Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Week

The colors on our trees are starting to fade...but it's beautiful just the same.  I always thought spring was my favorite season...but I would like to officially change my mind for the record.  I have always looked forward to spring because summer is right around the corner....but I enjoy everything about fall....the colors, the air, the breeze, and all the pumpkin goodness. :)
I made these cupcakes for a bake sale at school one night this week.  They didn't turn out as nice as the ones on Pinterest...but I was told that they sold out that's all that matters I guess!  I didn't really feel like making them after working all day but I guess my need to not disappoint won out.
Someone noticed though....I woke up the next morning and found this note in the kitchen from my husband....
It feels like he is my biggest fan....and that's a good feeling to have. :)

We got this fun package in the mail this week from my good friend Bonnie from back home.  It sure does look scary cute hanging on Brady's bathroom door.  Does this mean we got boo'd?
Brady had an amazing week of tennis. 
I'm not going to go into great detail...I always feel like I am bragging.  Brady is on cloud nine though and I want to have record of how things know, in case he writes a book someday. ;)
-he was in a four week team tennis thing and his team came in first.
-he played in a singles tournament with all of those team members and won the whole thing.  He was the youngest player by four years. 
-he played a senior who is the #1 player at our high school one evening this week.  Brady won two out of three sets.  Last spring Brady couldn't beat him.
-And the highlight of Brady's week didn't come from a came from a tie.  He is playing in a fun six week ladder tournament in which you have one hour only to play your match.  Brady played a boy who just turned 13 and is so good.  Brady met him in a final once last spring and even though Brady played great, the boy crushed him.  Brady told me beforehand that even though he would probably lose...he was going to play his best.  And, he sure did. 
I don't think Brady's lost a match since August.  He is definitely the talk of our tennis community.  It drives me crazy when people say that he is so talented.  Brady works his butt off...everyday.  I'm just not sure talent has anything to do with it. 

Do you like my new range?  It was delivered on Saturday morning...and I just love it.  It's the only appliance besides a dryer that we've ever had to buy.  We plan to work on the kitchen a little at a time...but this new oven already makes the kitchen look better, I think.  We also purchased a fridge, but it was 1/2 an inch too big for our space and so we had to cancel the order.  Boy was I bummed!  Eric reminded me though that I was still getting a stove. We are going to wait until black friday to see what kind of a deal we can get.
This afternoon I made THIS recipe for chicken marsala casserole.  It might have been the BEST casserole I've ever made!  It was so easy to put together and so tasty.  It's a keeper for sure!

Not all recipes from Pinterest have been keepers.  Yesterday I made this salad that I recently pinned....
You can see what's in it.  It had a cilantro lime dressing.
I don't think I've ever not been able to finish a salad...but this one was the exception.  The dressing with the avacado just didn't taste good to me....which is so weird because I'm not that picky.  Oh well.  You win lose some.
We are all prepared this evening for hurricane Sandy that's headed our way.  The electric company is saying we could be out of power for a week.  We have extra candles and batteries, water and ice, and even took pictures of the outside of our house in case we have damage.  (Thanks Toni for suggesting we do this!)  Our schools have already cancelled for Monday and Tuesday.  I'm kind of looking forward to spending some quiet time cooped up inside with my family.  It should be interesting!

Have a great week and be safe.


Kris said...

The cupcakes are darling. I saw your IG on them. So cute! I love the note your husband left for you. It is such a great feeling to know that you have someone who is always rooting for you, and singing your praises!
Way to go for Brady! He is going places with his tennis, for sure! I know what you mean though, he works hard for his success!!!
I hope Sandy doesn't do any damage. Stay safe!!

Holly said...

You have an amazing husband! My number one love language is 'words of affirmation' so I would just about die for a note like that!

You are so dang creative... the cupcakes are incredible!

Please don't think you are ever bragging about Brady to us... he is an incredible kid and worth bragging about!! I love reading your stories about him and I feel like I am a real fan, cheering beside you. He will go places... and you will be glad that you had the beginning of his career documented!

Stay safe during the storm... I will say a prayer right now for you!

Megan said...

Hi Kerri, I loved catching up with you! I love that you got such a sweet note from Eric...that is just awesome. I am only working a few days a week and it is so hard keeping up with everything. I can't imagine how you are doing it! How great that Brady is doing so well at tennis and at meeting the challenges within himself! He is such a great kid! You sure have a beautiful fall landscape...I hope the hurricane is easy on you guys and you can enjoy a little downtime with the boys. Take care!

Cindy said...

Hi Kerri! Love your new stove and jealous of your husbands nice note! ;). I want to try that Marsala dish...sounds yummy!! Be safe -- I thought of you in PA when watching the news this morning. Knowing you, you will probably find a way to make it fun...perhaps making carmel apples fireside!? Lol...

Jill said...

Loved those cupcakes, glad I found you on Instagram too, fun following along :-) Sounds like Brady is really doing well, I know you are so very proud of him. :-)
Stay safe through this storm...I'm really hoping we all only get minimal damage. I'm so saddened by the pictures of Ocean city MD. We go every year to vacation there. Take care and stay posted on how things are going with you guys and the storm.
Love the note from your husband, so sweet!


yaya said...

Love the cupcakes! Congrats to Brady for his wonderful tennis playing. As a former player (notice I didn't say "winnner player"..)I know how much work goes into the game. Stay dry and safe...we're getting the tail end and it's windy, cold and rainy here. Thankfully we had Trick or Treat in our community last week on the nicest day of the year! I wish bad weather would keep me home, but the hospital never closes and our surgery patients matter what..make it in! So do we so I guess that's a good thing!

{cindy} said...

hi kerri!!
oh i love your fall color! my favorite season for sure.:)
love your note. those little things are so priceless and mean so much don't they? lucky girl!!:)
a new range...i bet you'll be whipping up some yummy treats in there in no time.
and you keep right on bragging about brady!:) he's a hard worker and it's paying off for him. and THAT is awesome!!
have a happy day kerri

Kelli said...

Cute cupcakes and I love your new oven.
My Pinterest recipes have been really hit and miss as well. Sunday I spent a lot of time cutting up veggies for our dinner and no one liked it...even me. I told everyone I did though because I spent so much time on it!
Keeping your family in my thoughts!

Jen said...

Yay for need to put a video of him playing on YouTube and send us the link. Congrats to him. That is so great. Can't wait to say...I knew him when he was a little kid beating the big kids on the court.
Such cute cupcakes. I really must join Pinterest!

Nicolle said...

How are you all doing with the storm, any damage?? I hope you came out ok from it all.

I want to try that chicken marsala recipe for sure. I love your new range, so pretty. Sorry about the fridge though. That just means it wasn't the right timing, even though you don't want to hear that from me. :)

Love the note from Eric, and what you said is so feels good to have our spouse as our biggest fan. There is nothing like that feeling.

Way to go Brady with the tennis. I agree with you, and he probably does have more talent than a lot of people and definitely a love for tennis...but his hard work and dedication have made him such a great tennis player.

Have a good weekend.

Jill said...

Hi Kerri,

Just wanted to stop back by to tell you I am doing a great deal on glasses of any kind on my blog. If you or anyone you know wears glasses you can't pass this up. If you get a chance stop by and check it out and feel free to share!

Have a great weekend!


Val said...

Kerri, what a special note from your husband. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I miss living on the East Coast during Autumn. Congrats, on your new stove it's a beauty!!

Kerri @OhMann! said...

It must be SO nice to be appreciated for working. I am certainly NOT. :(
Go Brady!! You MUST share all of his stories on your blog. He will love looking back at them later.
Love the cupcakes!
Love the stove!
Love the colors! Our leaves are FINALLY changing.
Hope Sandy left y'all alone!

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