Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Reindeer Treats

I made these when Brady was in kindergarten for
his class Christmas party.  They were easy,
 but a little time consuming...
worth every minute when I saw how excited the kids were.

Chocolate rice krispie treats
icing for the eyes and to glue the bow tie & nose
fruit rollups
m & m's
pretzels and melted chocolate

Brady's last day of school is this Friday...and I haven't heard anything about a class party.
  Looks like 3rd grade isn't having one. 
 It makes me a little sad...but also a little relieved. 
 I tend to go overboard with those things and at least
 I don't have to worry about that on this already busy week!

My son's teacher from last year invited me to be room mom
 in her class again this year.  Ok, that's a little weird. 
She must think I'm desperate or something! 

If your child is having a Christmas party at school...
I hope you help to make it fun. 
Those little class parties only last for a few short years!



Cherie said...

Ok that is a little strange about the room mom
thing. Totally great compliment to you but the roommom
is usually a mom of one of the current students. Funny!
However, you do make the cutest things and go the extra me so I can see why she asked. Those reindeer are totally cute and yummy looking!!

I have no more kids in grade school - first year with no class parties. It's strange. But the kids always had them. I hope Brady's class does one.

Cherie said...

That should say extra mile not extra me - oops
I'm typing this from my phone...dumb phone😃

Kris said...

So cute!!!!!!

jen said...

Sounds like the teacher knows a fantastic room mom when she sees one, but ya gotta share the love! Our last day of school is today, and the kids are dying to be done.
I just wish I was done, too!

Holly said...

Can't blame her for trying!! You live states away from me and my child is still 2 1/2 years away from school, but I already wish you were his room mom!! ;) You are so creative it is unreal!!

Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

Now THERE's a Kerri treat! I love them. So cute. I am totally going to steal that idea for someday...I agree that is weird the teacher asked you again. But it is certainly a complement, you would totally rock as a room mom.

Jill said...

These are so adorable! You do the cutest snack ideas :-)

Have a great day!!


sloan said...

those treats are so great, kerri ... how can you possibly wonder why last year's teacher is begging to have you again?! I'd want you back, too :)

yaya said...

I would vote you Mom of the class every year! The treats do look fun and creative. Have a great Christmas vacation!

Gabe said...

She must have thought you did such a great job last year:)

Those are too cute!

Kerri @OhMann! said...

She is inviting you because you are wonderful! :))

Maybe you should start having parties at home for him and his buddies - then you can go wayyyyy overboard lol :)

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