Friday, January 22, 2016

Flashback Friday {Christmas 2015}

I think I'm going to use Fridays to record things I
want to remember over the last couple of years...things that didn't
make the blog because I was on my extended break!  

Brady took this picture.  We had just finished decorating our tree.  As he gets older I worry that he might not feel the same excitement for these traditions as he has in the past.  But, he continues to prove me wrong.  He loves tradition too and decorating our tree as a family is pretty high up there on my list of favorites.

Eric took this picture and I never even knew it until looking through my photos.  It might be my favorite picture of us ever.  Messy hair, sweatshirt and no make up....don't care.  This is my boy and I making his favorite Christmas treat- oreo cookie truffles.  He said that he will make these with his kids someday.  I have said this before.... Brady is going to make a great husband someday.  He has always been so affectionate.  Someday meaning when he is 30 :)

We only made a couple easy treats this Christmas and kept it pretty simple.  I need to remember this new discovery for next year because it made for a wonderful almost stress free month.

Speaking of stress free....I took this simple tray to a get together with friends.  I opened up jars of olives and pickles and added some greenery.  It was a big hit and I didn't spend tons of time preparing beforehand in the kitchen.  Easy.

This is our annual dinner with friends...and that's Eric and I 
in the back ruining the picture!  The funny thing was that none of them had any idea until they looked at their cameras hours later!

Brady opened up new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  He said it's one of his favorite traditions....I did not know this!  He's always very of the qualities I love about him.

We didn't need to wear coats to church on Christmas Eve.
I secretly pretended we were living in a warm state. :)

The past couple couple of years we thought we were too busy
and didn't make time to go to church on Christmas Eve.  This year
we went and it was a wonderful service.   With my husband and son sitting beside me...the true meaning of Christmas was received loud and clear and I knew without a doubt we tried to have this in our hearts all month long.  We changed things up a bit this year.  And I'll be honest...I was a bit worried at first. Brady came to us right before Thanksgiving and said he didn't want any presents this year.  Instead, he wanted the money that we usually spend on him to go to a family member that was struggling. I remember patting him on the back and saying that was awfully nice of him to say that and that we would talk about it.  Brady was relentless though...and wasn't going to let us dismiss his wish.  I feel bad admitting this...but I've always been about the presents.  I only have one child.  I like that surprise on Christmas morning when he walks into the living room and sees a crazy number of gifts under and around the tree.  But I learned something big this year thanks to my son...and I pray that I won't ever forget it.   We ended up getting Brady just a few gifts, he got Eric and I each a small gift, and Eric and I each got each other a small gift....and it was truly the best Christmas ever. 


Kris said...

Love the photo of you and Brady in the kitchen! LOVE it! I also love the kissing photo! You two!!!
But mostly Kerri, I want to say that your son is going to be, (and is now) someone who makes a huge impact on lives. He will move mountains. He will be humble, and he will make a difference. He is such an outstanding young man. Of course, this doesn't happen by accident either. But in addition to what he has learned from you and Eric, he is special. He just is. What an honor to know him through you.
XO Kris

Jill said...

Great picture of you and Brady making truffles! That's one of our favorite Christmas treats too, I make them every year! Have a great weekend!


Nicolle said...

I have so much to say but I probably can't remember it all. I love the picture of you and Eric kissing! I really love simple holidays. Your relish tray is beautiful and just perfect! And Brady...he is an amazing kid and wow, his heart just blows me away. Love everything about this post sweet friend!

yaya said...

Where is that little guy who used to be on your blog? He grew up right before our eyes! So good looking and what a special spirit he has. He is wise beyond his years and I bet you'll have many more special holidays ahead. I love the pics and how cute of you and Eric in the background! Have a good weekend!

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