Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

We went to see the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green this past weekend.
It was a good family movie and we all enjoyed it.  It was a little far fetched....but also sad and cute and funny.  Brady grabbed my hand and said to me in the middle of the movie, "Mom, you're so emotional." 

Brady and I went back to school shopping one day this week.   I love that each year we make a day of this.   I always worry beforehand because I know he's not crazy about shopping....but we always end of having a good time...I better knock on wood!    This year he was really into picking out his school supplies.  He also chose to eat at KFC....I tried to talk  him into anything  something else, but it's what he really wanted.  We also went to a fro yo...Brady decided afterwards that chocolate ice cream and nerds is not a good combination.

We start back to school on Monday.  Although I am super excited to start my new job...I'm sad that summer is already over.  It went so fast.    I wonder if we did enough this summer.  I know that's ridiculous because as I look back over the pictures that I took, I know that we did plenty.  Still, I wonder if it's a summer to remember.  Brady did exactly what he wanted to do this summer, and that's play tennis. 
We did our best to mix in some other activities along the way.
Brady is really excited to start back to school.  If we could take away the schedules, homework, early bedtime and the morning routine....I might be a little more excited too!
Good bye summer 2012!


Stef said...

I"m with you. This summer flew by. Next year I want an easy open schedule. I love seeing all your pictures on Instagram. This summer I have been so out of it has been fun to still connect via Instagram.
Good luck with your teaching. You are going to do great!!

Megan said...

This was the longest calendar summer for us, but it felt so so short! Funny how that happens...
I like how you and Brady spent a day together for back to school shopping. Shopping is not my son's favorite either, but maybe I could bribe him with KFC!
Enjoy your last weekend and let us know how the first week of school goes - good luck!

Nicolle said...

I love the picture of Brady wading in the creek, under that beautiful red bridge. I know, I think we all second guess ourselves....but I bet if you asked Brady, he will say that he LOVED this summer. You're such a wonderful mama.

Barb said...

It's funny you say that you wonder if you did enough this summer - I was thinking the same thing! We are headed to a water park today and spending the night in a hotel as a last fun thing to squeeze in. And I want to take the boys to that movie also! Good luck at your job, and here's to another school year!

Susan R said...

Oh man alive do I ever LOVE that red bridge. The whole thing looks like so much fun. Where is that? I can just see a bunch of kiddos sitting in innertubes, floating down that little river.
School supply shopping is always a bitter sting around here. With 5 kiddos and one of those 5 going off to college, we really fork over the $$ for school supplies.
I'm anxious to hear about your first day of work. Let me know how it goes. Best wishes to you.
KFC=Kentucky Fried Cholesterol or Kentucky Fried Coronary.

Cindy said...

I always love your posts and how you keep it real! I have also had my doubts about our summer, but thats probably because at least one of three of my kids expect me to come up with at least I'm working on setting them straight!? My kids are a bit older though. Wishing you luck your first day of work, too!!

yaya said...

The bridge pic reminds me of Mohican State Park..did you ever go there when you lived in this area? I always enjoyed my boys being home during the summer. It's sad to see it fly by. School started here this week and as I drive by the bus stops on my way to work I love seeing all the new backpacks, shoes and school clothes. My boys hated shopping and we would take all 4 and do one big trip right before the big day...expensive! But they knew it was coming and didn't complain..too much! Hope his year is great!

Heather said...

This felt like the shortest summer ever. You DID do a lot though and made wonderful memories I'm sure. Your pictures are beautiful!

Kris said...

Kerri, I think you may have turned off comments on your most recent post. But since I missed this one while I was up in Big Bear, I will comment here. First, I love the photos of Brady in the water by the red covered bridge! And the one of him in his fishing vest!!!
About your letter to your husband, I thought it was beautifully written, and so obviously heart felt! Though I don't know your husband, he sounds so very much like my husband. I have always been at home to raise the kids. Now I am helping my daughter with her son Erika. I have been so very blessed to be able to do this. And my husband has always applauded my role here in our home.
You go get em' tomorrow!!! I know your new job will bring you a lot of satisfaction! I hope you and Brady both have a great first day!!!

{cindy} said...

i know exactly how you feel kerri!! i always look back and wonder if we could have done more of this or that...but the truth is (as you know) sometimes it's the simple easy things they remember and love the most.
love the creek picture. we had plenty of those days this summer too.:)
and i have to say that is the fanciest looking target i have ever seen! can i shop there?!?!:) and that pic of brady and the nerd covered chocolate is priceless!!:)
have a happy day kerri
good luck today and i can't wait to hear all about it!:)

Holly said...

I want to see that movie so bad, but I know my boys are too young to sit through a non-cartoon...

I love that awesome bridge...
and Brady's hat!

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