Sunday, July 8, 2012

Guess Who We Met?!

  Here's a hint....recognize any of these guys?!

I knew you would!

By the way, Lily, Micah, Hyrum and Evie are even cuter in person!

Brady and I met up with Jenny and her four youngest while they were nearby visiting Hershey, PA.

Finally, after 2 1/2 years of blogging, I got to meet a real life blog friend! 

(Sorry about the bad pictures...I only took 2 and I had my camera on the wrong setting)

Thanks Jenny for meeting up with us!
I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your travels and have a safe trip back home!


Gabe said...

I'm so glad you got together!!

Susan R said...

Oh man! I miss all the fun stuff.

yaya said...

How fun to meet a blog buddy! It's easy to forget that we're all human and do have lives beyond the computer screen...I'm glad you got to see her in real life 3D..or is it 4D? Enjoy your week Kerri!

jen said...

Aside from me backing into a stupid minivan in the parking lot, it was a great day. Stupid minivan. Like that was my fault, right?

Be glad you didn't try to stay and make candy bars. It took forever. FOREVER. But the next time you go, if it's not as crazy busy as it was on Friday, do it. It was fun to watch the process, and they tasted amazing. So much better than one out of the wrapper.

Thanks again for taking the time to meet with us and take up most of your day. I had great time with you, and I wish we lived closer so we could hang out sometime--like at a tennis match or something!

Next time you're in AZ, call me!

Hugs, my now-real-life friend!

Val said...

Blogging meet ups are the best!!!

Nicolle said...

You are so cute! Good pictures!

Thanks for talking to me on the phone today. Sorry I rambled, and then when I hang up I worry that I talked too much and said dumb things. :) It's good to know we feel the same way on so many things tho. Enjoy dinner with your hubby.


Megan said...

How fun! Blog friends are the best!

Kris said...

Hi Kerri! We are back from vacation, and I am catching up with everyone. How fun for you to meet up with a Blogging friend.
Those S'mores cookies looked so good!!!!
I will have to try those!
Hope all is well with you and your family!
XO Kris

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so you have twitter or fb to follow with??

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Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at

Stef said...

Sounds like a blast! Love it when you can meet real life.

Cindy said...

that is soooooo cool!!:)
when are we getting together?
may be visiting nicolle in january (dave has a work thing) want to join us?!?!:)
have a happy day kerri

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