Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Video and a Question

Have you seen this video yet?  This little boy was on the Today show cute!  Brady and I have watched it over and over.  I sent it to my husband at his company makes equiptment for John Deere!

I cannot figure out how to get my instagram pictures to load on my blog.  I did it before...but haven't been able to do it lately.  I forward the pictures to my email address and then copy the properties...but it will not accept them.  Anyone know what I'm doing wrong or know of another way?  So frustrating since I've been taking lots of pictures with my phone and zero pictures with my regular camera!  Hows a girl to blog if she doesn't have any pictures?  Any help would be much appreciated!!  Thanks!



Nicolle said...

I noticed last time that when IG did an upgrade, I could email the picture to myself straight from IG, but then when I copied to my desktop, it copied the entire screen print, not just the picture. I email from my phone camera album now, my IG pics are saved there automatically. Are yours?

Jill said...

What an adorable video! I'll have to share as well.

Sorry I can't help with instagram but I'll be back when u get an answer because I'd like to post them to my blog too but not sure how :-)

Have a great day Kerri!


Barb said...

Cute video! And i can't help with your instagram pics, sorry Kerri. I have taken no pics lately with my big camera, it's all cell phone pics lately for me, too.

Have a great Thursday.

Gabe said...

I email my IG photos to myself, then download them into Picasa and get them to my blog that way.

Hope that helps.

Donna said...

WAY too complicated for me Kerri, but just wanted to thankyou for your card. You have been so supportive through my illness and I am so grateful!

Kelli said...


yaya said...

Now that was cute! Thanks for sharing it here...sorry I don't have a clue about how to do pics from a phone. I actually do have a cell..just don't use it much! I'm so tech behind the times! (except for blogging!)

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