Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Lazy Days Of Summer...

....has not applied to us this season.
Sometimes things just aren't the way you'd like them to be.
I miss our summers of going to the pool, laying under a tree and reading together,
playing in the sprinkler, having cookouts and just taking it easy.
I feel like I work hard to bring other things to Brady's life besides tennis.
Brady had a friend over for a couple of hours to play, we had a campfire,
 Eric and Brady went fishing one evening, Brady and I went to the pool one day.
But it's tiring when tennis seems to always win out over the other fun things.
Brady does not often ask to do other things besides tennis.
We are often traveling to and from tournaments on the weekends.
I think family and friends are often frustrated with us that we are not around much.
Brady goes to camps, and clinics, and match nights.
He gets invited to other school's tennis programs.
He hits for hours by himself with a ball machine.
He gets lessons from his dad.
Last week he was at tennis camp 7hrs. each day.
It wasn't enough for him.  He wishes he could do that everyday.
The new USTA rankings came out the other day.
Our division consists of Pennsylvania and four other states.
Brady is the top ranked 9 year old in our division.
I know to be good at something you have to put time into it....I just never
expected it to be this much time.
Brady was in his last tournament of the month yesterday.
No more tournaments until September....I put my foot down.
Brady will still play tennis in the evenings...but during the day, he is mine.
I will NOT be taking him to the tennis courts.
We've been watching the olympics every evening.
Gymnastics, swimming, diving and beach volleyball are my favorites.
I think the stories behind many of the olympians are what make it even more special.
I recently watched a special on moms of olympians and I cried through it all.
It made me sad.  One of the gymnast moved 3,000 miles away from
her family at the age of 14 to get better trainning. 
It was her dream...and her family supported her.
Well, not this mom! 
I would have to sleep in a tent next to the training center...that would be the only way!
Anyway, many of the stories made me sad. 
And, I'm not saying I think my son will be an olympic tennis player...just that when those
moms were describing their kids at a young age they used words like unbelievable drive, determination and desire.  Those parents weren't the ones forcing their children to play sports. 
Howerver, without their parent's support...it wouldn't have been possible for them.
Okay...moving on!

Today is one of our first days this summer we are home without any plans.
Eric came home for lunch and I suprised him by making fajitas.
It's the only meal I have cooked in almost 2 weeks.
They were good.  I love eating out...but even I have had enough lately!

In other news, I interviewed a few weeks ago for a teaching position at Brady's school and...
I got the job!
I'm so excited!
I have been waiting for this position to come open.
I will be teaching reading and math to kids who need extra support.
My first full time job in almost 10 years!
It's going to be a big change....but I am ready.
I am thrilled to get to be at Brady's school with him for two years before he heads
to middle school.  Brady is excited for me to be there too.
Brady says he would like to ride to and from school with me instead of going on the bus.
He has always loved the bus...so I will have to see it to believe it!
I start on Aug. 27th.


Brady has been bugging asking me if he could start a tennis blog to record his memories.  I have to admit I wasn't very excited about this.  I knew he would need lots of help...and frankly I don't even have the time or energy to keep up with my own blog.  He was relentless and I gave in.   The other day I showed him how to make a header.  He picked out pictures and wanted it to look just like mine.  I have a feeling it won't take him long to get through the steps and before long he will be posting all on his own.  Which scares me ALOT!  I tried to influence his first post...but he knew what he wanted to say and didn't want my suggestions.  I wanted his blog to be private....and then he starts talking about how he can't wait until he gets some "fans".  Oh brother.  I told him that I will wait to share his blog with my friends once I know he is going to do a good job with it.  He wasn't too happy about that and said he wanted to go "public" right away!  Since I'm the mom, and I'm in charge around here....we're going to wait.  It should be interesting to see what he writes about.  Remember, he is 9....it's going to be hard for my type A personality to not want to correct everything.  I guess we'll see how it goes.  I'm sure once school starts he'll forget all about his blog!


We're meeting these guys at the swimming pool tomorrow and then the boys are coming back
to our house for a sleepover.  Brady is really excited!
It's the first time he's ever had a friend sleepover at our house.
I have tears in my eyes I'm so excited for him.
To me, this is what summer is all about.


Kris said...

I am so glad that you work so hard to keep balance in Brady's life, so that tennis isn't the only thing in his world. You are very wise to do so. When you talk about Brady and his drive, it reminds me so much of my son Drew. He was that way with basketball!!! He wanted to play in the NBA, and he was good, real good. He lived and breathed it, until he got into high school, and the coaching staff was so bad. Then he discovered other things. Now, his love is music, and I wish he were more balanced with his interests. He is so obsessive! At any rate, it is clear that Brady can take tennis wherever he wants to go with it. And he just might. I remember feeling like I lived in a stinky gymnasium!!! So I can identify with you!!
Congratulations on your new job. That sounds wonderful!!! I wish you the best of fun with the remaining few weeks of summer you have left!! And Brady, I would love to read your blog one day!!!
: ) Kris

jen said...

I would love to have my kids be Brady's "fans," since he knows them and they could follow his tennis. When you're ready, they're pretty safe followers. :)

It's funny how some parents work and work and work to force their kids to do something and wonder why they never develop the urge to do it for themselves, and how some parents have kids that just drive themselves. Micah isn't quite as focused as Brady, but he and his piano are like that--meant for each other and that's it.

It would be hard to have to temper a child's desire to do something, but I tell you what--if my kid were in those division rankings at #1, I would be beaming with pride (as I'm sure you are) and know at least he's doing something he loves. Maybe you need to head to the library and find a book on John McEnroe or some other old tennis player he doesn't know, just to get him reading.

Gabe said...

Oh, I totally get what you are saying....keep nagging him to be a kid, too. I do believe that one day he will be happy that you did!

yaya said...

I'm happy to see that you are giving Brady some restrictions with time. Family is so important and having fun summer memories are important too. He's enjoying his favorite sport and doing great but as he ages he will find other things in addition to tennis that will make him more of who he really is. He's so lucky to have great parents like you guys. Congrats on your teaching job! I bet you'll be wonderful and bring so much to the kids in your school. Enjoy the rest of your off time!

Stacy Crawford said...

YEAH! for you getting a job. In the same school as Brady is just icing on the cake!

You are an awesome mother helping Brady to develop other talents. It is exciting to see him so driven and focused at his age.

Have fun at the pool!

Stef said...

You know, I watched the section on Missy Franklin and I was totally impressed with her parents. They decided to keep her at home because what they were doing was working for her. She is able to be home, with her family, go to school with her friends and compete with her high school teammates. I am with you...no way would I send my child off at that young age. I love them too much.

I am so excited for you that you got the job. My parents were teachers and it was always nice to know that my parents were there if I needed them or wanted to have lunch in their classroom.

Enjoy your time together. Good luck with the sleepover!!

Heather said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!!

Holly said...

I apologize if this posted twice... my first one was lost in the clear blue air!

I first was saying that you are an incredible mom!
And that it is so impressive how driven Brady is.

No one knows your child like you do, and I wouldn't give your family and friend's frustrations much thought because none of them are in your shoes.

I hope that we are all still blogging the day that you find out that Brady is going to college for free... and the day he plays his first televised match!
I have never seen him play (obviously) but when you see the interviews of these famous athletes, they had that crazy-drive that Brady has. And that is something special!

Congrats on your job!

And I laughed at your type A comment.
One time I posted a video to FB of Maddox writing his name. you could tell in my tone that I was not happy with his sloppy "o".
Still our friends make fun of me, "does that look like an o, Maddox?".

Enjoy your pool time!!

Kelli said...

Congrats on your new job!!
I understand how you feel about Brady and tennis. My son Nicolas is like that with soccer. He plays year round and most summer weekends are spent at tournaments. This summer though I put him in some other camps so it was not just soccer all summer...basketball and flag football.
Have a wonderful day!

Megan said...

I love what you wrote here about motherhood and sports. I have often thought of you when I have heard some of the Olympic stories, because Brady is so very talented and so very determined. You seem to have the right perspective on things Kerri, and you are doing a great job!
And congrats on your teaching position! That is so exciting! I just took at part time preschool teaching position to teach art and I am so excited! I can relate to you, as it has been 11 years since I taught full time. It is scary, but good! You are going to be great and how perfect that you will be at Brady's school??!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!
p.s. Love that Brady has a blog!

Nicolle said...

Congratulations again on the job. That is so exciting! I'm kind of feeling the itch to go back to work now. Not sure what I would even want to do, but it's definitely coming back.

I bet you will love this break from tennis! :)

You know that I am loving that picture of the fajitas. Yum. They look delicious.


Val said...

You are an amazing woman. Congrats on your new job. Looks like you have had an amazing Summer.

Kerri @OhMann! said...

I have been going through similar emotions. Golf took over our life this summer, in much the same way.
It's like I feel that if I keep him from going all of these sports, that I am slighting him in some way, as people are putting their kids in athletics SO YOUNG. And it is all so serious and involved and time consuming! Can we not have some practices, camps, competitions, etc., without having our lives be taken over?
I will spend all morning with Brod at golf clinic and then, when that is over, he wants to shoot 9 holes - in the middle of GA heat!
I have LONGed for the lazy days around the pool, of wearing my pjs until lunch, etc.
But, I feel if I stop him, I may be stifling his "chance" at something.
Congrats on the job!!

{cindy} said...

Hi Kerri,
I can only imagine how all that tennis can "get to you " after awhile. We only have 6 weeks of rec. soccer and by the end i am ready to go nuts!!:) i think it is a bit different for you since Brady is obviously so driven and gifted in the sport.:) I think you are doing an amazing job of making sure he keeps his life balanced. i can imagine taht feels like an uphill battle somedays, but you just have to keep doing what you feel is right in your heart:) he WILL thank you someday.
so excited for you and your new job!! did you get a new lunchbox yet?!?!:)
have a happy day kerri

Cindy said...

So many neat things happening, but most importantly Congrats!!! on your teaching position!! I am soooooo sure you will be awesome and they are lucky to have you!!

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