Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apple Picking

We went to an apple orchard Saturday morning.
It was a perfect fall day.
It was actually Brady's idea to go...I love when that happens.
He's not full of ideas and suggestions too when it happens, we take full advantage!
This tree was in the parking lot...isn't it beautiful?
We picked...and sampled....
and took lots of pictures!
We tried kiwi berries for the first time....they are so good!
You just pop them into your mouth like grapes.
We picked a few and then bought some to go.
We also tried some other goodies.  I had an apple cider donut
that might have been the best donut ever.  I made pancakes for lunch today so I could try my pumpkin spice syrup.  Boy was it good!  I will be trying to find a recipe to make my own.
This afternoon I made apple crisp. 
It was you can see I have more ice cream on there than I do apple crisp!  I've never been a big fan of warm I'm not a good judge, but Eric loved it.  I need to google more apple recipes because we are never going to be able to eat all of the apples we picked!
Here's the recipe I used:

 Such a great weekend...I hope your's was a good one too!


Cindy said...

What a perfect Fall day!! You all look great and so do all your Fall treats!!

Kelli said...

How fun! We went a few weeks back but is was still hot here and apple picking in the high 90s is not fun!
Pumpkin spice syrup...yum!!

Kris said...

Hi Kerri,
How fun to see that you and your family were doing the same thing we did, on the exact same day! We also had a great time. What fun photos of all of you! Your hair is darling!!! That apple crisp looked so good. I am making applesauce tomorrow. Genny made some today and said it was great. I will be using the recipe she used. I am sure she will post it.
The tree was beautiful in the lot!!!
XO Kris

{cindy} said...

we have lots of trees like that in our park and i just love them. it has been so windy lately they are losing all their leaves which bums me out...fall isn't over yet!!
i just love apple crisp!! thanks for sharing the recipe. i am really in the mood for it now.
have a happy day kerri

Jill said...

Yummy goodies you found there and I just love apple crisp! I love your hair in that picture, looks great!
Isn't the fall weather wonderful! I just love this time of year!

Have a wonderful day!!


Gabe said...

Looks like a great day! I bet you miss cooking now that your at work so much! That apple crisp looks good!

Jenny said...

i have wanted to go apple picking for years but I guess there aren't any places around us. I love your hair is it lighter than before? It is so pretty, well you are pretty and your hair makes you more so. Anyway, I love it. I haven't ever heard of kiwi berries, I'm am going to have to look for some. Can I just say, Brady looks so cute in his vest. I try to get my kids to wear vests and they won't do it. Weirdos. He looks so LL beanish, I love it!

Nicolle said...

I'm really wanting an apple donut, or a pumpkin spice one...but I'm trying to be good! Maybe I will treat myself to one soon. The colors on your trees there are stunning. I have never had kiwi berries, but I think I would love them. What a fun day! Oh, and your hair looks cute!

Holly said...

That is my kind of day!!
It has fall, and family and fun written all over it!!

jen said...

Your hair? It's darling! Is that all business "back-to-school" hair?

Enjoy fall. We spent three days in MS and wow. New England in fall--nothing like it!

Kerri @OhMann! said...

Yummo!! Love the pictures! :)

Stef said...

How fun! And I am with the melted ice cream more than the cooked apples. Love the pictures of your family and the fall colors. My fav!

Jen said...

Apple crisp...oh my!
Looks like a good time. A perfect outing to celebrate fall.

yaya said...

What a great way to spend a fall day! We used to pick apples too, but now I just head to the orchard get them already picked. This was not a great year for apples in Ohio. They are small and not as flavorful as usual. Yours look great on the trees! Nothing beats fresh picked fruit and your cobbler looks very tastey!

Susan R said...

Remember when I was trying to convince y'all to move here to Colorado? Forget it. I want to move by you. You have all the cool stuff around your place.

Val said...

How awesome...looks like the most perfect Fall day.

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