Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Knew He Would Do It



1 year without a drop of soda!
On December 15, 2011 Brady decided to give up soda for one year.  It came out of the blue.  We questioned him a couple of times as to why he wanted to do this but he never really had a clear answer.  I think it was ultimately something he wanted to prove to himself that he could do.  Maybe it had something to do with seeing me give up diet mountain dew for almost 2 years.  I most certainly haven't been the best example to Brady this past year.  After going so long without soda,  I started that awful habit back up again in August.  Eric and I are rarely without soda in our fridge and we make stops daily often when we are out and about to get a fountain soda. Brady never wavered in his decision though despite us,  not once.  He never even seemed tempted.  And, let me just make it clear, he loves soda as much as the next guy.  He never talked about it.  When we were out to eat, he would order water or lemonade without hesitation.  If he was at a birthday party where only soft drinks were offered, he went without a drink.    I'm just so proud of him.  He's been a great example to Eric and I.
Last week when I went grocery shopping, Brady asked if I would pick up a small pack of Dr. Pepper.  He wanted to have one to celebrate his one year mark.   
When I blogged about this last January, I said in my last senctence, "I have no doubt he will make it a year without."
I love his determination.
Congratulations Brady!  You did it!
*To my readers- sorry I have been non existent over here.  I'm just trying to do the best I can with keeping up in all areas...however, my blog is one of the areas I have let go.  I would like to try and catch up with November and December before the New Year gets here!  Life is good.  Working, school, tennis, the holidays and a puppy are keeping us busy.  I love looking back over all the memories I have in this little blog of mine and want to continue with it.  Thanks to all of you who take the time to check in over here.  I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone's blog over Christmas vacation!  


jen said...

I also fell off the soda wagon this fall. Good for Brady!

Holly said...

I love that I still get to keep up with you through Instagram... but hopefully your life slows down a little and you can get back on track!

Way to go Brady!! You're such a pro! Always impressing all of us!

Kim said...

Brady is amazing! He is going to make it big in this lifetime w/his ability to set his mind on something and then go after it 1000%!

Kris said...

Hi Kerri. I missed this post! I remember when Brady gave up the soda, and knowing what I did about your son, I also knew that he would make it for that entire year without soda!
Hats off to him! He is such a remarkable young man!!!!! I know you are your husband are so proud of him!!!!
XO Kris

Nicolle said...

WE've missed you here, but don't ever feel the need to apologize! :)

Way to go Brady. He is such a great kid. I can't wait to see what he's up to in 10 years. He's going far!


Jill said...

Been missing your posts, but I do understand as I post but not quite as frequently as I was. Glad I'm able to keep up with you on instagram though!
Congratulations to Brady!! That is no easy thing to do!
Have a wonderful week.


yaya said...

It's good to hear from you! I understand busy..especially being a working mom. So just post whenever and enjoy your family. Congrats to Brady. My hubby would be happy...he knows all the bad stuff that's in is bad too. But sometimes I just need that carbonation!! Have a wonderful holiday!

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Way to go B!!
What is up with blogging? So many of us - myself included - are struggling to blog.

Susan R said...

Good on ya Brady!
Wish I had as much will power.
Happy Christmas to y'all.

{cindy} said...

way to go brady! i so need to kick that habit for good. it's just so darn bubbly and good!!!:) at least the ones in cans do nothing for me...i have to drive to get mine. fountain coke is the only way i roll!:)
have a happy day kerri

PS have missed you, but i so get it.:)

Stef said...

Wow! That's awesome. I am giving up candy this year and he is my inspiration. If he can do it, then I can too

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