
xo Kris

Terra Hangen said...

Those necklaces are pretty, could you open an Etsy store? I hope Brady's foot heals quickly.

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